Lauren and bo relationship advice

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lauren and bo relationship advice

Bo's and Lauren's relationship is rocky and Lauren decides that she's Finally, thanks to Glasswrks for her advice; and to my Beta, Neytiri's. Don't worry, though, everything ends well and Lauren and Bo get even While they're riding the high of their relationship, they pose as a. In after-shower conversation, Lauren tells Bo that Jack, AKA Hades, (Eric Roberts ) did Elizabeth is giving her advice on the lawyering bits.

They started running promos for the shower scene last week. I heard about it on Twitter. Bo worries because you cannot trust Jack. And she wants to know what will happen if Lauren holds on to a Fae for too long. Lauren is forgetful — she wants to order pizza 30 minutes after she already ordered it. Zee Amanda Walsh takes her shield to Hephaestus Christopher Russell who will forge a new weapon for her. When Dyson prepares to leave, Alicia gives him a kiss.

Domestic bliss oozes from these two. Lauren asks for the files for patient X, which she already has in her hand. Although Jack walked out of his cell in the last episode, he sits there patiently all through this episode, waiting for Bo to drop in again and again. Bo hears a noise and finds Zee sprawled on the floor. She is completely freaked out. Bo takes Elizabeth to the Dal and feeds her — lots.

He knows because of her smell. She explains everything she remembers about her experience. The last thing she remembers is fire and a shield and banging metal. This judge can give Bo an audience with Hepha. Bo and Tamsin Rachel Skarsten head for the court house to find the judge. The judge talks rather unwillingly to Bo. Finally she points to a door.

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Bo walks through the door Judge Megaera indicates. Suddenly she is in a trial. Magaera is the judge. If Bo succeeds in her trial she will get the audience. If she fails she will go to Limbo. Bo has an ear piece connecting her to Tamsin and Elizabeth. Elizabeth is giving her advice on the lawyering bits. Bo is a terrible lawyer.

lauren and bo relationship advice

This bothers him because wolves are supposed to mate for life and his one woman was Bo. But Trick reassures him by telling him the heart does what it likes.

Bo solves her case by helping the two contending fellas realize that they really do want to work together and support each other. Girls kissed other girls so often that I stopped even noticing it! Every single female character on television would be a better character, in my opinion, if they were gay. I will root for the girl-on-girl hookup over the girl-on-boy hookup any day of the week.

They got off to a good start — those early-season sex scenes, for example — but as Season Three prodded on I was repeatedly frustrated by how intensely it seemed the show wanted us to favor Bo and Dyson! While I appreciated that gender was never addressed as a factor in who Bo would favor, it was still an unfortunate trope for this show to entertain.

I felt like I could sense the writers favoring Dyson and that pissed me off. As Season Three advanced towards its confusing end, I felt like my brain was on a spin cycle. Finally, thanks to Glasswrks for her advice; and to my Beta, Neytiri's Heart, for all her help and patience as I was seriously obsessing over this chapter.

Recommend listening to "Goodbye to You" by Michelle Branch, while reading. It is not the way that I wanted to tell you but I knew that you would try to stop me from leaving if I said anything beforehand. I realize that this is a shock to you and probably doesn't make any sense. I do hope that by the time you finish reading this letter, you'll understand and maybe one day you will be able to forgive me for how I chose to handle this.

I made choices out of love, responsibility and guilt; the consequences of which has me as a slave to the Fae. There is no escaping this reality and I have to accept it because I have to — there is no other choice.

I have never told you how much this existence has taken its toll on me; granted, I am surprised as some days are easier to handle than others. I think perhaps a reason why I never said anything before was because to vocalize it only cements the harsh reality and utter lack of hope for anything different. And I also never wanted you to look at me with pity or to do anything rash that would cause you to get into trouble. This pendant around my neck tells everyone that I am a ward of the Ash and under his protection; but to me, it represents my prison.

To say that all these years with the Fae have been difficult would be putting it mildly. I had to walk away from everyone and everything that I knew and loved.

I am constantly considered inferior and insignificant to the point that I sometimes believe it; I am valued for only one thing yet still doubted because I am human; and living this existence devoid of emotional support, friendship and companionship has filled me with an overwhelming loneliness that is indescribable.

I have accepted that I will never have a normal life. I will never have complete control over my decisions — it can be over ruled or I can be thrown in the dungeon. I will never have happiness; a career; any recognition or appreciation for my efforts; have friends or a family. Such normal every day aspects of life are luxuries that are well beyond my grasp. These are aspects of a life that I signed away when I chose to save Nadia; or rather, when I was tricked into saving Nadia.

I cannot even cry out for justice about this because as a slave, none is afforded me. So, I endure it. Why do I tell you this now? Because I want you to know that meeting you gave me hope when I never thought it would be possible. You were the light in my very dark, meaningless and emotionally void existence. You made me stronger so that I could handle my life as it is.

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With you, I was able to be myself comfortably and completely — something that I've had to hide these past 6 years; and I can't tell you how incredibly freeing it was, to just be me. You made me happier than I could ever imagine; and you opened up my heart and soul to love again, something that I thought I would never experience again. But these last few months, I haven't been happy.

lauren and bo relationship advice

I haven't felt strong or confident. I have only felt empty, pathetic and lost. I told you in the past to accept who you are and to not change yourself for anyone or for any reason.

It's time that I follow my own advice.

Lost Girl S5 E12 Judgement Fae

I've sacrificed so much for so long and I have nothing else to give — I am empty and I am tired. I gave you everything that I am Bo because I love you and I would do anything for you but the harsh reality is that it was never enough; I was never enough. And I feel that everything that I sacrificed was in vain — that it didn't make a difference to you; it didn't help our relationship; and in the end, I only feel used and taken for granted by the person I love with all my heart.

I realize that there are things that you don't know because you weren't privy to or because I didn't tell you. For the most part, I truly believed that things would get better; that it would pass.

That because our relationship wasn't typical, we would have atypical obstacles; and that as long as we were together and were open and honest, we could get through anything.

I think we were like this in the beginning. We both tried to deny the inevitable, which was that you needed to feed off of others. I was willing to accept sharing that private, personal, intimate part of you that only I was supposed to experience.

I'm not saying that you enjoyed this — I know you didn't; I know that it wasn't easy for you. I just want you to understand that it wasn't easy for me being on the sidelines knowing what was happening and being helpless to change our circumstances. However, it was knowing that you loved me and that you would always return to me that made this whole situation somewhat bearable. Bit by bit, I felt myself giving more; bending more; because it was what was best for our relationship.

"Lost Girl" showcases the Lauren and Bo relationship for Season 2 - AfterEllen

I swallowed my hurt feelings when you fed off of Dyson. I understood that you needed to heal and he was there; and I would rather you be alive because you healed with him than be dead. But Bo, I don't know if you can comprehend how much that hurt me. To know that you had sex with your ex-lover, who had considered you to be his mate for life; a Fae that has made it no secret how much he looks down upon humans; and who has vocalized his derisive opinion of me on numerous occasions.

But still, I stood by you; even when you threatened my life. I stood by you because I believed in you and in us. I knew that our love for each other would allow us to weather any storm. However, I didn't take into account that our inability to communicate would be what would test us the most. In order to feel useful and to help you in any way that I could, I worked day and night to try and create a formula to slow down your devolution but to no avail.

The one thing that I was supposed to be good at — science — and I couldn't come through for you. That failure still eats at me despite your success with the Dawning.

lauren and bo relationship advice

You were very understanding about my trying; but to me, it's the fact that I couldn't help you when you needed it the most. I considered it to be a failing on my part. When it was time for the Dawning and you went into the Temple. I was so scared yet remained hopeful. And when you were victorious, I was just so relieved that you were safe. I was so proud of you and what you had accomplished. But unfortunately Dyson suffered a fatal injury and you took chi from everyone in the room to revive him.

I truly understand why you did what you did and I understood your pain in knowing that he had died to help you; but in the moment after he regained consciousness — it was only then that I believed what the Kitsune told me previously — that Dyson had his love back. I saw how Dyson looked at you and how you looked at him; and in that instant, I knew that the Kitsune didn't lie to me. I knew that you were aware that Dyson had his love back and you never told me.

I felt our relationship weaken and it frightened me that you were hiding the truth from me. Did it mean that you were happy that Dyson had his love back and that you wanted to go back to him?

Only you can answer that; but what I do know, is that in that instance, you made me doubt your love for me and it shook my belief in us and what we shared. But even with this realization that Dyson may want you back, I still wanted us to work.

I wanted to believe that we could fix things and I desperately wanted us to try. I wanted to get past all this doubt. However, that all changed when Tamsin visited me early this morning; before you came to see me at the lab. She wanted to pick up a medical file for a case that I was working on and proceeded to tell me how she helped you with your training exercise in Brazenwood — which I was already aware of.

What I didn't know - and which she was more than happy to tell me - was that at the end of the trial, you both kissed; that you didn't need to heal and you didn't take her chi. She had absolutely nothing to gain from telling me this except to cause me pain; and from the way that she took delight in telling me, I deduced that she was telling me the truth. Our past conversations about dreams of wanting a family, the house with the white picket fence and the 2.

I then realized that the reason you weren't there to support me at my Award Ceremony was because you were busy with Tamsin. I always looked past your Succubus nature to see the person you are inside and after everything we've been through, I never thought that you would stray; that you would betray me like this and not be emotionally monogamous; and that you would think so little of me.

I guess I was wrong.

lauren and bo relationship advice

But I do have to acknowledge my own part in all of this which is difficult to admit. Because who really wants to confess that one feels insecure in their relationship? To do so is to admit that one feels weak and lacks confidence. But in the spirit of honesty, I do recognize that my insecurities affected things — maybe not directly, but rather, it indirectly affected my reactions and my feelings — a cause and effect of sorts.

I know that as a human being, I will never be enough for you.