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South Park Season 14 Episode 14 Creme Fraiche – Recap

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South Park Season 14 Episode 14 Creme Fraiche : Tonight’s episode brings us to the end of another season of ‘South Park’ and Trey Parker and Matt Stone have decided to end the season with a lot of sexual double entendres (or at least more sexual double entendres than usual). With this break, perhaps Matt Stone and Trey Parker will use the time to reflect and create. Perhaps they’ll even write a Broadway musical.

It’s funny how ‘Crème Fraiche’ made both food and exercise dirty at the same time. The Food Network became analogous to porn (and indeed, it is sometimes) and the Shake Weight became analogous to … well, you know. This episode was more overtly sexual but you have to be overtly sexual when the subject of your satire is the sex life of a marriage.

It was nice to see Terrance and Phillip again, even if was in a parody commercial for Progressive Insurance. Was the woman accompanying them in the commercial one of the Queef sisters from ‘Eat, Pray, Queef?’

Sadly, the Food Network is one of the channels I rarely watch. Other than the use of the celebrity chefs, I’m sure there were several references to that channel’s shows (I’m pretty sure the Beef Wellington in the Gordon Ramsay bit was one). Can anybody name them in the comments?

Who would have thought to give the best lines in the episode to the Voice Assist feature of the Shake Weight? Matt and Trey, that’s who. It’s surprising that the device didn’t grab an umbrella and fly out the window at the end.

Going off on a tangent for a moment, why is Sharon washing the dishes by hand? Wouldn’t the Marshes have a dishwasher? I guess not.

Given ‘South Park’s history, it’s surprising that the Cafeteria Cook-off (forgive me for not remembering the full name) didn’t end up in a bloodbath where the chefs attacked each other with knives.

Given the subject matter of food and sex, this episode would have definitely benefited from an appearance by the original Chef. Rest in peace, Mr. Hayes.

The episode did seem a little sexist by blaming Sharon for the Marsh marriage difficulties. It was as if the creators were blaming Randy’s obsession on Sharon’s lack of attention towards him. Most women I know would have simply sat on the couch and watched The Food Network alongside him. Of course, for the purposes of this episode, The Food Network was only a euphemism for something a little less female-friendly.

I do wonder if Season 14 will make it to DVD and Blu-ray uncut. It’s disconcerting that Comedy Central may do something bad with the ‘200’ and ‘201’ episodes, like censor the crap out of them or not include them at all. That being said, what was your favorite episode or bit from this season? The highlights for me were ‘200/201’, ‘It’s a Jersey Thing’ and ‘Coon and Friends.’ And yours?

Episode Highlights

• “Passengers said the Carnival cruise line smelled like poop, but it was an improvement.”
• “I knew we should have gone with Geico.”
• The Food Network Hotline: “Billing is $9.95 for a 10 second period.”
• “I got a wooden spoon right here. It’s pretty hard.”
• Shake Weight mechanical voice: “Here is some cab fare.” Also “Now going to sleep mode.”
• The Shake Weight’s long list of excuses as Sharon stared at it.
• The Shake Weight’s “reaction” when a workout is done.
• Cartman as Gordon Ramsay.
• “Giada DeLaurentis with her perky tats and gigantic head.”
• The kids waiting 12 hours for lunch.
• “Can I just get some goddamn tater tots?”
• “Jamie Oliver is crying again.”

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