A view from the bridge eddie and rodolfos relationship help

PL2: A View From the Bridge: Marco and Eddie’s Character Relationship

a view from the bridge eddie and rodolfos relationship help

he means for it to be advice, suggesting that she is dressed inappropriately and should consider wearing Eddie's opinion about Rodolfo is made perfectly clear in this scene. A View from the Bridge: Eddie and Catherine's Relationship. Revise and learn about the themes of Arthur Miller's A View from the Bridge. Beatrice and Eddie give their opinions about each other and discuss their relationship This is the advice you would expect a mother to give her child because it is. Online study guide for A View from the Bridge, Plot & Action The relationship between Catherine and Rodolfo.

Miller presents them as men who are seeking a better life. Marco is weighed down with responsibility but he feels that he can start to support his family in Sicily even though he must make the sacrifice of not seeing them for possibly several years.

Rodolpho is young and carefree, but Marco does not envy him.

A View from the Bridge: Eddie and Catherine's Relationship - GCSE English - Marked by south-park-episodes.info

This shows how strong his love for Rodolpho is. Example 2 At the end, when Marco knows he will have to go back to Sicily, the stage directions are significant.

Forbidden love How does Miller show this? Eddie With your hair that way you look like a madonna, you know that?

a view from the bridge eddie and rodolfos relationship help

Eddie Analysis These are not really the sort of comments you would expect a father, or father-figure, to make to his daughter. Evidence When am I gonna be a wife again, Eddie? Catherine Analysis He is unwilling or unable to have sex with Beatrice because of his feelings for Catherine. Example 3 Alfieri sees the situation. Evidence Eddie, I want you to listen to me. You know, sometimes God mixes up the people.

a view from the bridge eddie and rodolfos relationship help

Alfieri tries to explain gently to Eddie, but is ignored. Example 4 Beatrice also sees the situation. Beatrice When Beatrice says this to Eddie, he is shocked, horrified because he has never analysed his feelings before.

a view from the bridge eddie and rodolfos relationship help

Analysing the evidence How does Miller use the characters to demonstrate different types of love? Reveal answer up down Miller presents a range of types of love through his characters. It is important to understand that Eddie himself does not realise this.

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He just thinks he is looking out for her. However, he tries to put obstacles in her way every time she seems close to leading an independent life. He just scoffs when Beatrice points this out to him. Since Eddie has been having these feelings for Catherine, he has not been interested in having a sexual relationship with Beatrice.

This causes arguments between them throughout the play. Eddie cannot see that he hurts Beatrice every time he pays Catherine a compliment, such as when he calls her a Madonna three times in one short speech. She is without sin, pure and kind, and to Catholics, their universal mother.

Before Marco and Rodolpho arrive he seems pleased to be able to help them. He acknowledges that if he were in in their position he would be grateful for the help. His wife calls him an angel.

a view from the bridge eddie and rodolfos relationship help

Unfortunately, his kindly feelings change soon after the cousins arrive because he can see that Catherine and Rodolpho are attracted to each other. He says that Rodolpho only wants to marry Catherine to gain American citizenship. He then begins to refer to all aspects of Rodolpho, such as his ability to sing, sew and cook, which Eddie thinks shows that he must be gay.

View from the Bridge – Eddie and Catherine’s Relationship Essay

To Eddie, this is the proof he needs to show that Rodolpho cannot be marrying Catherine for love. When he comes home drunk just before Christmas, Eddie finds Catherine and Rodolpho coming out of the bedroom.

He explodes with rage and reacts in a terrifying way. First he grabs Catherine and kisses her on the mouth.

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As Rodolpho tries to stop him, Eddie asks You want something? He repeatedly goes to Alfieri to see what can be done about Rodolpho. This is when he phones the Immigration Bureau. We can infer that he is asked for, but does not give, his name when he does this, as he is heard saying Heh? He fully understands how enormous the betrayal is among his fellow Italians.

This emphasises his desperation to keep Catherine and Rodolpho apart. He sums up his feelings for the brothers when he says, I want my name!