Anime final fantasy cloud and tifa relationship

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anime final fantasy cloud and tifa relationship

My problem with Cloud and Tifa is that they don't seem to bring out the best in each other. Cloud and Barret would be/are fantastic together. . I think your right about cloud ending up with Aeris if she hasn't died. . complex, and she only had feelings for him because of her former relationship with Zack. Cloud was the cool anime hero who gamers had been craving, and . One of the plot twists in Final Fantasy VII is that Cloud Strife isn't who he says he is. . argued that Aerith was Cloud's true love and that their relationship. —Yoshinori Kitase, Electronic Gaming Monthly, October Cloud's character was made to contrast the cast of the previous game, Final In Final Fantasy VII, Cloud is a mercenary claiming to be formerly of SOLDIER, . and Nojima likened Cloud's relationship to Tifa as one of childhood friends Anime News Network.

However, she is ultimately overpowered by Loz and is defeated, allowing him to take the Materia and kidnap Marlene. After she recovers from the fight, Tifa helps her old comrades in the fight against Bahamut SIN, which proves much more successful than her previous encounter in the film.

Before Crisis revolves around Nibelheim. She is first seen when The Turks go to investigate a number of mysterious disappearances that have been occurring around the Mako Reactor stationed in Mt. This leads to Zack, Sephiroth and an anonymous Cloud going to Nibelheim. Following this Sephiroth burns down Nibelheim as a result of what he sees in the reactor. Tifa is injured by Sephiroth, but is rescued and hidden by Zangan before ShinRa clean-up the "incident".

So, when they arrive, she offers to be their guide to the reactor only to find that Cloud isn't with them. Despite warnings from Zack about it being too dangerous for her, she decides to continue being their guide through Mt. As Zack warned, there are numerous encounters along the way which could have threatened her safety; all of which were dealt with by one of the normal ShinRa soldiers, who seemed very protective of her.

After being denied entry to the Mako Reactor numerous times by the same soldier, they are attacked by a swarm of monsters. He does his best to protect her, but is ultimately overwhelmed and when Zack comes out, Tifa tells him what happened. With Zack's assistance, the two of them manage to get him back to Nibelheim where he can rest.

Filled With Rage When Sephiroth burns down the village, Tifa goes to the reactor in pursuit of her father, who had gone to confront Sephiroth. By the time Cloud gets there she is unconscious, and after he initially thinks he has defeated Sephiroth, tends to Tifa. Ultimately his efforts allow her to be rescued before Professor Hojo arrives.

Though he cast Cure on her he only barely kept her alive, and it is implied she has no recollection of the journey. Unaware Cloud was in Nibelheim during its destruction, but suspecting something is off about his behavior, Tifa recruits him to work for Barret to examine him further.

Realizing Cloud knows several things he should not and has forgotten things he should know, and also initially doubting her own recollections when faced with Cloud's, Tifa conceals this information while trying to figure out the reason behind Cloud's different character and inconsistent memories. Cloud reluctantly assigns for the next mission and the next day Tifa accompanies him and Barret to Sector 5 Reactor.

Cloud is separated and when they return to the hideout they find someone spying on them who points to the crime boss Don Corneo as a Shinra informant. Tifa concocts a plan to approach him, as Don Corneo is known for calling up girls to his mansion and choosing one as his "bride" for the day.

Cloud catches Tifa being taken to Don's, and infiltrates Corneo's mansion with a girl he met at the Midgar SlumsAeris. Tifa threatening Don Corneo. In the ensuing confrontation Corneo reveals Shinra is planning to drop the Sector 7 plate to crush the slums. Tifa and Cloud race to help Barret defend the pillar supporting the plate while Aeris takes Barret's daughter, Marleneto safety. Tifa, Cloud and Barret escape while Shinra captures Aeris.

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Sephiroth attacks the building and kills President Shinraand in the chaos the group is released from imprisonment. In Kalm Cloud tells the group how he was deployed to Nibelheim with Sephiroth and how the latter destroyed the town. His version is faulty, but a confused Tifa does not confront him both to protect him and because she doubts her own recollection. Following Sephiroth's defeat of Zack at the Mt.

Nibel Mako reactor, Cloud managed to nearly killed him in an ambush. Both he and Zack are then imprisoned by Shinra's lead scientist, Hojo, for experimentation. Zack later escapes with Cloud, bringing him to the outskirts of Midgar before Shinra soldiers gun Zack down. Due to exposure to Mako radiation and the injection of Jenova's cells, [67] creating a false personality.

At the game's conclusion, Sephiroth reappears in Cloud's mind a final time, but he is defeated in a one-on-one fight. The game portrays Cloud's natural talent for swordsmanship, [70] and recounts his role during Nibelheim's destruction. Advent Children was one of the most difficult to make to look realistic.

Advent Childrenset two years following the conclusion of Final Fantasy VII, [71] Cloud lives with Tifa in the city of Edge, along with MarleneBarret's adopted daughter, and Denzelan orphan afflicted with a rampant and deadly disease called Geostigma.

Having given up his life as a mercenary, [72] Cloud works as a courier for the "Strife Delivery Service" that Tifa set up in her new bar. Confronted by Tifa following the disappearance of Denzel and Marlene, it is revealed that he also suffers from the effects of Geostigma, and he responds that he is unfit to protect his friends and new family.

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There, Cloud confronts Kadaj, Loz and Yazoogenetic remnants of Sephiroth left behind before he diffused into the Lifestream completely. Cloud, having overcome his doubts, defeats Sephiroth once more, leaving a dying Kadaj in his place. A year after the events of Advent Children, [80] Cloud, working alongside Barret and Tifa, lends his support to the ground forces of the World Regenesis Organization and his ally Vincent Valentine in their siege of Midgar and counterattack against the rogue Shinra military unit, Deepground.

anime final fantasy cloud and tifa relationship

He is a playable character in the PlayStation version of Ehrgeiz. LittleBigPlanet 2 features Cloud as a downloadable character model. He was revealed in the November Nintendo Direct broadcast, and was made available as in-game downloadable content alongside a stage based on Midgar, and a Mii Fighter hat based on a Chocobo on December 15, Ultimateand is now playable in the initial release.

The War of the LionsCloud is accidentally pulled into the world of Ivalice by an ancient machine called "the Celestial Globe", which was activated by Ramza Beoulve.

anime final fantasy cloud and tifa relationship

Hired by Hades to kill HerculesCloud must fight Sora as a prerequisite. Cloud meets with Sora afterward and explains that he is searching for someone. Final Mix there is an additional scene where he battles Sephiroth.

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During the credit roll at the end of the game, Cloud is shown reuniting residents of Hollow Bastion. Chain of Memories as a boss in the Olympus Coliseum [] and later as a summon card for Sora. He is searching for Sephiroth, [] and is himself being sought out by Tifa.