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the bases in a relationship wiki

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Keys are also critical in the creation of indexes, which facilitate fast retrieval of data from large tables.

the bases in a relationship wiki

Any column can be a key, or multiple columns can be grouped together into a compound key. It is not necessary to define all the keys in advance; a column can be used as a key even if it was not originally intended to be one. A key that has an external, real-world meaning such as a person's name, a book's ISBNor a car's serial number is sometimes called a "natural" key.

If no natural key is suitable think of the many people named Brownan arbitrary or surrogate key can be assigned such as by giving employees ID numbers.

In practice, most databases have both generated and natural keys, because generated keys can be used internally to create links between rows that cannot break, while natural keys can be used, less reliably, for searches and for integration with other databases. For example, records in two independently developed databases could be matched up by social security numberexcept when the social security numbers are incorrect, missing, or have changed.

Dimensional model[ edit ] The dimensional model is a specialized adaptation of the relational model used to represent data in data warehouses in a way that data can be easily summarized using online analytical processing, or OLAP queries.

In the dimensional model, a database schema consists of a single large table of facts that are described using dimensions and measures.

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A dimension provides the context of a fact such as who participated, when and where it happened, and its type and is used in queries to group related facts together. Dimensions tend to be discrete and are often hierarchical; for example, the location might include the building, state, and country.

A measure is a quantity describing the fact, such as revenue. It is important that measures can be meaningfully aggregated—for example, the revenue from different locations can be added together. In an OLAP query, dimensions are chosen and the facts are grouped and aggregated together to create a summary.

The dimensional model is often implemented on top of the relational model using a star schemaconsisting of one highly normalized table containing the facts, and surrounding denormalized tables containing each dimension.

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An alternative physical implementation, called a snowflake schemanormalizes multi-level hierarchies within a dimension into multiple tables. A data warehouse can contain multiple dimensional schemas that share dimension tables, allowing them to be used together. Coming up with a standard set of dimensions is an important part of dimensional modeling.

the bases in a relationship wiki

Its high performance has made the dimensional model the most popular database structure for OLAP. Post-relational database models[ edit ] Products offering a more general data model than the relational model are sometimes classified as post-relational.

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The data model in such products incorporates relations but is not constrained by E. Codd 's Information Principle, which requires that all information in the database must be cast explicitly in terms of values in relations and in no other way — [4] Some of these extensions to the relational model integrate concepts from technologies that pre-date the relational model.

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For example, they allow representation of a directed graph with trees on the nodes. The German company sones implements this concept in its GraphDB.

the bases in a relationship wiki

Some post-relational products extend relational systems with non-relational features. Others arrived in much the same place by adding relational features to pre-relational systems. The resource space model RSM is a non-relational data model based on multi-dimensional classification. Graph database Graph databases allow even more general structure than a network database; any node may be connected to any other node.

MultiValue Multivalue databases are "lumpy" data, in that they can store exactly the same way as relational databases, but they also permit a level of depth which the relational model can only approximate using sub-tables.

the bases in a relationship wiki

Multivalue can be thought of as a compressed form of XML. An example is an invoice, which in either multivalue or relational data could be seen as A Invoice Header Table - one entry per invoice, and B Invoice Detail Table - one entry per line item. In the multivalue model, we have the option of storing the data as on table, with an embedded table to represent the detail: A Invoice Table - one entry per invoice, no other tables needed.

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The advantage is that the atomicity of the Invoice conceptual and the Invoice data representation are one-to-one. This also results in fewer reads, less referential integrity issues, and a dramatic decrease in the hardware needed to support a given transaction volume.

Object-oriented database models[ edit ] Main articles: Then begins an era of social revolution. The changes in the economic foundation lead, sooner or later, to the transformation of the whole, immense, superstructure. In studying such transformations, it is always necessary to distinguish between the material transformation of the economic conditions of production, which can be determined with the precision of natural science, and the legal, political, religious, artistic, or philosophic—in short, ideological forms in which men become conscious of this conflict and fight it out.

Just as one does not judge an individual by what he thinks about himself, so one cannot judge such a period of transformation by its consciousness, but, on the contrary, this consciousness must be explained from the contradictions of material life, from the conflict existing between the social forces of production and the relations of production.

Across these disciplines the base-superstructure relationship, and the contents of each, may take different forms. Max Weber[ edit ] Early sociologist Max Weber preferred a form of structuralism over a base and superstructure model of society in which he proposes that the base and superstructure are reciprocal in causality—neither economic rationality nor normative ideas rule the domain of society.

In summarizing results from his East Elbia research he notes that, contrary to the base and superstructure model "we have become used to," there exists a reciprocal relationship between the two.

Political society consists of the organized force of society such as the police and military while civil society refers to the consensus-creating elements that contribute to hegemony.

Both constituents of this superstructure are still informed by the values of the base, serving to establish and enforce these values in society. Rodney states that while most countries follow a developmental structure that evolves from feudalism to capitalism, China is an exception to this rule and skipped the capitalism step. In China, religious, educational and bureaucratic qualifications were of utmost importance, and government was in the hands of state officials rather than being run by the landlords on their own feudal estates.

Rather the role of the superstructure allows for adaptation of the development cycle, especially in a colonial context.

the bases in a relationship wiki

In this new categorization, social ideology and social psychology is a material process that self-perpetuates, the same way economic systems in the base perpetuate themselves.

Reich focused on the role of sexual repression in the patriarchal family system as a way to understand how mass support for Fascism could arise in a society.