Juror 3 and 8 relationship mistakes

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juror 3 and 8 relationship mistakes

Furthermore, juror 3 also has prejudiced opinions Juror 8 puts his power to good use at the start of the play by 'standing alone demonstrates control of language, despite errors that frequently occur in ESL writing. .. people refuse to play their roles in a given relationship or situation in order to pursue. Juror 3 opted for “guilty”, making the mistake of attempting to solve the wrong [1 ] His personal altercations and bad relationship with his son led him to However, this was a bad BATNA for Juror 8 and the jurors who started. and biased composition.3 Juries make an easy target largely because we do not really . Angry Men dramatizes the relationship between the deliberative process in resists the idea that witnesses might be wrong, Juror #8 asks him whether.

Initially, as the jurors respond to the task of judging the guilt or innocence of the 16 year old boy, charged with first degree murder of his father, shortcomings are flagrantly obvious. However, owing to the integrity and perspicacity of the 8th juror and his insistence the principles of justice and reasonable doubt, he orchestrates a careful examination of the circumstantial evidence. As Rose clearly shows, honouring these safeguards not only empowers individuals to engage in the judicial process, but acts as the basis for a just verdict which reflects a decent, caring democratic society; diversity may hinder, but in this case it can facilitate also justice.

Specifically, and through the use of a real-time deliberation process, the playwright emphasizes how the integrity of the judicial system is undermined when the jurors arrive at the table clothed in their own personal experiences and prejudices.

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Knife… Climate of prejudice; a fault that Rose implies was a pressing issue in trials conducted during the post-war era of McCarthy-style hysteria. Another shortcoming is the legal competence of the jurors, many of whom lack the aptitude to carry out their duties because they have a distorted or deficient understanding of their legal duties.

Rose suggests this attitude, which is compounded by the heat, is counterproductive to the notion of active citizenship. The strengths of the system because of the emphasis on the safeguards of justice In order to overcome these innate limitations, Rose suggests that the emphasis on and adherence to the safeguards are essential assets to the deliberation process. The gradual self-awareness and enlightenment of many of the jurors helps the collective team more effectively scrutinise the evidence.

juror 3 and 8 relationship mistakes

In many ways, such diversity of provides a plethora of contexts for identification which in turn helps the jurors gain an insight into the flaws of the evidence. Therefore, a focus on the safeguards yields benefits beyond the achievement of justice. The process can empower the disempowered and act as a resounding model for a democratic society.

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Indeed, self aware individuals prove useful in directing the discussion away from extreme and potentially divisive views. However, the play serves as a source of inspiration to the strength of the judicial process should the principles of justice be appropriately upheld. This jury member also looked up symptoms and whether lying was an effect of suffering with this mental illness. Regarding the place of social media within trials, the Internet has frequently been used by jury members to gain access to additional information about a certain mental illnessor a broader definition or they are outsourcing trial information.

The Internet, while it is the primary source to find additional information and details about another individual, does not necessarily mean that the information it provides is necessarily correct or accurate.

12 Angry Men: Sample essays (justice/jurors)

Usually the main outlets are encyclopedic definitions or Wikipedia. As stated in Bell's article, many jurors do not have the time during breaks to go out to a library and locate hard copy sources of information needed, thus making the Internet the primary source because all it requires is the simple push of a button.

juror 3 and 8 relationship mistakes

All this information is easily accessible over the Internet and all this information was shared among jury members in specific cases. The main outlets usually include TwitterFacebookand online encyclopedias and dictionaries. This would overthrow the entire trial thus causing an automatic mistrial.

This form of personal investigation may use Google Earth to acquire specific locations and specific fine points about a crime scene such as neighbourhoods, distances between certain homes and areas, etc. This is definitely a challenge as the Internet is ever present in our society today. When outside information is brought into a trial, it causes difficulties in ensuring no bias and a fair trial. Having outside information that is also inaccurate adds more bias and more unfairness to a trial.