Austin and ally first meet fanfiction

Destined to Meet Chapter 1, an austin & ally fanfic | FanFiction

austin and ally first meet fanfiction

After meeting Ally for the first time, Austin instantly dislikes her. Upset with the fact that the hottest new guy in Miami hates her, Ally tries her very. Ally Dawson recently moved to Miami and hates it, but she meets Austin Moon and he guides her and helps her adapt. Will Ally fall for him. Austin is a international superstar that has all the teenage girls hearts throbbing. Ally is a waitress at a restaurant and let's just say she's not a.

Anyways I looked across the street and seen another moving truck and thought wow I might not be the only new kid at school. I closed the door of the truck and started down the sidewalk. We finally made it here at our 'new' house, I jumped out as soon as they stopped the truck.

austin and ally first meet fanfiction

Well at least the house was nice. I started thinking about things like meeting new people and getting new friends when my thoughts were cut off when I looked across the street and I seen the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life she was just a little shorter then me she had this beautiful brunette hair with blone highlight tips she was looking at her phone and smiling, she had dark skin tight blue jeans on that complemented her body so nice she was wearing a nice loose tank top you know the ones that just hang down not touching your body anywhere else but on your shoulders and breast, that shirt just made the whole outfit looked so good on her.

Austin and Ally First Meet Chapter 1: moving, an austin & ally fanfic | FanFiction

I was cut off my gaze when my dad said "so you just going to stand there or are you going to come help us? My mom came out of the kitchen with her arms up and said "well what do you think of the new house nice isen't it? We unloaded the truck and I was about to go and look around the town but then I see what looks like the beautiful girls father he was unloading a nice sized flat screen tv and it looks like he was about to drop it so I ran over and caught it for him just in time.

And I helped him unload the rest of the moving truck. I was looking around and walking around town just sight seeing it was really nice in miami I was looking up at some of the posters and walking when a accidentaly walked right into someone I stubbled back a little and look up and I see this girl shorter then me she had long curly hair she looks latino.

Then I heard her say "I'm sorry I didn't know -" I cut her off by saying "it's ok". Trish then invited me to go hang out around the mall.

austin and ally first meet fanfiction

I said "sure why not might as well" and with that being said we started to walk around the mall. I finished helping the guy across the street he said I could call himSo i finished helping ' ' unload the moving truck and he asked me if I could help with one more thing.

Dawson turned to the right channel for us to get a picture.

After the tv was all set up I said goodbye and walked back to my own house it was getting pretty late so, as I got to my house I turned around and I saw that beautiful girl I saw earlier, she was with another girl, she was pretty but in my opinon not as pretty as the other girl, oh well.

I knocked on the door I put my hands in my jean pockets waiting for someone to open the door, I was looking down at my feet and then the door opened I looked up and saw that beautiful girl, she had soft brown eyes that melted your heart, amazing skin tone that was perfect, I was lost in her beauty when I heard her voice, oh, her voice was just like what I imagined an angel to sound like.

Well, I'll write in you later. I closed my book and looked up at the huge airport in front of me. I stepped out of the cab and helped Luis, the cabdriver, get my suitcases from the trunk.

I carried my book and my bag. As I made my way to the front desk, I was trampled by many screaming girls.

austin and ally first meet fanfiction

All I could see from my current position on the gravel was that they were holding signs that read: I picked up my things and got up off the floor. I dusted my jeans off and continued to make my way towards the front desk to get my flight number. She glanced at me and rolled her eyes. She went on to ask me all my flight information before finally giving me what I really needed.

She may have looked nice, but she wasn't. I thanked her politely and went to waiting room 8. I walked slowly to the waiting room. There were only about 3 other people there, which were all elders. It was pretty crammed in there so I sat as far away from everyone as I could.

I sat in the most secluded corner I could find.

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I went to take my book out when I saw a figure sit down in the seat next to me. I looked up and saw a masculine figure with a hoodie and cap covering his facial features. Some dark sunglasses cover up his eyes. He was nervously looking down at the floor. I saw some blonde hair peeking through his cap. I couldn't see much more. He shook his head slowly.

austin and ally first meet fanfiction

He looked up for the first time and saw my expression. I smirked and shook my head. I noticed that his glasses were slipping off, and the fact that he kept shaking and moving his head didn't help.

Suddenly, as expected, they fell to the ground.

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I now saw that he had brown eyes. They were really beautiful. He looked pretty panicked. He made no movement to pick the glasses up so I, being nice and such, picked them up for him.

I handed them back to him, and he quickly put them back on.