Nezumi and shion relationship tips

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nezumi and shion relationship tips

Four years before they were at age sixteen, both Nezumi and Shion During this time, both boys develop a warm and friendly relationship. Shion and Nezumi first meet when they are twelve years old during a typhoon. Something that I really liked seeing was the ways they protected each other. of how realistic Shion and Nezumi's relationship is presented. This is the largest board of all fan art concerning nezumi and shion in No.6 ( anime/manga/novel) fellow shippers, ship to your hearts content! | See more ideas.

Feeling desperate and hopeless, he hides in a garden away from the correctional police and is ready to give up on life when he hears a voice screaming above him. He looks up to see a small boy around his age, screaming into the distance with his balcony doors wide open. The boy, who is Shion, then turns around and goes inside to take a call from his mother.

nezumi and shion relationship tips

While doing that, Nezumi takes up the opening and runs into the room where Shion is. Startled, Shion looks at Nezumi in his room and notices his wound.

With Shion's personality and knowledge, he couldn't just let Nezumi run around hurt, so he decides to give Nezumi stitches and provide him food, new clothes, and a place to stay that night. During this time, both boys develop a warm and friendly relationship. The next morning, Nezumi disappears, leaving Shion in confusion and big trouble with the correctional police for not reporting Nezumi, a prisoner, to the police.

Four years later, at age 16, Shion is accused of being involved in a murder that he had no partake in!

nezumi and shion relationship tips

The correctional police were taking him into the correctional facility when out of no where, Nezumi comes to Shion's rescue! Saving Shion from the correctional police, they both flee into the West District the outskirts of No. Nezumi allows Shion to stay with him since he feels obligated to owe Shion back for what he did four years ago. During the time Shion stays with Nezumi, he encounters his accident with the parasitic bee, and with Nezumi being present, he is able to save Shion's life, but Shion's appearance does change, though that doesn't change Shion's personality.

nezumi and shion relationship tips

Fast forward four years and it's the same story. They each have something that the other does not. And they either desire those somethings or are petrified by them. Is there is a name for that kind of relationship?

None that I've heard of.

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I like the wording of Inukashi's thoughts of the relationship. But if it's anything I can't imagine it being sexual or romantic.

nezumi and shion relationship tips

I forgot which book it was in, but Shion was ranting a list of intimate facts about Nezumi during one of their heated discussions. There's the word "intimate" right there, but I can give a very similar list of equally "intimate" things about my best friend. And the last time we slept in the same bed she kicked me twice: P I feel ya Shion.

The Paranoid Reader and the Nonsexual in No. 6

Ah, and the big one. When Shion kissed Nezumi when he thought that they would never see each other again even I was thinking ''goodnight kiss' my left boot'. There are some spoilers ahead involving the plot and characters of No. Read at your own risk. Shion and Nezumi first meet when they are twelve years old during a typhoon. Nezumi sneaks into his room, injured and on the run.

No. 6 - Shion x Rat ~ Reunited

Rather than hand him over to the authorities, Shion is compassionate and takes it upon himself to treat his wounds, and the two bond quickly. Nezumi is able to escape, and Shion and his mother are stripped of their luxurious life style as punishment and forced to move elsewhere. Four years later, Shion is arrested on the suspicion of murder and conspiring against No.

Shion nearly dies from the same disease that killed his co-worker, but Nezumi is able to save him, and he undergoes a physical change.