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Apple says ‘Screw you guys’ to South Park’s iPhone app

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Everybody knows an iPhone user who flaunts his phone to the world the way anyone of us would if we owned something that we believed contained the awesome power of God.

They are always checking their emails or giving you weather updates you never asked for. They always let their phone ring longer than necessary with some ridiculous sounds such as one of those dumb novelty “Pick me up!” chimes or the theme to Sanford and Son to make sure it grabs your attention. Pretty soon, every time they stroke their finger across that smirking touch screen, it subconsciously sounds like fingernails across a chalkboard.

Now, you can one-up your personal iPhone a-hole with this comforting fact: Their almighty cell phone from God won’t let them watch South Park
because it thinks it’s too offensive for their delicate sensibilities.

South Park Studios announced that the application permit they submitted to Apple for the iPhone was rejected not once, but twice because of its “potentially offensive” content.

The app might be down for now, but it could rise from the dead one day. Apple admitted in their response to the studios that the iPhone might evolve into a device that would accept edgier and more potentially offensive material. You mean, the iPhone isn’t perfect in its current state? I’m more shocked than a southern grandmother at a Rob Zombie show.

The good news is Matt Stone and Trey Parker are bound to turn this personal stumbling block to their advantage in a future episode. Past jokes about their movie BASEketball, their fallout with Issac Hayes and Phil Collins getting an Oscar-ectomy are sure signs that South Park is bound to make the iPhone their new comedy bitch.

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