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South Park episode Review-Over Logging

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South Park episode ‘Over logging’ was aired on April 16 and once again it’s one of my fave episodes from the series.

South Park Fun Series

Animation series like South Park are just awesome and reason being that is the diversity of storyline and plot. I’m watching the show from its very first episode and can definitely say that series is marvelous. Well read the episode and if want then watch online:

“One morning every buddy at South Park founds that Internet is gone and Randy Marsh along with family treks to California to find it out. Well, while watching the episode, I really realized the importance of internet and I was afraid what would happen if such kind of situation really arises. No one can imagine his/her life without internet these days. Stan’s dad is one of the funniest characters on series. Situation arose from that were so funny. Local news center is helpless as they don’t have any news to air. One of the characters was stating about hoe he couldn’t wait to e-mail someone and I was thrilled by the fact that ‘If there’s no internet, then, who’ll read it’.

South Park Fun Series

The episode centered on Mars family and on some other kids also who tried their best to get the internet back. Well, in the end, Randy was given the honor of the money shot. And this episode was a good episode. Meanwhile you can download this episode from here for free. Have a look at my fave quotes from the series: Steven: Look, if you. if you do find the Internet, let us know, will ya?
Randy: How? You won’t have Internet.

Stan: Dad?
Sharon: RANDY!
Randy: (covered in semen) Oh..ah..there was…there was a ghost! The..Ectoplasm. Did you see the ghost? Ran through here and slimed me.

Randy: We’re Heading Out Californee Way.

Randy: Excuse me. I need to, uh, have some private internet time.
Red Cross Worker: Look, we’re just trying to get by here. Everyone’s gotta take what they can get it.

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Watch South Park Episodes Online

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Originating as (of all things!) a video Christmas card in which Jesus Christ duked it out with Santa Claus, the Comedy Central cartoon series South Park was one of the most outrageous and irreverent adult cable series of the 1990s and beyond — not to mention one of the funniest.

Created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the series took place in the tiny, somewhat inbred village of South Park, CO, where there dwelt a quartet of potty-mouthed fourth graders: sensible but nervous Stan Marsh; neurotic and self-flagellating Kyle Broflovski; fat, obnoxious, and thoroughly me-oriented Eric Cartman; and parka-wearing Kenny McCormick, who never spoke above a mumble — and who (during the series’ first five seasons) was invariably killed off in a grisly manner in each episode (“Oh my God! They killed Kenny! You bastards!”). During season six, Kenny was assumed to be permanently dead, and his place in the foursome was taken by prissy Butters, who openly resented being the obligatory “TV series replacement regular.” When Kenny returned in season seven, his “deaths” were far less frequent; reportedly, the producers were sick of figuring out new and unique ways of knocking him off. Though the kids were repulsive, they were none too good for the adults of South Park, who included the whiny, sexually ambivalent schoolteacher Mr. Garrison; Cartman’s pushy, hermaphrodite mother, Liane; Kyle’s loudmouthed, activist mom, Sheila; and the very stupid police chief Barbrady; and “Mrs. Mayor.” The only grownup worth his salt (and pepper) was ex-soul singer “Chef” McElroy (voiced by Isaac Hayes), though his position in South Park as moral authority and the voice of reason was compromised a bit by his overactive libido.

Animated in a deliberately crude, jerky fashion (though brilliantly timed and paced), and featuring characters who resembled kindergarten cutouts, South Park TV Show took pride in butchering every sacred cow and toppling every icon known to conservative and liberal alike. The individual episodes managed to find laughs in such otherwise risky topics as homosexuality, mental and physical handicaps, child molestation, AIDs, anti-Semitism, Alzheimer’s, global warming, and the war in Iraq. By being an “equal opportunity offender,” the series managed to take both sides and no sides in every issue. Also adding to the hilarity were the occasional “guest” appearances by badly drawn (and voiced) celebrities, with Sally Struthers, Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck, Mel Gibson, Saddam Hussein, and especially Barbra Streisand among those mercilessly skewered. In addition, the series poked big holes in its “competition,” the equally raunchy Beavis and Butthead, by introducing a pair of flatulent cartoon Canadians named Terrance and Phillip. Debuting August 13, 1997, and churning out between 13 and 18 episodes per year, South Park was the archetypal “You Either Love It or You Hate It” cartoon show — but the majority of viewers loved it!

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Download South Park Episodes

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South Park TV Show, is cartoon series. Originating as (of all things!) a video Christmas card in which Jesus Christ duked it out with Santa Claus, the Comedy Central cartoon series South Park was one of the most outrageous and irreverent adult cable series of the 1990s and beyond — not to mention one of the funniest.

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