Kensi and callen relationship trust

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kensi and callen relationship trust

Kensi Marie Blye is an NCIS Special Agent assigned to the Office of Special Projects in as they struggle with trust issues, but when it come down to it Deeks it's a . Callen and Kensi's relationship would be best described as brother/sister. Jul 16, When Kensi and Callen get into a huge fight, what comes of it? What will "Trust is to be earned, Kensi, you can't just give it away!" Why are we even bothering to save this relationship if all you're going to do is watch it fail?. Nov 10, You don't trust each other. All this fist-bumping and Deeks. Well, it's official it seems, Kensi and Deeks are in a relationship I mean they are.

He dropped his bag on his desk and was aware of both Sam and Deeks staring at him. When he looked up, he was shocked to see anger in their eyes. What did I do? A word, please," Callen walked into her office and stood in front of the desk.

Even Sam's looking at me like he hates me or something," "I would like to know what you have done to Miss Blye," He froze, saying through his teeth, "Nothing.

kensi and callen relationship trust

It's what she did to me. For all we know, she's left the state. Now I'll ask you again, what did you do to her? When he was finished, he heard Hetty sigh. I had no choice," "You had several choices, Mr. Callen, and unfortunately for all of us, you chose wrongly," "What do you mean wrongly?

They are partners, you know how close partners have to be in order to work together," "But…" Callen protested, and Hetty held her hands up. Let me ask you a simple question: God, I love her more than I probably should," I wish I could just let you turn around Turn around and see me cry There's so much I need to say to you So many reasons why You're the only one who really knew me at all "Then go after her.

You owe her an apology, Mr. Callen, and you know that," "Yes I do," Callen said quietly, finally realizing the full impact of the words he had hurled at Kensi, words that she truly didn't deserve.

Callen and Kensi kiss

He walked out of his office and instantly Sam was in front of him. Eric went to trace her credit cards and Nell said dismissively, "She's an NCIS special agent, Eric, she's not stupid enough to use her credit cards, and I'll bet her cell's off," When she had proven her words to be true, Callen groaned in frustration.

You know her the best out of all of us. Where is the one place she'd always go if she was upset and needed to feel safe and loved? He leapt into the driver's seat, flipped the engine on and floored it, heading east.

kensi and callen relationship trust

He knew exactly where Kensi had gone, and he could've smacked himself for not thinking of it sooner. Now he just had to find the right words to say to Kensi when he finally did find her. So take a look at me now There's just an empty space There's nothing left here to remind me Just the man beyond the face So take a look at me now See there's just an empty space But to wait for you Is all I can do And that's what I've gotta face "Want some coffee for the road, dearie?

Hung up on a man? What is this spot of yours? Come back any time," "I will," Kensi said, and walked out, getting in her car and headed to her father's grave. She pulled into the cemetery and followed the path to his grave, suddenly wishing she had thought to bring some flowers. Kensi found his grave and knelt by it, reaching out and tracing the letters and numbers on the gravestone.

Suddenly a hand reached down with a bouquet of flowers and handed them to her. Take a good look at me now Cause I'll still be standing here And you coming back to me Is against all odds And that's the chance I've gotta take Callen pulled up to the cemetery and saw Kensi kneeling by her father's grave.

He felt a sigh of relief escape his lips, at least she was safe, and he walked along the path with the bunch of flowers he had brought with him in his hands. He handed her the flowers, and she looked up at him in shock and disbelief and anger and heartbreak. Her eyes were red-rimmed and she looked like she hadn't slept the night before.

She slowly got to her feet and just looked at him, simply looked at him. If you didn't care for me anymore you could've just said so, instead you accused me of cheating on you, with my partner for God's sake! I…I couldn't take it if that happened," He admitted, and Kensi looked at him in disbelief. Me, I don't even know my first name, I'm damaged and angry and jaded and I have a really hard time trusting people," "So do I," She said quietly, and then added, "But we trust each other, right?

Both of those statements couldn't be farther from the truth," "I love you too," She whispered, wrapping her arms around his neck. He couldn't believe how stupid he had been, he had almost lost the best thing that had happened to him just because of his belief that he was too inferior.

Mariah Carey, but I think that was a cover, I'm not sure who sang it first but that was the version I used for inspiration for this story. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. In addition to English, Callen is fluent in at least six other languages: The fake death certificate shown by Hetty to Alexa Comescu in the season-two finale states that his date of birth is March 11, E4Callen is shown easily reading Arabic, with enough fluency to translate on the fly into idiomatic English.

In "Archangel", Callen states that the first time he fired a gun was at the age of In the same episode, it was revealed that Hetty has beaten him on a race up the NCIS rock wall three times in a row, and Callen refuses to challenge her to a re-match despite goading from Sam Hanna. Earlier flashbacks in the season two finale saw Callen suddenly remember that he spent part of his early childhood on the Romanian coast of the Black Sea. Callen is fluent in Russian due to his former relationship with the Rostoff family.

Throughout the first season, it is shown that Callen is homeless, staying temporarily with his various NCIS colleagues and sometimes in the Operations Center itself.

kensi and callen relationship trust

Callen and the team later realized in the first season episode "Pushback" that his shooting was related to a mission Callen took part in against the Russian Mob, as a DEA agent ten years earlier. Season 1[ edit ] In the first season finale " Callen, G. The real Amy had died at the age of 11 when the two friends sneaked out at night to play in the nearby river, and Amy had been swept away in an accident. When Hannah returned, she slept in Amy's bed, and the authorities there never realized what had happened.

When Amy's body was found a month later, she was buried under Hannah's name as the authorities didn't know any better.

kensi and callen relationship trust

Callen later goes to visit his sister's grave, and finds flowers and a recent note left "For my Sweet daughter always in my Heart". The same list showed the various orphanages and foster homes where the real and fake Amy, including the last foster home where Amy aka Hannah stayed for many years, indicating this person did not know about the switch between Hannah and Amy.

In season 3 "Deadline", Callen discovers that Hetty had kept an eye on him during his youth confirmed in season 6 "Rage"and also knew his sister died. But in season 5's "Reznikov, N. It has not been confirmed who actually wrote the list of foster homes and orphanages however it is assumed that he wrote the list as Nate Getz analysed the list as having been written with an aging hand, as and when the changes of homes took place.

Season 2[ edit ] In the season two premiere "Human Traffic", Hetty makes arrangements for Callen to purchase a house of his own—the very same house where he lived with Alina Rostoff as a foster child.

The second season mostly revolves around Callen, who has been stalked by someone he does not know.

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He sees someone near the grave of his sister, and over the course of the season, runs into people who seem to know more about his past than he does. When Hetty resigns and takes off to PragueCallen finds out from Director Vance that Hetty has started her own investigation, Operation Comescu, which is all about Callen. Callen and the team then resign too when Vance refuses to fly them to Prague to get Hetty. Arriving in Prague, the team discovers that Hetty has been taken by the Comescus and that the Comescus have been in a decades-long blood feud with the Callens, of which G is the last one.

The team tracks their safe house down to a house on the beach, and Callen starts to remember things from his past, as he realizes he has been on this beach before. Inside the house, Hetty fails to convince Alexa Comescu, the matriarch of the Comescu family, that Callen died three weeks ago, showing her a clip of the attempted assassination and a death certificate.

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Season 3[ edit ] In the third season premiere, " Lange, H. In the third season episode number 4 "Deadline", Hetty Lange reveals to Callen that his grandfather was named George Callen and that he parachuted into Romania during the War, and at the end took part in hunting those guilty of war crimes, he subsequently found and killed several members of the Comescu family.

In he met and married a 'Roma Girl' Callen's grandmother, name unknown. George Callen was murdered by the Comescu family.

The remainder of Callen's family his grandmother and her daughter, Callen's mother, Clara fled to America where years later Clara was recruited by the CIA.

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She returned to Romania and then a year later vanished for six years. The Comescu family had not forgotten their grudge and came looking for the Callens. One of Callen's most vivid memories of his childhood is of being given a toy soldier by a stranger while he played on the beach. He realizes that the beach is not in California as he had always assumed, but on the Black Sea coast, and that the toy was given to him to distract him while a Comescu assassin killed his mother.

NCIS: Los Angeles – Trust isn’t easy

It is never explained why the Comescu family let Callen and his sister live, though Alexa Comescu describes it as "a mistake". Despite Alexa's claim that she knows everything about him—including what his initial stands for—Callen does nothing to protect her and allows Hunter to kill her.

Callen does not trust her and wants to know more about himself and what was on the laptop that she retrieved at the Comescu house. Hunter later tells him that all the contents of the laptop were concerning the family's illegal activities and not about Callen. Hetty later returns when Hunter leaves for another undercover operation in Europe and offers to tell Callen everything starting with the reason she was trying to protect him: She then gives him his mother's name: She also tells him that his mother was a CIA agent and that Hetty had been her handler when Clara had gone back on assignment to Romania.

After a year of the mission, Clara vanished for six years and resurfaced with two children, desperate to get out of Romania. Hetty had been sent to meet her on the beach where the Comescus killed her. She also says that she doesn't know how he and his sister came to the U. Callen responds by gunning down "The Chameleon" following a prisoner exchange and is arrested by the local police. Season 4[ edit ] A series of flashbacks in the season four opening episode "Endgame" reveal that the Chameleon's death was actually faked.

After the Chameleon and Callen are traded back to their respective sides in a prisoner exchange, Callen, following his fake suspension, returns to lead the OSP team once again. Janvier returns again at the end of season 4 Season 5[ edit ] Janvier returns in the season 5 opener following the end of season 4.

He reminds Callen that he will be seeking his revenge, even if he has to wait many years to exact it.

kensi and callen relationship trust