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‘South Park’ Creators Apologize for Ripping Off CollegeHumor

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‘South Park’ creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have apologized for accidentally plagiarizing the website CollegeHumor. 

As we reported last week, CollegeHumor writer Dan Gurewitch blogged about the similarities between an Oct. 20 ‘South Park’ spoof of ‘Inception’ and one that he co-created with David Young. Gurewitch included a line-by-line comparison.

Parker and Stone then confessed to lifting the material, though unconsciously, CNN reports. 

“We thought their joke was that a lot of those lines were actually in the movie, showing that the ‘Inception’ characters didn’t even know ‘Inception.’ That was a mistake, and it was an honest mistake,” said Stone. “We’re stupid and we just threw it together.”

Stone and Parker say that their error came about as a result of their inability to find a copy of the movie to watch, leading them to use CollegeHumor’s version as source material.

After receiving a personal apology from Stone, Gurewitch wrote on his blog, “All is well, and we’re going to meet up with Matt and Trey when they’re in New York.”

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Oh, how silly has SOUTH PARK
become? Brilliantly silly. For a show that’s become known for its political satire and social commentary, it’s refreshing to have an episode that won’t seem dated two years from now. There are no presidential speeches inserted from the night before. No dead celebrities to contend with. Nope, this time we get another Butters episode. A Butters episode where he gets his first kiss, becomes a man, and starts a new career.

Of course, this being SOUTH PARK, there is a twist. Butters becoming a bonafided pimp will have viewers forgetting about his stint as Golem or as the wonder kid who saved Imagination Land. From now on, he may be known as the nicest, most considerate pimp ever to grace television, do you know what I am saying? But besides being the only pimp who speaks in proper English, he is also the only pimp to get his bitches, as he so lovingly calls them, homes and a healthcare plan.

It’s an absurd notion, one that has defined SOUTH PARK‘s style. They strive to be as ridiculous as possible, push the boundaries of television decency as far as they can, and just when you thought the limit was reached, push it a little further.

Exhibit A: the police chief going undercover, posing as a “Yolanda“, to bust anybody picking up a prostitute. Did I say posing? I meant the police chief actually becoming a genuine full fledged hooker to bust anybody picking up a prostitute. His dedication is unquestioned as he follows through on his sting operations from start to finish. His little night at a fraternity house and the “evidence” he deposits after may leave some feeling nauseous, but well worth the laugh.

Toilet humor? Without a doubt. Raunchiness taken to the limit. Again. What else do you expect from SOUTH PARK? If we the viewers have learned anything over the years from these guys, it’s that nothing is sacred. Martha Stewart decorating her queefs? Check. The Jonas Brothers spraying their white hot foam all over little tween girls? Check. Mr. (or Mrs. at the time) Garrison’s penis genetically cloned penis running loose attached to the back of a mouse? Check.

If you are still surprised by anything these guys do, you obviously haven’t tuned into SOUTH PARK in a while. Like never. In that respect, “Butters’ Bottom Bitch” was rather tame. Heck, in the end, Butters even learns a lesson. He finds he can no longer be a pimp because he realizes that love shouldn’t be bought, but rather it should be fostered in an intimate relationship, the way “Yolanda” and her pimp have.

It’s mockery, lunacy, and all things zany. SOUTH PARK will always teeter on the verge of going too far, but hey, that’s why we watch. SOUTH PARK is not about being timid. It’s about taking risks, making episodes about topics most TV shows wouldn’t touch. Prostitution may not be funny, but an episode about prostitution sure is. And maybe right there is where their genius lies.

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Some of the best episodes of South Park are simple extensions of a single joke. Parker and Stone will present one simple idea and then play it to death usually, when it works, just before it goes so far that it’s annoying. Then there are episodes that deftly mix multiple elements together for a hilarious episode.

The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers” fits into the latter category. It’s not just a fun parody of The Lord of the Rings, it’s also a great treatment of these adolescents boys first experience with pornography. The show puts these elements to great use while also utilizing a lot of peripheral characters in a fun way. The episode, in a lot of ways, serves as a grand tour of South Park.

But, as has happened often since his introduction, Butters steals the show. After accidentally watching the porno movie – he goes insane. Gollum insane. Now he’s after “his precious,” while the other boys are tasked with returning the tape. Meanwhile, the 6th graders, who are a bit more “learned” in what might be on the tape – want it too.

As the plot mirrors the events of Lord of the Rings, it’s fun to watch as other kids join in. Like when they go to Clyde’s house and ask to speak to the “Elf of Feragon” – it takes Clyde a minute and he has to shut the door and return in costume – and in character. There’s a great dichotomy here between the 4th graders and the 6th graders. It’s essentially the difference between kids who are still into dressing up and playing make-believe and the kids who essentially lost interest in doing that when they became interested in watching a porno tape.

There’s also a lot of nice little jabs at the LOTR phenomenon, it’s pretensions and over indulgence – both in terms of the movies and the books (I say this as a huge fan). While at the same time acknowledging the power the series has with its fans. It’s fun to watch the show juggle the stories and hit several targets within one scene.

Trey Parker has said of this episode that it’s “a perfect example, to us, about how much fun the show can be when it’s just kids being kids.” It’s sometimes easy to forget that this is, for the most part, how South Park got started before expanding its character roster and frequently tackling pop culture and other issues as well as the trials of small time adolescence. This is an episode that manages to do just all of that at once, in twenty-two minutes.

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South Park episode Review-Over Logging

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South Park episode ‘Over logging’ was aired on April 16 and once again it’s one of my fave episodes from the series.

South Park Fun Series

Animation series like South Park are just awesome and reason being that is the diversity of storyline and plot. I’m watching the show from its very first episode and can definitely say that series is marvelous. Well read the episode and if want then watch online:

“One morning every buddy at South Park founds that Internet is gone and Randy Marsh along with family treks to California to find it out. Well, while watching the episode, I really realized the importance of internet and I was afraid what would happen if such kind of situation really arises. No one can imagine his/her life without internet these days. Stan’s dad is one of the funniest characters on series. Situation arose from that were so funny. Local news center is helpless as they don’t have any news to air. One of the characters was stating about hoe he couldn’t wait to e-mail someone and I was thrilled by the fact that ‘If there’s no internet, then, who’ll read it’.

South Park Fun Series

The episode centered on Mars family and on some other kids also who tried their best to get the internet back. Well, in the end, Randy was given the honor of the money shot. And this episode was a good episode. Meanwhile you can download this episode from here for free. Have a look at my fave quotes from the series: Steven: Look, if you. if you do find the Internet, let us know, will ya?
Randy: How? You won’t have Internet.

Stan: Dad?
Sharon: RANDY!
Randy: (covered in semen) Oh..ah..there was…there was a ghost! The..Ectoplasm. Did you see the ghost? Ran through here and slimed me.

Randy: We’re Heading Out Californee Way.

Randy: Excuse me. I need to, uh, have some private internet time.
Red Cross Worker: Look, we’re just trying to get by here. Everyone’s gotta take what they can get it.

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