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Early on in his career they send him to the Old Master Genkai, a short, crotchety old woman .. Also, Toguro and Genkai's relationship 50 years ago got a Relationship Upgrade from the .. Also the quiz game between Kaito and Game Master. He was a lot fun, especially in the counter-intuitive relationship he shared There was a scene during Yusuke's fight with Sensui where Genkai. The younger Toguro brother known as Otōto Toguro and more with his lover and friend Genkai and his older brother Ani Toguro they won the.

He laments the same, saying that he had thought that after all he went through, and all the strength he gained fighting Toguro, everything to come after would be easy.

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But I wish that during the Chapter Black Saga the show could have demonstrated, to the viewer at least, that he had grown more powerful. There was a scene during Yusuke's fight with Sensui where Genkai remarks the spirit gun blast she just sensed from Yusuke could have taken down Toguro in his prime and all I could think was " The spirit gun blast Genkai was talking about just took a chunk of the the cavern's wall.

There's plenty more to say, but I think I'll wrap this comment up here. The series had its problems but was on the whole quite good. Suffers a pretty brutal one at Hiei's hands once the latter catches up to him. Smug Snake Villainous Breakdown: Progressively starts to lose it as he keeps losing his money to Sakyo, and is left in shock when he loses his entire fortune.

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He eventually goes insane after Hiei pummels his face and ruins his back-up plan, laughing to himself that he's just "a street bum" seconds before Toguro kills him. Gonzo Tarukane is fat, ugly, and has a satisfying death scene. The Demon Triad [Miyuki] Voiced by: Akio Nojima JPE. Bailey EN [Gokumonki] Voiced by: Gokumonki sports this hairstyle.

Also has a Badass Mustache. Gokumonki provides this role for the trio. Despite their reputation, they provide very little challenge for the protagonists; all three of them are beaten within a single episode. The anime gives the impression that they were killed by Yusuke and Kuwabara, however the manga showed them as still being alive. They are shown during a flashback to give Genkai her invitation to the Dark Tournament, though the anime replaces them with a group of three hood cladded individuals And the Funimation dub also takes this further by having the female messenger voiced by Laura Bailey instead of Miyuki's actress Peggy Paterson.

Whereas his comrades used more strategic fighting styles, Gokumonki simply relied on brute force and using Botan as a human shield. Gokumonki has red hair, which is fitting given that his source of inspiration, Sun Wukong, is frequently depicted with red or blonde hair.

Miyuki has a single horn while Gokumonki has three. Inmaki has this ability via an invisibility cloak. However, it is negated by him having to fight the duo in the narrow hallway's of Tarukane's mansion. Miyuki in the edited for daytime version by Funimation so as to avoid having to making clear her transgender status and thus potentially getting into any conflicts with the FCC has her exploiting male opponents' sensibilities in regards to fighting against women and feigning exaggerated moments of pain in order to get them to lower their guard.

Gokumonki is based on Sun Wukong. Notably, he has red hair, welds an elongated weapon though he uses a club instead of a Simple Staffand his name even contains "Goku" in it of which is the Japanese version of his name. The members of the Triad are loosely based on the main characters of the Classic Chinese novel Journey to the West. Miyuki is based on Xuanzang with her being a transgender woman being a reference for many Japanese produced works to make Xuanzang equivalents femaleInmaki is very loosely based on Sha Wujing and Zhu Bajie, and Gokumonki is based on Sun Wukong.

The fact that they are named as being a "Triad" certainly reinforces the Chinese influences in their theming. Another of Inmaki's abilities. The Triads and the Tongs: Invoked with one of them, Miyuki, being garbed in Chinese style attire and refering to themselves as "the Demon Triad". Miyuki, at least in the anime, can turn strands of her hair into whips.

Inmaki uses these as his weapons of choice. Considering that one of the characters he is based on, Zhu Bajie, frequently wields a rake that has been modified for use as a weapon in Journey to the West, Inmaki's claws are likely an allusion to that.

All three of them are easily taken care of by Yusuke though Kuwabara helped a littleto show how much more powerful he had become. The Participation of the Dark Tournament Sakyo "My brothers all took honest, white-collar jobs, with wives and kids. If I had their lives, I'd kill myself. Luckily, their fate was not meant for me. I was too smart.

Toguro (Younger)

While he appears to be calm and charismatic, he is a sociopath who grew up torturing and killing animals and people. He has an affinity and knack for gambling, occasionally putting his own life on the line just for the thrill of it.

He accumulates a vast fortune for which he plans to open a portal to the demon world, for no other reason than to just see what happens. For a short while, he was the closest that Shizuru had to a romantic interest, as he took a liking to her and opens up to her about his train of thoughts. Although his actions remain the same, the anime made Sakyo out to be a character you can almost sympathize with, especially when he dies, as he is presented as a man with deep existential troubles yet also a sense of honor who strikes somewhat of a bond with Shizuru.

The manga, on the other hand, portrays him as just a very rich businessman with very sick hobbies who even laughs mad before dying. He's very polite and gentlemanly for a villain, especially towards Shizuru. He barely emotes even at the most extreme situations, rarely shows satisfaction from his misdeeds, and although is rationally aware of the extent of his own villainy, seems to genuinely lack the ability to comprehend it. While it is made evident that Sakyo is mentally disturbed, his personality brings echoes of a neurodevelopmental disorder.

In his younger days, he enjoyed dissecting animals, and eventually humans. Present-time, however, he seems to have moved on from that particular sin. Of the Dark Tournament saga. However, Younger Toguro is far more dangerous than him and more involved with the protagonists. Reasonably attractive, even with the scar on his right eye. Sort of—he eventually became bored with personal killing and torturing, and found gambling to be his truest pleasure. Freely admits that he doesn't have a Freudian Excuse and is just rotten to the core for no reason.

Gambling on the torture and destruction of demons, and organizing a tournament for this reason, just to earn more money The anime toys with it, as he and Shizuru get attracted to each other pretty fast in the few moments they share during the tournament. The event of his death impedes it from advancing further. Even though the original Japanese Sakyo was still a sociopath, he remembered his happy childhood with a warm fondness, genuinely loved his family "My parent were decent and kind people; it was what you could call an ideal family" and blamed nobody but himself for how he turned out, the English dub added a lot of changes to his narration, making him hate his parents and swearing he would kill himself if he became a white-collar worker.

A bored rich dude—a common sight in the real world. Any object even a piece of eraser he throws will accurately hit its target while dealing devastating damage. Sniper could have easily defeated Yusuke Yomi also happens to be one of the lucky few who was able to defeat Yusuke in the series. How badass is this dude?

He chose to chill at the pits of hell after being defeated. He snapped and split into seven personalities because he witnessed the Black Black Club torturing demons and other unspeakable acts. Can we really blame the guy?

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Even in this day and age, humans continue to do shitty things. Sensui is a more interesting foil to Yusuke, as the latter is just one bad job away from becoming this guy.