Capricorn and cancer relationship experience

Capricorn man Cancer woman

capricorn and cancer relationship experience

hi elle, and welcome you can of course google this pairing, but if you're asking for personal experiences, i would say it's supposedly a good match. i am a . Learn seven ways Capricorn and Cancer are highly compatible in love, Hopefully, you'll experience a few takeaways that can be applied to. Fortunately for the relationship, Cancers beliefs are a mirror of Scorpios Capricorn, male or female, is likely to be involved in a career that will.

I love him because he is my babe. I'm his number one baby. I am confident and intelligent. He is my bestest friend, he was there for me whenever I had my heart broken in middle school, and I was the only person he told about his family problems. Since the beginning we got along great, he understood my quietness, and I his weirdness: D I love him so much, he truly is everything I ever wanted x People have doubted us, and still do.

But they don't know that he has already decided to marry me: I think me meeting this random quiet boy was fate. Because there really is so many unbelievable things we have in common In October I met my ex boyfriend - he was my only one serious relationship - on chat. Both same age born inhe was on January 18, me on June Both came from troubled families, especially mine. He just finished his divorce, had a little son living with his ex-wife.

We got to know each other and at the beginning of December the same year, of course, lol we made love at last. He was very emotional, so was I, the atmosphere was romantic Too much excitement and his erection was gone. I started to cry, thinking Im to blame for that with all the abuse I suffered in the past at the hands of my family.

He comforted me and all got back to normal. Sex with him was divine all along our relationship. Unfortunately, it proved to be the only thing we had in common. Intelectually and emotionally I was much above him. Sometimes he was really evil and mean.

He didn't like my childish in a good way nature. At some point, I was nothing but an emotional mess, crying at little, meaningless things.

capricorn and cancer relationship experience

Next yeararound my birthday he told me he needs time to readjust himself, to think what to do in the future, his plans including me, bla bla bla Exactly on my birthday he came to my house bringing me some presents and telling me we're breaking up. Nicest birthday gift, what do you think? What followed is not hard to guess: Despite him being a jerk, I owe him my sexual awakening and Id be a hypocrite to deny that. But karma has her own way to work That was my story.

I am a Cancer woman, met my Capricorn mate a few months ago. Instant connection from day 1. We emailed back and forth 20 times per day or more and after a little while started to call each other Soul mates. We talked on the phone a few times and posted letters. THis went on for about two months then things started to slow down as he also started to get involved in certain projects that took a lot of his time.

Reading through this very interesting site made me realise that this is just the typical Capricorn behavior, needing his own space and time to connect. Although we do not talk at all now, I know there is a strong connection still. In all our communication he has been very stable in letting me know he was very interested and was hoping to meet and be together some day, but now he had other priorities.

It was very difficult for me to understand this kind of attitude, but having no other choice, I accepted. And obviously reading through this site helped. In my last message I made it clear that I was willing to wait all the time that he wanted and that he would be in my thoughts no matter what. It never happened to me to give unconditional love like this before, but it really came very natural. I believe this Capricorn man knows how to give me such strength even in distance.

I feel calm now about this whole situation, but in any case I would appreciate advice coming from those who might have experienced the same I first spoke to cap male 10yrs ago while I was still married, he ended up in a 7yr relationship that went wrong for him and we have over the past 7 months reconnected with one another.

I am a Cancer lady My experience with a Capricorn man are very similar to some of the ones I read on this page. At first, he was ver courteous, attentive and pursued me for over a year.

If I did not return his calls immediately he would give silently ignore me for a long time and not speak to me. Then he will become attentive again. He also tried to find out everything about me without even the basic things about himself. Possessive and obsesssive, in his own words. The final nail in the coffin is that he wishes happy New Year to all his friends but left me out of it. At the end I used to cry all the time after all of our telephone conversations and feel guilty.

Not a good experience at all. Also I did find him mean with his money towards me. I am a Cancer woman and he is a Capricorn man. I think cancers have more of an attraction towards capricorns because Cancer ladies always try to steal him away lol which is rather funny because he just thinks that's distgusting.

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My question is, why is it that cancers are so jealous and feel the need to always try to steal someones boyfriend. I am a Cancer Female I have been with my Capricorn for almost 2 years it was really exciting and fun when it began. I was the one who asked him out I even kissed him and told him I loved him the same day.

capricorn and cancer relationship experience

I Know crazy huh. I had been knowing him for about 4 years but I did not realize how attracted I was to him. Until we started to hang out and a week or two after hanging out together. I asked him out, it can get difficult sometimes because I am away for college but I usually get to see him once a month. During that time it is the most passionate moments and memorable moments of my life. I just keep wishing to be in his arms again. He really knows what he wants and he really aims to please.

I have found out that complaining is not the best thing. He likes for me to beg him for sex but once he gets on it he cant get off. He is a truly caring guy, he does so much for me and my family. I do wish to end up with him someday. It's been 30 days since I met my Capricorn, we have spent every day together. Yes he is very domeneering and sometimes distance, but I beleive in my heart and soul that he cares deeply for me, and I adore him, honestly I am falling in-love with him.

Im a Cancer female in love with a very Capricorn man. We met 5 years ago and have been inseperable since. We started off talking as friends then increasingly grew attracted to each other. I love him SO much. He makes me feel so safe, secure and wanted.

He's very business minded and Im a home body with a nurturing spirit, so its safe to say were the complete opposite but it works. I plan on marrying him someday and possibly starting a family because he gives me that sense of priority. They Caps have the biggest strongest wall built but as a Cancer, we can def. Theyre loyal, hardworking and great at love making.

Their hearts are bigger than what they allow you to see most times but look close enough, its beating in there somewhere.

Anyway, Im looking fwd to many more years with my Capricorn. I don't know what I'd do without him. Have you noticed that all these stories are Capricorn men and Cancer women? Would like to hear from someone that is Capricorn women and Cancer man.

I have been married and divorced to my husband Capricorn man for 17 years off and on. Frickin awsome in the bedroom! I am a Cancer woman and he is Capricorn. The age difference between us is 20, which is totally OK,I have always been attracted to older guys. Honestly, he loves me a lot and I am the one who let him love myself. We started as friends, and I never saw him anything else but a friend until I let him cross the line.

He has been pursuing me for almost a year, calling me, carrying for me, being there for me, until we went for a trip together where it happened. He told me that he loved me since the day he saw me and all his friendship toward me was a planned game by him to make me surrender I hate these kind of games. I like it romantic and beautiful; I want a men to get on his knees and ask me to marry him don't forget the diamond ring!

He didn't really show any signs of passion or desire or being madly in love, he just was always there Hmmmm, strange, nit really my style.

While having many characteristics of a Cancer woman, I am usually not attracted to Capricorns, nonetheless I had few cases when Capricorn men were very much attracted to me, but I have never given them any chance. With this one, the relationship has had its ups and downs. I left him for someone else 2 years ago and after a year we were back together again. Right now we are still together, but it is not easy at least for meI always feel that I am missing more passionate, more emotionally fulfilling relationship.

I am moody and want it my way, which he let me have once in a while, but it is mostly his ways. In a way we are similar, both of us ambitious, responsible, hard working and want to be in control. Well, it all depends of course, on many other factors, but from my experience and other live examples, Capricorn men is better compatible with dreamy Pisces women. The later have more tolerance and need for Capricorn's strength and "want to be in charge " personalities.

I don't have patience for them. Well for one I am a Capricorn female. I fell in love with a Cancer male. We have been together off and on for 10 years. And we have both just realized that we have come to a stale mate in our relationship. But the love we have for each other is never gonna change. But we are more just be friends if anything. Out of the 10 years he has serious commitment issues. After 10 years together still no ring.

So I had to bounce. But we still coo and the love still there. Just we are not married now. I'm a 19 year old Cancer female in a loving and exciting relationship with a 21 year old Capricorn male.

He was generally emotionally closed off at first but I managed to draw out a lot of his emotions. He tells me frequently that he loves me, which makes me feel secure and reassured. God knows I match the Cancer description of needing reassurance! He's so masculine and makes me swoon with desire. He says my femininity does the same for him.

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I'm half tomboy half girly lol but he can tell I have fundamentally feminine traits, though I often keep my raging emotions at bay with rationality because I don't want to drive him off My experience with Capricorn He was a JERK.

Im a Cancer female and I dated a Capricorn man a year ago. But he wouldnt leave me alone. He had no problem sending me over text msgs a day untill I told him we could go on a date. At first he was really nice and sweet but that changed quick. He's the most arrogant guy ive ever dated. He thought I was sooooooo in love with him and that he was soooooo much better then me and that I should consider myself lucky to be with him even though he was the one who wouldnt leave me alone to begin with.

He was very insensitive to how I felt the only person he was in love with was himself. The relationship ended when he the nerve to grab me by the back of my neck at a party,leading me to punch him in the face when he refused to let go of me. The real icing on the cake was when his dad who was at the party asked why I was crying,befor e I could even open up my mouth he told his father that I had punched him,leaving out the fact that he had even touched me.

He was always the victim he never did anything wrong. Dating him was hands down the biggest waste of time!!!!!!!!! The only thing I learned from this relationship is that I have a nasty right hook: Im a 20yr old Capricorn male and I've been asking out a Cancer female for almost 6months from now.

I met her while we were still in high school and we became friends from then. I've introduced her 2 my family and she also introduced me 2 here's but the problem is: I once told her that; I think it would a great idea for us both if we stop seeing each other because it seems we not in the same page.

Yooh I wish I never said that, she went so angry and told me that im selfish, not everything is about me sensitivity of a Cancer arise. She once admited that she does have feelings for me and she real hate seeing me around other women but still she don't wanna say that she loves me 2 and we've been arguing about that for 5months and half now. I am so so so so so so so inlove with this girl and I can't see myself with some ada women but her coz she real satiates me with everything despite the fact she don't wanna say that she loves me.

I am a Capricorn man married to a Cancer woman. We met at school in England when she was 15 years old and I was I am now 62 and she is I still look at her and shivers run down my spine.

We have had many ups and downs she cool, sensitive, moody me distant, obsessive and controlling but on the flip side she is the most caring person I have ever met and the most loving, I just can't imagine life without her. When it's bad it's bearable but when it's good it's the most intense feeling that I can imagine.

I wish we could go on for ever. I honestly don't know what do, think or feel. I feel like I am being freeze-driedonly to be thawed out using intense heat. Being a Cancer woman who has fallen in love with a Cap man four years younger than me, I have truly fallen off the scale of reality. It makes no sense that this young man has me doubting myself, my feelings for him, etc.

This touch and go stuff is serious business. I say if you are strong enough to handle this hot yet opposite chemistry, I say swing for the fences and go for it. But, I feel like for me, I am just too old to be carrying on like this or feeling the way that I am feeling. He just refused to accept this box I was about to put him in, and I may be paying the price with a broken heart. There will be no happy endings for us, and it's too bad because I am soo in love with him now.

Cancer woman with a Capricorn man. We met at work and I immediately liked him. He would sit after work for hours and talk to me and we would take our breaks together. I love the subtle way he asked me out without being guy like about it.

It was sweet so I had to say yes I was estatic. I am a single mother so it's hard to find a good man who wants to date a mother.

We have had three great weeks together and I enjoyed every moment. Yes he does seem to be distant at times and stubborn, but driven and sure of himself. He has changed me in so many ways I can only hope to help him one day like he has helped me.

I was never an aggressor or an initiator, but I can't help but to want him for mine. I'm becoming more of the real me once I was able to push away from my past relationship. I really care for him and I did a tarot reading for me and him and it says the same thing I said the other day we are so growing old together: I'm a m uch happier and driven person being with him. And yes the sex is amazing. The other night it was like we were made for each other.

I feel so comfortable with him I just can't explain it I have a Chinese friend who happens to be a Capricorn man. At first, I didn't pay much attention to him. He used to be an exchange student when we were in College. I didn't meet him personally that time but somebody gave his Yahoo ID to me mistakenly. Years have passed but we never lost our communication, almost everyday.

He asked about my birth date which is July 6, Cancer is my zodiac sign. He said that he likes women who are under the zodiac sign Cancer. Be sure to call her mother and check on the kids.

She'll think you're really a nice guy. Dress casual, and drive a suburban, or mini-van. It's ok, if you got the kids from your last divorce, that won't stop her from dating you. Offer to barbecue at her house and compliment her cooking. Cancer females are very sensitive about everything near and dear to them.

Never say bad things about her family members-ever! They do possess humour. You can make the evening funfilled by cracking good jokes.

Pay attention to all her handmade quilts and home crafts as they love compliments. Cancer women are great homemakers. Don't play with their emotions. Of course, he will take you out to eat, at least on your first date. He is pretty thrifty, so be sure you've a little money in your purse. Of course, if you want to pay for your own, that would be fine.

Just be yourself around him as looks aren't that important to Cancer males. Cancer men love to eat. So, you can cook some fabulous recipes for them. If you think he needs to diet, he won't as he loves to eat.

Cancer men are very fond of children so talk about your love of children to them. Display an interest in his hobbies.

capricorn and cancer relationship experience

Don't go into his garage, it will take the rest of the century to go through all of his bargains and collectables. Your Cancer man is extremely stable so don't ever question about his intensity You can expect to receive flowers from your Cancer men and he might take you out for dinner without any occasion. Tell him all your funny stories as he likes to laugh.

He's there for you. He knows how to treat women, after all his best friend is his mother. When you marry a Cancer man, you get them both! Intelligent, strong and sensitive women with strong family values make his heart flutter.

Cancer man and Capricorn woman

Her serious demeanor may give men the impression that she is standoffish but she is actually the opposite. This lady is funny, charming, dependable and thoughtful once you get to know her. Capricorn finds it difficult to open up and it takes a few more encounters with her before she warms up to others. She is attracted to men who are successful, romantic and funny. Flings do not appeal to her because she is into long-term commitments.

Marriage may come in late for this driven gal who desires to provide the best for her family. She guards her heart fiercely and will only open it to a man who earns her trust. Once committed, this lady will be extremely devoted and affectionate to her partner and will expect the same from him. Cancer woman longs to walk down the aisle and raise a family.

Crab is very moody so it is important for the man to be understanding and sensitive to her emotional needs. She falls for a man who is romantic, faithful, family-oriented and supportive.

capricorn and cancer relationship experience