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South Park Being Sued By Yelp – Creators Respond With A Yelp Review

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Matt Stone and Trey Parker have never been afraid of offending anyone. South Park has had digs at organised religion, the disabled, and a host of celebrities including Ben Affleck, George W. Bush, Tom Cruise, Princess Diana and Michael Jackson – so taking on a big national corporation is no big deal.
Their latest episode targeted its satirical cross-hairs directly at Yelp, the hugely popular crowd-sourced review site. In their attempt to mock the company, Parker and Stone painted them as self-important food critics… and then proceeded to compare Yelpers to members of ISIS. Ouch.
As you can imagine the powers that be at Yelp aren’t too happy about the episode, and are suing the pair for a whopping $10 million in damages.
Yelp’s official statement was pretty strong:

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