Victorious cat and robbie relationship

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victorious cat and robbie relationship

When Cat and Robbie are sent to get Tori and André for Sikowitz to tell them to Robbie comes to Cat to talk about his "relationship" with Trina, possibly to. TV ShowsVictorious Robbie's in Los Angeles they're both keeping secrets from each other that could permanently change their relationship. Cat and Robbie regularly talked through text message and video-chat, but. Cat and Robbie are close friends throughout Victorious. the episode, Robbie finally asks Cat out and she accepts, leading to a new relationship in the future.

She still has her mind to perform under duress. EpisodeTrina is in a play where she plays a flying alien. Something goes terribly wrong, setting up the Who-Dun-It Mystery: She goes into her "Special Place" to emotionally remover herself from her present condition.

Cat came over to Robbie's house for a surprise sleepover, only to discover Robbie and Trina having a romp in the hay. She then, for unknown reasons, tells a story that is not related in the least.

Is she protecting herself or her reputation, or that of someone else? EpisodeSikowitz has a midlife crisis at the early age of 34, and he is one of the few people that Cat has empathy for. This is a small clue for the Season 2 final analysis. EpisodeCat wears Jupiter Boots, while Beck is trying to photograph something. She is trying to hint that she wants to be a kid again, regarding something about photography.

victorious cat and robbie relationship

Evidence in the next clip. She is embarrassed, and hops away. She spends the entire episode in bouncy boots, wanting to be pure and innocent again. EpisodeChristmas, Cat seems more than overjoyed to greet Robbie for Christmas week at school. Important for the Season 2 after-analysis. Note the use of the bullhorn from Robbie, he wants to make the world know that he tried his hardest for the love of his life. Because, Cat and Jade like to scissor. Also, Cat spent a huge amount of money to buy a movie prop from the 's, as it is currently in the 's in the show.

Cat started to change from the very beginning of this season. She seems to be more child-like. She wants to keep the pure part of her childhood as a permanent part of her being, ignoring the travesty of what her life really is. Her brother is physically abusing her, mentally as well. She asked her friends for help subtly, then the psychiatrist of the school, directly, to no avail. She lost her sense of empathy towards other people.

During the short school break after Christmas, Cat Valentine was impregnated by someone, even possibly raped. There are three main suspects in play: Each has evidence against him. Episodehe becomes infatuated with her from a simple stage kiss. She was trying to prove that Trina was only acting during her audition.

Robbie asked her to meet his parents, and she choked on a carrot, she did not say yes or no. He took it as a yes. He says to Cat that they are going to "Baby Golfing" Putt-Puttand they are really going to his grandparents' apartment. She clearly doesn't want to go there, and he muscles her into the doorway. He physically abuses her into a situation that she doesn't want to be in. She then sprays them with hot cheese.

Was that Robbie's intention all along? Tori then Tweets about it on TheSlap. She clearly realized that he put thought and effort into it. He knows that she loves candy, which plays a big part in Season 3. He wanted to be the cool guy that they can trust. She asks what is in it, and he just cackles madly. It was a song for a 6 year old's birthday, but still. It was an extra part in a movie, but he could have chosen better ways to ask it.

He puts his own clothes on her, and does the rest of the play for her. So, if he can be this creepy to certain students in the classroom, he can be just as creepy outside the classroom too.

Episodehe goes to the bathroom on the neighbor's lawn. It is plausible that any of these three impregnated Cat. The show goes out of its way to say that is Christmas and is April Fool's Day. Season 3 EpisodeSeason 3 starts with a bang with a parody of the Breakfast Club.

Jade asks whether or not Cat is a vegan virgin. She is uncomfortable talking about it, as she is preggers. He's eaten Cat's tacos lots of times, he doesn't want Jade to know that. EpisodeCat and Sikowitz bond over Tori's bad acting. She abandons her normal giraffe for Mr. Purple tigers and giraffe's don't happen in nature. In her mind, they are abominations of nature, just like the baby in her belly.

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Also, purple is the gay color, a small reflection on Cat's sexual transformation. She rides the mechanical bunny.

She doesn't like how Robbie plays Pirates, more evidence in EpisodeCat is further losing her mind, she is about 12 weeks in. Cat's weight in Her weight incomplete with a baby bump. A sudden gain in weight, bigger breasts, a bun in the oven and nobody notices.

She passes out from the stress. They abandon her, not even considering to offer help. Luther the Janitor walks in, and doesn't even notice a teen girl passed out on his floor. Lane walks in, and is disappointed in Luther, who has a hammer and a rope in his hands. He doesn't get angry, or threaten to call the cops. Literally everybody in this universe is ignoring Cat's needs and calls for help.

EpisodeCat buys a drink, then immediately throws it away. Something like this happens again in For the next two episodes, Cat is all about the water works. EpisodeCat wears a button that says: She masks her sadness by making her friends think that she is mourning the supposed death of Mona Patterson, the mother from the Partridge Family.

It is after this moment, that she only wears a single gold ring, on her middle finger. A big F-U to traditional marriage, which leads to children. No more playing Pirates with Robbie. EpisodeRobbie and Cat give people bad news via fun songs. Robbie likes it, because he gets to spend time with Cat. Cat likes it, because she revels in other people's pain. Cat had her miscarriage near the end of the first trimester. She is now past the grieving, and is starting the anger portion.

EpisodeCat starts another buying binge. Her friends still don't notice anything. It's not as big as the first buying binge, it's about items this time. EpisodeRobbie knows that Cat keeps candy in her bra. Tori looks mortified that Robbie knows this juicy information. She offers the extras to her friends, as an attempt for a mega-obvious clue as to what is happening in her life.

This is how Robbie plays Pirates with Cat. Why wait until it's offered? Why not just go for the pot of gold?

victorious cat and robbie relationship

That's what pirates do, they rape and pillage. EpisodeCat becomes addicted to Bibble.

Robbie Shapiro

How could Robbie do that to me? Why would he ask another girl out? I never thought …oooohit makes me so angry " Her heart hurt all over again just thinking about it but that and making Robbie jealous and want to be with her were the only things on her mind tonight.

victorious cat and robbie relationship

You got it reallyreally bad for Robbie " " OkayI think we have all established that Cat is in love with Robbie ," Tori tried to be the voice of reason ," a little thing that confuses me is why you turned Robbie down.

You had to know there was the slightest possibility he would ask another girl out …I've seen him ask Trina for a pity date before a couple years ago " " I don't knowToriI guess I wanted to actually be his date this time.

That's never happened before with Robbie and me! Okay so I probably would have gone to prome with Robbie if he has asked me first and who knows what might have happened …but Gabriella?

Makes perfect sense " " I think you're really jealous ," Tori tried to get Cat focused ," and cant think straight right now. I heard from Burf than Gabriella likes geeks which is why she probably agreed to go out with Robbie tonight in the first place but that isn't the most important thing you need to focus on, Cat ' " Why wouldn't she go for Robbie?

He's sweetreally smartand a gentleman and he always makes me laugh " She grew solemn. What if I scared Robbie with all my crazy running away from him? I honestly think that deep down inside of me I've always known I was in love with RobbieI was just too scared to admit it to myself " Tori smiledwarmly and touched her shoulder.

Don't waste any more time apart " Like she and Beck had and now that they were finally back together and better than ever, she didn't want Cat to blow her chance at love with Robbie. Except now that she had admitted the truth of her feelings to herself and her friendsshe really did want to talk with Robbie.

CatJade said you were in here " Robbie spotted her instantly and noted that though her cheeks looked flushedhe didn't think she had been crying ," sweetieare you alright? I never meant to upset you earlier or again …. I'm sorry I ran away from you, Robbie " Robbie tucked his hands inside the fronts of his short pockets and shrugged, attempting more nonchalance than he felt. I don't know how much longer I can do this ….

A lot tonight actually …. He blinked behind his glasses. No ," Robbie stepped closer to her ," I only asked Gabriella out because you made it pretty clear you were repulsed by the idea of tonight being a date " Cat pressed a hand to her hand and brown eyes met brown and the awareness between them spun around them. It hurt me so much " He searched her face and knew she was telling him the truth which only added to his confusion.

You told me you didn't want to go with me and Gabriella did. She didn't want to keep it hidden from him anymore.

Do you know that you're the first person I want to call when I want to share something or that I couldn't think of sitting anywhere in class except next to you?

It's never been a secretI've always been honest about my feelings for youand I guess I just need to know if I need to try to move on from you. Please talk to me about this. It was a perfect moment in time and neither of them wanted it to end. Was that with the fireworks because I was seeing them all over the placesweetheart " " Robbie ," Cat leaned into him again, happily ," yes " " Uh, Catare you going to run away again or what did this mean?

victorious cat and robbie relationship

Yes, we're together now! I'm such an idiot. Robbiewhy didn't you tell me? I never really noticed till now how adorable those two are together " " Great ," Andre grabbed her hand and led her back to where Beck and jade waited for them at the dance ," now lets go. I don't know why I let you talk me into spying with you…Cat and Robbie were having a private movement " " Because its exciting newsAndre! Cat and Robbie are in love! It's a little weird but its happy news!

victorious cat and robbie relationship

Our friends are a couple now " Jade lifted a dark eyebrow. Now that I think about itCat and Robbie make a lot of sense together " " Not quite two yearsBeck ," grinned Jadeslyly ," I was right and you lost " " We're not going to do this nowJade ," replied Beck as his lips curved upwards in a smile of his own ," and I am aware of what you speak of but its only half a bet " " You guys made a bet?

I am always right so now you and Andre need to get it togetherTori " " W. He so wasn't ready to go there and he doubted Tori had the slightest clue.

Added by Bookmusicalover The sub-plot focuses on Robbie and Cat helping Robbie's grandma with her computer.

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This episode takes place right after Stage Fightingthe episode in which Cat kisses Robbie. Notably, after the kiss, Robbie states that he wants Cat to meet his parents. This trip to his Grandmother's house could be a venture for approval of Cat, after developing feelings for her.

After Cat says to Tori"What are you doing? When Tori is trying to figure out what to get Trina for her birthweek, Robbie and Cat are walking down the stairs when Rex says something disrespectful. Cat helps Robbie give Rex a time out by putting him in Robbie's backpack. Robbie and Cat were going to get iced coffee together. After Robbie says he has to help his grandma and asks the others to Added by NoodlesInABowl come with him, only Cat volunteers because she likes it when elderly people shake when they pour their juice.

She may have wanted to spend more time with Robbie. After Cat says juice, Robbie gives a slight grin to her comment maybe implying that he was happy she said she would got with him.