Borderlands 2 lilith and roland relationship questions

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borderlands 2 lilith and roland relationship questions

I believe that it is very incompetent on the part of Lilith and Roland to create a whole There is the questions, coming out from BL2 storyline: her normally, and the relationship they have, if you can say, sometimes business. Has anyone else noticed that Lilith makes multiple comments about relationships ? /r/Borderlands2 accepts non-text posts. lines of "We have to go save my boyfriend" meaning Roland, since the next mission is saving him. Lilith plays a noticeable role as NPC in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. Roland ended his relationship with Lilith in order to focus on Hyperion and the Crimson.

It is difficult not to agree with Athena in the sense that Jack was a hero, but he ceased to be. The point here is not even in something subconscious. The answer lies on the surface - betrayal. Jack left exactly from the moment when the Eye of helios was destroyed, because he trusted Moxxi, Roland and Lilith, and received a blow in the back.

You do not even need to "wonder what would have happened" if this same setup were not there, so it's clear that everything would be fine, and Jack would destroy the gangster settlements.

Neither New Haven or Fyrestone. However, here and so do "heroes" - unleash a war simply because it seems to them that their ally is too strong. In addition, this is the behavior of Moxxi, Lilith and Roland from that moment and for them means that they ceased to be heroes.

Prior to this event, they, just like Jack, did only good, we can say, things - they helped people, opened the Vault, killed the monster and all that kind of stuff. Since that moment, nothing really good has been done on their part.

There is the questions, coming out from BL2 storyline: First question is shady enough, that I simply didn't found an answer to it. But the second question is a great enough. All of us were capricious children, then presumptuous and not very balanced teenagers. Someone - more, someone - less. Angel, in character, has not yet grown.

She doesn't see the whole picture and can not imagine it. Jack loves her like any other fathers love their daughters. The problem is that the Angel passes exactly the age when she is irritable and unbalanced.

Lilith's relationship status : Borderlands

Because of this, Jack can not communicate with her normally, and the relationship they have, if you can say, sometimes business, and sometimes, according to Angel, slavish.

If you take our life as example - we all know that very often the girls and boys from 16 to 18 years leave home for a couple of hours, days or months. In addition to what I have already stated above, Angel is about the age of 17 years, if we take a look at her face. And now you want to ask - since Jack is not a fool, not a madman, then why does not he let her go for a couple of days, stay alone and think?

And because he is neither a fool nor a fool. Where will he let her go from his home? Do they have friends to whom you can go and spend the night? And indeed, in the end, Pandora is swarming with bandits!

borderlands 2 lilith and roland relationship questions

Just as gangsters, and Crimson Raiders and the Vault Hunters. And, accordinglyto that, Angel wants to leave the house for a couple of days, slamming the door, and Jack realizes that either she will be killed by thugs or she kills bandits.

In general, it will become uncultured and a murderer, or vice versa, she will be killed, and even worse. Still fresh, yet so much had changed in that short time. Everybody seemed to have moved on in one way or another, except for Lilith. In a way, it was reasonable.

Roland was her boyfriend for nearly five years when he had passed. Lilith turned her head and nodded to her Siren sister. Maya smiled and patted her shoulder.

Mordecai said that Axton sent word of the Vault they've been tracking down. She rose to her feet, stumbling a bit.

Greetings, Traveler!

Maya grabbed onto her arm and hip. This isn't normal, there's either some permanent damage from that or something else. He's not even a real doctor," Lilith scoffed, brushing her Siren sister off gently.

If this isn't something physical, then it's mental. Lilith, I'm worried about you. Mordy is too, and even Tina's showing some concern. It's okay to admit that you need help. It's going to take more than a month to get over this. I know we ended it shortly before you guys showed up, but I still love him.

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We all do, especially Tina," Maya replied gently. It's healthy to miss somebody, but it's obviously affecting you physically. You're always so tired, you barely eat and so much more. Please see Zed or Tannis about this. Rather talk to the psycho than the one more than happy to play Operation with me," Lilith mumbled, selecting Sanctuary. She couldn't help but smile slightly when she felt Maya hug her from behind. Lilith nervously tapped her boots together as she laid on the couch in HQ.

Tannis was pacing in front of her, blabbing on about her theories about the connection between Sirens and the Vault and Eridium. Of course, Lilith knew a good portion already but she honestly didn't feel like talking to Tannis about her issues surrounding Roland's death, so she let the lonely woman babble for nearly two hours now.

Maya was sitting in the chair next to Lilith's head, hanging onto every word. All of this was so new to her. And like a drug, it can be formed as an addiction, as seen with Angel's need for it in order to live and surely explains her death shortly afterwards," Tannis rambled.

I cannot help but wonder and theorize if-" "As interesting as your theories are, Dr. Tannis," Maya interrupted, making Tannis completely halt. She quickly sat down in a chair, cross legged. Lilith bit her lip, glancing at Maya. It's just…I was with him for almost five years as a girlfriend, nearly seven as a friend and fellow Vault Hunter. It's never easy to get over that kind of loss.

I mean…I know it's silly because Roland was also so dedicated to the resistance, but after claiming one more Vault for its riches, I maybe was hoping we'd get married and off his hellhole of a planet. Looking back, I can't help but wonder if Roland would even want to.

borderlands 2 lilith and roland relationship questions

Salvador and Ellie got hitched, and Gaige's living with them so that she and Ellie can design more mechanical things. Axton, Brick and Zero all went Vault hunting, Moxxi had a fling with Michael Mamaril, that weird guy who eats the trash behind the bar and then married Mr.

Torgue, Krieg has cleared out more psycho and bandit groups in a day than I do a week. Mordecai even stopped drinking for the most part, and what am I doing? I can't get over Roland long enough to function like a normal person. I mean, ever since he died I've been so nauseous I can't eat. Hell, I throw up almost every morning, and I'm so tired and my body hurts so much, especially my back and head that I end up lying in bed most of the time now.

I can't help but He was all I had for the longest time. I'm such a strong Siren, my powers can do amazing things, even without the Eridium.

borderlands 2 lilith and roland relationship questions

I've always been so strong on my own, or so I thought until Roland died. Tannis looked up from her rapid note-taking.