Diane sawyer and richard holbrooke relationship

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diane sawyer and richard holbrooke relationship

Try growing up the son of Richard Holbrooke, the legend of diplomacy found time to live with Diane Sawyer for a few years in between marriages, that will leave any man who watches it reflecting on his own relationships. In “The Diplomat,” filmmaker David Holbrooke untangles the legend of his Their relationship was complicated and so was his father, he says over . Diane Sawyer — who dated Richard Holbrooke for years and lived with. HOW DOES A SOBER AND MATURE relationship between two To cheer herself up, she called old friend Richard Holbrooke, then U.S. Foreign Policy in the mid-'70s, Diane Sawyer's boyfriend in the '80s and, in

After his death inhis filmmaker son David Holbrooke set out on a personal project, with the aim of trying to understand the life of his often absent father.

diane sawyer and richard holbrooke relationship

The thrice-married Holbrooke was larger than life, a man who, besides negotiating historic peace treaties, was a bon vivant and a limelight hog. Ambassador to the U. Samantha Power, the president of Afghanistan and many more American foreign policy leaders, thinkers and journalists.

The film opens with Holbrooke in his boyish early 20s, the classic Kennedy-era American abroad in khakis, Ray-Bans and oxford cloth.

diane sawyer and richard holbrooke relationship

Fresh out of college, he was an ambitious young man who had set off to be a journalist but snagged a job in the foreign service first. His sharply worded and critical dispatches from the field, unusual from a junior officer, set the tone for his career.

diane sawyer and richard holbrooke relationship

He thrived under Democratic presidents, serving in the Carter, Clinton and Obama administrations in various high-ranking positions, including U. His greatest diplomatic feat was masterminding a peace accord in the Balkans, applying a combination of personal charm and steel on the bully, Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic, as NATO backed him up with bombs.

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The Diplomat goes behind the scenes, with footage of a haggard Holbrooke and Clark, shuttling by car and plane hour by hour, day by day, through Balkan war zones and between warring leaders, as some Bosnian citizens dodge sniper fire while others end up in mass graves. During the campaign, Holbrooke helped Carter prepare for his foreign policy debates with President Gerald Ford.

diane sawyer and richard holbrooke relationship

After Carter's victory, Holbrooke followed in the footsteps of such diplomatic mentors as Philip HabibDean Rusk and Averell Harriman and, on March 31,became Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairsmaking him the youngest person ever to hold that position, a post he held until During his service, he oversaw a warming with Cold War adversaries in the region, culminating in the normalization of relations with China in December East Timor controversy[ edit ] This section relies largely or entirely upon a single source.

February Learn how and when to remove this template message In Augustthen Assistant Secretary of StateHolbrooke traveled to Indonesia to meet with President Suharto in the midst of Indonesia's occupation of East Timorin which overEast Timorese were ultimately killed or starved to death.

According to Brad Simpson, director of the Indonesia and East Timor Documentation Project at the National Security Archives, Holbrooke had visited officially to press for human rights reform but, after meeting Suharto, had instead praised him for Indonesia's human rights improvements, for the steps that Indonesia had taken to open East Timor to the West, and for allowing a delegation of congressmen to enter the territory under strict military guard, where they were greeted by staged celebrations welcoming the Indonesian armed forces.

Johnsona former top aide to Walter Mondale. From untilHolbrooke served as managing director of Lehman Brothers. And four years later he advised Bill Clintonin his quest for the White House.

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Holbrooke also remained deeply engaged in prominent foreign policy issues. He visited Bosnia twice in as a private citizen and a member of the board of Refugees Internationalwitnessing firsthand the damage and devastating human costs of the conflict.

This experience committed Holbrooke to pursuing a more aggressive policy in Balkans and, in a memo to his colleagues, he urged that "Bosnia will be the key test of American policy in Europe. We must therefore succeed in whatever we attempt. Ambassador to Germany — [ edit ] Inafter Bill Clinton became President, Holbrooke was initially slated to be Ambassador to Japan due to his depth of knowledge and long experience in Asian affairs.

'The Diplomat' Explores Richard Holbrooke's Life and Death in the Foreign Service

However, this appointment eventually went to former Vice President Walter Mondaleand Holbrooke unexpectedly was appointed Ambassador to Germany.

He was Chairman and principal author of the "Memo to the President-Elect: A highlight of his tenure was President Bill Clinton's visit to Berlin in Julywhen thousands of Germans crammed the streets to welcome the American leader.

Inwhile serving as U. Ambassador to Germany, he conceived the idea of a cultural exchange center between the people of Berlin and Americans. Army Berlin Brigade left Berlin.

'The Diplomat' Explores Richard Holbrooke's Life and Death in the Foreign Service

It is now one of the most important links between Germany and the United States. Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs — [ edit ] This section relies largely or entirely upon a single source.

diane sawyer and richard holbrooke relationship

February Learn how and when to remove this template message Holbrooke and Carl Bildt before peace talks in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina in October InHolbrooke returned to Washington to become the assistant secretary for European and Canadian Affairsa position he held untilwhen he resigned for personal reasons he had recently married the author Kati Marton and wished to return to New York.

While assistant secretary, Holbrooke led the effort to implement the policy to enlarge NATO and had the distinction of leading the negotiation team charged with resolving the Balkans crisis. In Paris in Decemberhe was the chief architect of the Dayton Peace Accords which ended a three-and-a-half-year-long war in Bosnia. Holbrooke left his post as assistant secretary of state for European and Canadian affairs and joined Credit Suisse First Bostoneventually taking the position of Vice Chairman.

InHolbrooke became a special envoy to Cyprus and the Balkans on a pro-bono basis as a private citizen.

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During andin his capacity as special presidential envoy, Holbrooke worked to end the conflict between the armed forces of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the Kosovo Liberation Army KLAwho were fighting for an independent Kosovo in the Kosovo War.

Holbrooke returned to Bosnia two years later to the city of Sarajevo. The New York Times ranked the book as one of the eleven best books of the year in Ambassador to the United Nationsreplacing Bill Richardson. During his tenure, Holbrooke was known for innovation and for achieving diplomatic breakthroughs that settled a series of longstanding tensions in the United States' relationship with the UN.

His highest-profile accomplishment was negotiating a historic deal between the United States and the UN's then Member States to settle the bulk of arrears owed by the United States to the United Nations. As negotiations reached a critical phase in the fall ofHolbrooke bridged a gap between what the United States was legally permitted to pay and the amounts the rest of the UN membership were willing to shoulder by securing an unprecedented contribution by billionaire Ted Turnerfounder of the UN Foundation.

Holbrooke and his team received a standing ovation in the United States Senate Foreign Relations Committee when the terms of the deal were presented. In JanuaryHolbrooke used the United States' presidency of the UN Security Council to spotlight a series of crises in Africa, holding six consecutive UN debates that brought together leaders from the region and the across the globe, including former South African President Nelson Mandela and then U.

Holbrooke decried a "double standard" whereby African conflicts received insufficient global attention.