A view from the bridge eddie and catherines relationship act 1

View from the Bridge – Eddie and Catherine’s Relationship Essay Example for Free

a view from the bridge eddie and catherines relationship act 1

Need help with Act 1 in Arthur Miller's A View from the Bridge? Eddie masks his attempt to sabotage Catherine's relationship with Rodolpho as fatherly. by: Arthur Miller Eddie Carbone is the tragic protagonist of The View from the Bridge. In Eddie's world, he imagines protecting Catherine from marriage or any male relationship and wants her for himself. mind—Eddie transfers his energy to a hatred of Marco and Rodolpho and causes him to act completely irrationally. A summary of Act I (continued) in Arthur Miller's A View from the Bridge. When inside, Eddie tells Beatrice he is worried about Catherine's relationship with.

This tells us that he cares for her. Eddie portrays himself at the beginning of the play as a role model father and husband.

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Eddie on the other hand has a split personality, sometimes he can be a really sweet and loving father figure and other times he just releases rage inside him which he wants to let out. He becomes even more protective over Catherine than he already is and becomes very defensive.

Eddie is not only aggravated at the fact that they are late, but the fact they went out in the first place. When Eddie got annoyed at Catherine and Rodolfo, Beatrice also notice the change in Eddies character. Beatrice thinks Catherine is a threat towards her relationship with Eddie. Slowly, slowly Eddie is pushing Beatrice away.

Her ignorance take the best of her. As the couple dance, the other three are having a conversation about Rodolfo. After a little while Rodolfo and Catherine stop dancing.

A View from The Bridge (Part 1 of 5)

Eddies becomes very annoyed when Catherine complements Rodolfo, he starts twisting the newspaper unconsciously in a tight roll. He becomes so angry inside he rips the paper in two, he gets up and confronts Marco. Eddie offers a boxing match with Marco, but Marco refuses at first, then he agrees to take him up on a challenge. At first its just a light boxing match but then Eddie becomes more serious and aggressive, this is when Beatrice and jumps in and stops him.

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Rodolfo grabs Catherine hand and requests that she dances with him. Eddie at this stage of the play is very angry and wants to get back at Rodolfo in some way or another. Marco gets angry because of Eddies reaction towards the boxing match and decides to get even. He challenges Eddie to lift a chair up with one hand kneeling down. Marco becomes face to face with Eddies, you can see the tension building. Marco lifts the chair above Eddie like a weapon, he has a glare of warning on his face; this is to show he is not afraid.

The warning turns into a smile of triumph. Eddie starts to grow anguish when Catherine comes out from the bedroom, adjusting her dress at the beginning of Act 2.

Seeing Rodolfo come out of the bedroom makes Eddies arm jerk slightly in shock. When Rodolfo nods testingly, Eddie becomes angry and tell Rodolfo to leave.

a view from the bridge eddie and catherines relationship act 1

Catherine immediately turns and walks towards the bedroom, when Eddie grabs her she tells him she need to get out of there. Eddie grabs Rodolfo and kisses him, Eddies is trying to prove that Rodolfo is gay.

Catherine is shouting telling him to get off. Beatrice stands up to Eddie on behalf of Catherine, a habit that Eddie finds disrespectful, as he will later tell her. He is worried not only about losing control over Catherine in his household, but also about losing Catherine entirely, as she begins to move toward her own life. Eddie reminds her of the importance of not saying anything to anyone about the cousins, since they are staying in the apartment illegally and are not legal immigrants.

He says that the Immigration Bureau has people paid off in the neighborhood to report on illegal immigrants. Eddie and other inhabitants of Red Hook have a complicated relationship to the law. The story about the boy highlights the conflict between a familial sense of justice and the law.

a view from the bridge eddie and catherines relationship act 1

In obeying the law, the boy betrayed his family, who sought their own form of justice in violent revenge. Active Themes Related Quotes with Explanations Catherine says she is supposed to start work the next Monday, and Eddie wishes her luck, with tears in his eyes. Catherine goes to get Eddie his cigar, and Eddie asks Beatrice why she is mad at him. As this dinner scene comes to an end, Alfieri comes on stage and tells the audience that Eddie was a good, hard-working man.

But his feelings toward Catherine will gradually be revealed to be more complicated—and problematic.

a view from the bridge eddie and catherines relationship act 1

Marco and Rodolpho enter the apartment and meet Beatrice and Eddie. Marco thanks them for letting Rodolpho and him stay and says that as soon as Eddie wants them out, they will leave. Active Themes Eddie tells Marco and Rodolpho about the work they will have, on the docks. They talk about how there are no jobs where they are from in Italy, and people struggle to make money, pushing taxis up hills for example.

Marco describes his wife and children, whom he has left back in Italy and to whom he is going to send back money as he works here. He and Rodolpho are excited at the opportunity to make money in the U. They are ecstatic at the opportunities available in New York, though they will later find that immigrating brings with it perhaps as many problems as opportunities. Marco is also motivated out of love for his family, and a desire to provide for them by sending money back home.

a view from the bridge eddie and catherines relationship act 1

Active Themes Catherine asks if Rodolpho is married. Rodolpho talks about what a status symbol a motorcycle is in Italy, and then says that he is also a singer, and once made money singing at a hotel.

a view from the bridge eddie and catherines relationship act 1

Catherine is intrigued and wants to hear him sing. Catherine is quickly becoming infatuated with Rodolpho, a budding love that will greatly trouble the overprotective Eddie. Marco tells Rodolpho to be quiet.

Eddie notices that Catherine is wearing high-heeled shoes, and tells her to go into her room and change them.

Eddie is waiting impatiently for Catherine and Rodolpho to return from seeing a movie. Beatrice tells him to stop worrying. Eddie thinks this is ridiculous, and is displeased at the idea of Rodolpho and Catherine being together.

He says that Rodolpho sings while working, so that the other longshoremen have nicknamed him Paper Doll. He goes back to the subject of Catherine, and Beatrice says that Catherine is eighteen and old enough to make her own decisions.

Eddie is uncomfortable with Rodolpho, but perhaps more generally with the idea of Catherine leaving him for another man. Mike and Louis leave, just as Rodolpho and Catherine enter.

View from the Bridge – Eddie and Catherine’s Relationship Essay

Catherine says that Rodolpho has been telling her about Italy, where there are fountains in every town and orange and lemon trees. Eddie tells Rodolpho that he wants to talk to Catherine alone. Rodolpho leaves, and Eddie says that he never sees Catherine anymore. While Rodolpho has abandoned Italy for the opportunities of America, Catherine is fascinated and intrigued by Italy, partially because she is oppressed and stifled by her own home. Catherine insists that Rodolpho respects both her and Eddie.