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Age[edit]. Okay. Seriously, how old is this dude and why is there even a debate? Ace Class . The ending of GSD was the beginning of Athrun and Cagalli's relationship, therefore Morosawa did not intentionally tear them apart or break them up. Athrun simply raised his brows at Cagalli's umpteenth half-whine. Thus it marked the start of a much warmer relationship between Orb and Neo .. Recalling Kira's earlier advice, he ordered a cup of green tea for his drink. Q. Finally, in last month's interview, Morosawa-san's "Athrun and Cagalli's A. Rather than love, their relationship is more of a "comrades in arms" relationship.

After her sister's apparent death, a larger aspect of Lunamaria's personality is shown, as she is seen as a forgiving person towards Shinn, who was ordered to kill Meyrin.

Strangely, Lunamaria's skill with a gun outside a mobile suit is drastically different, as she is unable to make an accurate shot. This is due to her habit of twitching her wrist while pulling the trigger.

However, after learning of this habit, her skills have improved. Other than that, she can fly a helicopter and is an excellent spy, and is also quite good at intelligence gathering. Outside the academy, on the day Siegel Clyne and some of his followers were executed due to Lacus's betrayal, Luna and her classmates listened to Patrick Zala's speech about the oppression perpetuated by the Naturals against them, out of envy for their developed abilities even though it was Naturals who created Coordinators in the first place.

Lunamaria and Rey then backup Shinn, who was fighting all three mobile suits by himself.

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By accident and a slip of Cagalli's tongue, Lunamaria learns that Alex is, in fact, Athrun Zala and this is confirmed by her sister, Meyrin Hawke. As they usually battle each other, the two develop somewhat of a rivalry. This allows Lunamaria to freely express her developed interest in him, but ironically Lunamaria is naive to her sister's interest in Athrun and she is somewhat irritated and jealous by Meer Campbell spending time with him. After giving Captain Gladys the recorded information, Lunamaria asks if this mission was given to her because there were doubts about Athrun's loyalty, But Talia responds that the mission was given to gather information on the Archangel's intentions.

After this, Talia then orders Lunamaria to not tell anyone and to forget everything about this mission, which Lunamaria follows. Shinn then later informs her that he was the one who destroyed the GOUF and apologizes to her.

Lunamaria then starts to cry with Shinn tearfully holding her.

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Before the battle at Heaven's base, Lunamaria chooses to forgive Shinn, knowing that he was just following orders while blaming LOGOS for the cause of their deaths. She gets a hug from him and then they kiss and Shinn promises to protect her, thus starting a romantic relationship between them.

It was not meant to be humorous, he knew. Even if it had been, then it was a really cheap, dry humor. Athrun slipped quietly into his preordained position near the right corridor that headed to the main wing of the Athha Mansion. He spotted Kisaka on the balcony for a split second, nodding to him.

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They were ready, and so was their host princess. Feyedorov radiated such charismatic aura the moment he stepped into the mansion. After shaking hands with Cagalli, the young prime minister bent to drop a light kiss on the back of Cagalli's hand. A famous leader and such a gentleman, Athrun thought. Yet, again, for a bodyguard, a too-good-to-be-true person was more difficult to estimate than a simple one. Kira must have succeeded in overcoming their problem now that the communication line was clear.

Not a neutron jammer canceller like we've thought before, but it still messes with our communication line—let's just call it a radio signal canceller from now on. Don't let your guard down, Dino.

I think there's going to be something more serious than a mere summit with our darling prime minister here. With Kira hacking back at the party responsible for intruding on the communication line before, Athrun assumed that they would not face any problems for some time, and now dinner was soon going to be held.

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According to the seat arrangement, Cagalli would be seated at the farthest table on the left side of the Athha Mansion's dining room. Athrun's table would be behind Cagalli's. Feyedorov himself pulled out a seat for Cagalli, gallantly letting her sit first before he took his seat next to her.

Excusing himself politely from his table, he approached the geranium bunches without drawing superfluous attention. A professional soldier's way, Kira had commented once, but to him it was just a common practice in common military method. The source of the light was a small, well-hidden video camera. Frowning, Athrun fished out the video camera, knocking twice on its surface. The light went out entirely after that, letting him know that it was already turned off.

One that cannot record any voice. Athrun once again watched the table where Cagalli and Feyedorov were seated together. It's easier to blend with the mass if you're going to tap. I've asked Siegfried to watch the communication line coming inside and outside the press chamber.

After all, from his place now, he could still see how, once or twice, Feyedorov would somewhat casually lay a hand on Cagalli's arm.

It's not good if you're ignoring your health like this.

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I won't be surprised to find there's more lump of coffee in your body instead of other nutritious substances. Athrun knew it was not coffee since there was no smell coming from his best friend's cup. Can't just emerge before them and get them secured, though, since millions pair of eyes are watching this meeting.

Miss Pink forbids me from drinking black coffee. Green tea is not that bad, you know. I think you'd better let go of coffee, too. So don't bother about it. Now that he had given thought to it, Cagalli was the person who had introduced him to the amazing yet addictive world of coffee drinking. It happened a week after a minor attempt to break in to the Athha Mansion, and he, being the one who was responsible for the mansion's protection, had spent hours checking the security system, forgetting that his stomach had remained empty during those hours on the alert.

He needed to be aware at times like that, and coffee truly was a big help. Don't you have to return to your post? Work was work; duty was duty. He could not let himself be knocked out by mere exhaustion.

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All so sudden, his cell-phone vibrated quietly inside his breast pocket. Cursing his own forgetfulness in not turning off his cell-phone this time despite it being his habit to turn it off during work, Athrun half reluctantly answered the call. The number displayed on the screen was Meyrin's. Third time in this month only. He's grounded in my office now, for kicking his classmates a while ago.

It's nothing new for boys to fight each other once in a while. At lunch break, he lamentably said goodbye to his dear lunch and asked Kira to cover his position for the time being, promising that he would return before Cagalli's next event—the evening join press conference—began.

Still in tuxedo, he drove to Dietmar's school as fast as his car would allow. If anything were to happen with any policeman on the road, his National Domestic Security Affair Office ID card was enough to solve the problem. Whoever was playing this little game called hurry-and-come-to-me with him was going to face him, and Athrun was more than happy to think that his boy was going to answer to him. Maybe you could help me? Meyrin brought him to see Dietmar, who was sulking in his seat in the inner space of her office.

The boy supported an ugly-looking, bluish bruise on his left temple, a plaster on his chin and some scratches on both arms. Dietmar stubbornly avoided any eye contact with him, giving Athrun no choice but to sit before his boy. Meyrin nodded at him, leaving the two of them to talk—hopefully for good. Is it fine with you if you're called a murderer?

He was used to hear people rub the fact that he had bloody hands in his face, but he did not—could not—know how to handle it when the people close to him did it too. Once Malkio had said that he should clear things up with the children in his orphanage, who were still thinking that Athrun Zala was a good-for-nothing ex-ZAFT soldier until today, but the revered blind man had not told him how.

Closing his eyes, Athrun took an even breath to calm himself first. It was nothing new, but he did not really want to have this kind of talk with Dietmar. No matter how I deny it, I'm a soldier who has and will kill if necessary. I," covering his gun again, he cursed himself for bringing this topic up to the surface and said, "have to do that. The killing, I mean. And I'm sorry if it's not like what you think. When one is holding a sword, then one shall pay attention to its handle as much as to the blade.

The blade is one's skill; the handle is one's heart. Isn't that the way? Sun Tzu is great. I'm not a child anymore! To think of it, he had not gone home ever since he left Dietmar in Kira's care back at Elaine's birthday party. How long had it been? I'll pick you up right after my work's done. I know you have work. There's also Elaine there.