Akshay kumar and shahrukh khan relationship memes

Here's a look at Priyanka Chopra's past affairs and link-ups

akshay kumar and shahrukh khan relationship memes

Shahrukh Khan upcoming film with Imtiaz Ali will be seen clashing with Akshay Kumars Crazk directed by Neeraj Pandey. Check out the NOW PLAYING: Relationships . The only motivational meme I've ever felt compelled to share on social media is the one that isn't really a motivational meme at all. Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, Akshay Kumar and Hrithik Roshan have been vying to become the BIGGEST superstar of Bollywood over the past. After SRK's Zero, Rajinikanth - Akshay Kumar's Becomes Target of Earlier, Shah Rukh Khan's Zero trailer became the target of the internet memes. the dialogue with Netflix and its unending relationship with Radhika.

Chai pi lo Hello fraands This aunt appeared in a series of videos on famous video app called Tik Tok earlier musical. She was often seen doing very small clips of household chores like cutting vegetable, having tea etc in which she invites and shares her life updates with the audience. In another most viral video of her, she is seen draped in sari probably going to some wedding.

She appears in front of video and suddenly her son photo bombs it, and in the next moment getting shoved so bad by her mother to fall off out of the frame. It is a crimes based series which caught mass attention because of very blunt dialogue delivery and excessive use of abusive and violent language. This series gave meme makers a lot of meme templates.

akshay kumar and shahrukh khan relationship memes

A lot of dialogues from this series are making rounds in form of memes. This particular image represented above has been taken from the last episode of season 1 during which Munna bhaiya invades a wedding to kill Bablu.

akshay kumar and shahrukh khan relationship memes

Movie was a very big flop despite it did huge business. Nonetheless, the movie was lacking script and also serious dialogues were really funny. Salman Khan flying Race 3 This meme is also taken from Race 3 movie. Salman Khan was seeing flying in the air in a weird costume and doing some impossible stunts. A lot of different types of meme are formed using this template.

Apun hi bhagwan hai meme Sacred Games memes Sacred Games is a famous crime drama series launched by Netflix in Many memes formed using the refrences of Sacred Games characters, dialogues and images.

akshay kumar and shahrukh khan relationship memes

Of which the above shared meme was popularly used. Sui Dhaga meme Sui Dhaga is a Bollywood movie released in The above image became an important meme fodder for a lot of meme makers but later on this meme became a normie and eventually dead as no one was using it.

akshay kumar and shahrukh khan relationship memes

Memes from this movie gave a lot of mileage to the movie and helped in the over all grossing. A lot of memes went viral using this dialogue in the end of December Rocky superstar He is a Vigo app fame personality.

Shah Rukh Khan to work with 'Ghostbuster' director Paul Fieg?

Famous for his weird lopsided smile and over-confident dialogues about his personality, this boy achieved fame through memes and funny videos. This meme dsecribes in three dialogues, how the protagonist from the movie takes drugs for the first time to just try, second time to feel better and by third time, he was already addict. On the similar note, a lot of memes released describing a story via this three picture meme tale.

It got circulated more than any other meme in India. So much that vendors started selling posters and T-shirts with these memes imprinted. This made this meme stand out from the rest of the memes out there. Although, the drug sniffing kid is an alarming issue for our country but his misery was portrayed in a hilarious manner by the creators of these memes.

Everybody got to know about this issue so the message was conveyed. What made this meme funny was the fact that his name was trolled. The man in the picture is our ex-prime minister Mr. As the whole nation already know, he is a man of few words and this gave meme creators a chance of trolling him and this meme traveled across different social media platforms vigorously.

People would tag there friends in posts, putting this photo as their profile photo etc. We all know the happiness and excitement we feel when our crush likes or loves our profile picture and the rush to make a move.

Let's find out what the numbers say.

Here’s a look at Priyanka Chopra’s past affairs and link-ups

If we look at the statistics of last three years, inSalman Khan met his fans twice on the big screen. With Bajrangi Bhaijaan, he took the box office by storm. The movie which released on EID did a massive business of Rs Bajrangi Bhaijaan impressed the critics and Salman Khan fans alike.

The movie became the biggest blockbuster for Salman, raking in Rs crores worldwide including Rs crore in India. In fact, Bajrangi Bhaijaan established new records to achieve, the film took just 9 days to earn around Rs crore from its domestic box office run. The Conclusion is the biggest blockbuster of Indian cinema His second film in the same year was Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo, which also, very easily eneterd the crore club.

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  • Shah Rukh Khan to work with 'Ghostbuster' director Paul Fieg?

Suraj Barjatya and Salman's reunion worked amazingly well for the box office. The film was a Diwali release and garnered around Rs crore worldwide. Meanwhile, Aamir Khan did not come with any release that year. However, Akshay Kumar made his presence count. Akshay came up with four films that year, that helped him match Khans at the box office.

Shah Rukh Khan to work with 'Ghostbuster' director Paul Fieg?

InAkshay Kumar hit the big screen with Baby - a low budget film that earned the word-of-mouth mouth publicity among the audience, and impressed critics too. Following are the lifetimne collection of Akshay's releases in Baby: Inspite of the rave reviews, the film managed to earn Rs 96 crore. The film failed to impress the experts but audience showered their love on Kumar. The movie earned Rs 88 Crore in India and at international screens it earned Rs 15 crore.

Its total lifetime collection stands at Rs crore. The film tanked at the box office. The film wreleasd on screens under the banner of Dharma Productions. With an opening of Rs 15 crore, the film has a lifetime collection of Rs crore.

With a romcom, Akshay hit the screens again and did not disappoint his fans. The film became the biggest hit of for Kumar. It did a total business of Rs crore. With a massive opening on the first two days with Rs