Austin and ally wiki relationship

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austin and ally wiki relationship

Austin & Ally is a hit Disney Channel series that follows the partnership and unique relationship between a shy songwriter, Ally Dawson, and Austin Moon. Austin & Ally is an American comedy television series created by Kevin Kopelow and Heath Set in Miami, Austin & Ally is about the relationship between two very different musicians: extroverted and fun-loving singer and instrumentalist. Allyson "Ally" Edgar Moon (née Dawson) is one of the protagonists of Austin& Ally. She is an aspiring singer/songwriter who used to have severe stage fright.

Austin dances with Ally instead of trying to impress the club owner. Austin calls Ally the coolest girl here. Ally says what Austin did for her was sweet. Austin says she can trust him. While Austin was dipping Ally, he gripped her tightly. When Austin was helping her up, he held her hand for a while.

Austin defended Ally when Dez said she was invisible. Austin said Ally's the best songwriter he knew. Austin thinks Ally is a good singer.

austin and ally wiki relationship

Austin stands there watching her, leaning against the door as if he's absorbed in watching her. Ally isn't upset that Austin spied on her. Austin makes fun of Ally's vocal warm-ups and Ally smiles at him. Austin doesn't want Ally to be upset over her lack of recognition. Ally tries to act cool in front of Austin. Austin smiles at Ally's weird "cool" pose. Austin says he can't do it without her and calls her awesome and Ally thanks him. Austin compliments Ally's song to Dez after she leaves.

Austin helped get Ally's musical talent recognized by putting her on the radio. When Ally's song starts playing, Austin smiles at Ally.

Austin purposely brought the wrong CD so that Ally could be recognized.

austin and ally wiki relationship

Austin tells the deejay and everyone listening that Ally is the most talented singer-songwriter her knows. Austin apologizes about Ally having to sing with him.

Austin Moon/Season 2

Austin tells Ally the truth about bringing the CD even though he could've gotten away with it. Austin wants people to know how talented Ally is, and who she is. Austin tries his best to get rid of Ally's stage fright. Austin knew more about Ally than Trish did, and Austin and Ally have known each other for far less time than Trish and Ally. Austin says to Ally, "It doesn't matter if the world doesn't know how talented you are, I always will.

Austin seemed to have a jealous expression on his face when Ally was saying "Staring at Dallas? No, that's ridiculous" after she stared at Dallas dreamily. Austin was staring at Ally talking to Dallas. When Ally needed help with the boxes, Austin immediately offered to help.

When Dez said he can carry the box while spinning a basketball on his finger, Austin said he can carry two boxes, in an attempt to outdo Dez and impress Ally.

Austin apologized to Ally when he and Dez dropped the boxes. Austin acknowledged that Ally was right when she said that he and Dez are best friends, and shouldn't fight.

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When Ally said she was missing her best friend, Austin looked at her with a hopeful look on his face. Austin wanted to make sure Ally would have a good time at the beach. Austin tried to help Ally when she couldn't get her chair to open at the beach. Austin and Ally were the only ones who were at Sonic Boom working on the song.

austin and ally wiki relationship

During Austin's performance at the beach, Ally was jumping along and watching him the whole time with a wide smile on her face. When Austin told Ally that the tweeter train left two years ago and left her there, Ally playfully rolled her eyes. Austin called Ally "Ally-Gator". Austin tried making Ally feel better when Ms. Suzy chose his song for the commercial.

When Ally fell in the bowl of soup, Austin looked scared for her and tried to run towards her, but Trish was in the way. Austin was happy that she had a lot of followers. Austin was happy when Ally finally got her first gold star. Ally gets mad at Austin for missing their meeting because she thinks he doesn't respect her. When Austin came back from the concert, he told Ally they could rehearse all night. Austin felt bad about being late to the meetings Ally sets up and wants to make it up to her.

Ally thinks she was a little too hard on Austin.

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Austin told Ally his middle name's Monica. He has a complicated love-hate relationship with Trish. Recurring[ edit ] Cole Sand as Nelson, an awkward young boy who takes music lessons from Ally. He constantly uses the phrase, "Aww, nartz! He is completely ignorant of Ally's musical talents and believes that Ally has a billion-to-one shot at making it in the music business, just like Austin's parents have told him. He and Penny, Ally's mother, are divorced. Megan is eccentric and constantly uses teenage slang terms such as "totes" or "hilar".

She is stubborn and nosy as well, as she is bent on getting the stories she's after for the magazine. Her bad breath was caused by her constant eating of garlic and anchovy pizza.

Her bad breath cleared away afterward. John Paul Green as Chuck, a short, country-speaking teenager who believes he is better than Dez at everything.

austin and ally wiki relationship

Their rivalry follows a long history of their families feuding, so Chuck and Dez often get into similar battles. He usually wears cowboy attire. Dez himself has no interest in her and is more intimidated by her than anything, as Mindy is overbearing and aggressive.

Hayley Erin as Piper, Carrie's sister and Austin's ex-girlfriend. Cameron Deane Stewart as Jace, a boy who Trish met when she was on tour and Trish's long-distance boyfriend.

Cameron Jebo as Gavin Young, a country performer and Ally's ex-boyfriend.

austin and ally wiki relationship

They initially ordered 13 episodes, though that number was later increased to 21; however, only 19 aired. When Austin tells Ally to "look up" at the piano while pointing at the sky, he is aware that nobody is there to open the parachute, asking Dez, "Why hasn't the parachute opened.

Austin says he is very sorry, and walks away with his head down. At the end, Austin sings a song for Allymaking it a serious apology. Austin and Ally do an Auslly hug, and during the credits, they announce that they are now a couple, being on the front cover of Cheetah-Beat.

After asking Dez for a favor, Austin gets himself a cheerleader girlfriend, Kimmyand he successfully scores in basketball. He types up that a giant elephant scared all of the customers away at Sonic Boom so that Ally wouldn't have to deal with them- it's, in a way, his fault that Chuck managed to successfully steal the typewriter.

Chuck doesn't pay attention to that, though; Austin gets affected by Chuck using the typewriter several times. His hair turns purple; he loses the ability to dance. Later on, he swaps bodies with Dezand is forced to watch Dez in Austin's body flirt with several girls. He has his driving test in this episode, and Chuck uses that against him- his hands turn into hooves, which strip him of the ability to drive. As a result, he crashes the car into Sonic Boomwhich gives Dez the opportunity to take the typewriter back and stop Chuck for good.

After the events turn out to be Dez 's short story, Austin claims the short story to be unrealistic- he could ask a cheerleader out without the help of a typewriter.

He then tries to flirt with Kimmyonly to be turned down when she is revealed to be the girlfriend of Chuck. Austin helps Ally play Clarinet Golf. After Ally successfully gets a hole in one, he uses that as an excuse to ask her out on their first official date. He is then approached by Trish as she reveals to him and Ally that she has earned them the opportunity to possibly have a song in an upcoming comedy film.

He is also blatantly excited about the new Zaliens movie that is the object of the sub-plot in this episode. At the date, he, for the most part, awkwardly sits there.

He tries to bring up some conversations at times, but those all last for a minute. When he tries to be romantic by smearing jam on bread and feeding it to Allyhis chair levitates, and the bread ends up on Ally 's face. In the next scene, he tries to talk to Dez about the date, but he ends up talking to the prop zalien by accident.