Bolin and mako meet zuko katara

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bolin and mako meet zuko katara

ATLA & TLOK - Toph, Tahno, Katara, Aang, Korra, Mako, Zuko, Bolin, Sokka [And if they met?]. Team 1: Aang, Mako, Bolin, Asami, TenzinTeam 2: Korra, Zuko, Korra and Katara have four water pouches should they be needed. .. you guys that zuko has never met someone who generates lightning as fast as Mako. Zuko meets Elsa for sheer Nerd joy. The Avatar fights 'gainst the Pheonix King's might Nothing like it's been seen since. A kingdom of burning nations And it.

Bolin, who was leaning against a post on the porch, staring out at the water with his chin on his chest and his arms tight around him.

Zuko Is Related To Mako And Bolin

Bolin, who'd had a pretty awful life, a pretty awful heartbreak, and now couldn't even find the one person he could always rely on. His pants were soaked up to the thigh, and he stumbled as he stepped toward them. Korra could see his breathing was labored, his skin was ashen, and his eyes were glazed over. He straightened the rumples in his clothes, examined him from all angles, and hugged him tightly. Mako flinched, but held him with one arm. Naga nuzzled Bolin's arm with her nose.

Mako raised an eyebrow haphazardly. Bolin buried his face in his red scarf. What was I supposed to do? He flinched and shuddered.

bolin and mako meet zuko katara

Naga was licking my face. Korra took it by the end and unfurled it. It was an Equalist promotion poster that read 'Join the Revolution.

bolin and mako meet zuko katara

Handwritten in red paint were the words, 'He is the last warning, Avatar. Next time, I will not take mercy on your affiliates. Korra crumpled the note and threw it aside. His head bobbed onto his chest and his feet dragged along the ground.

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Korra had never seen him more vulnerable, more helpless. It made her want to cry.

bolin and mako meet zuko katara

Korra's pleading eyes bored into her; she hadn't been out of the room for five seconds. But he'll be alright otherwise. He can't firebend anymore. He's been hurt very badly by the Equalists; he'll recover, but it'll take time.

Right now he needs his rest. Would you deny him that? She opened her mouth to speak again, but decided against it. You barely know them, and I don't remember Mako or Bolin telling you…" she knit her brow and thought. You knew their parents! I know of their parents. Which one was the firebender? Which one was the earthbender? Why do you know them?

We'll sit on the porch. I knew it was their mom! She fell in love with a young, handsome boy in the city who went by the name of Luon. The one problem… He was an earthbender. Her mother disapproved of their coupling, in addition to all of the other issues the pair argued about, which I refuse to go into. They hid their arguments quite well.

bolin and mako meet zuko katara

Enraged, her mother ordered her to break off the engagement or Kisa would be disowned. He was, frankly, shocked. His wife explained her disapproval, but he could see nothing wrong with his daughter and her fiance.

He would not banish a child, he told his wife. And that was final. In the end, she decided she would make her life elsewhere. She disowned herself, bid farewell to her father, and left with her husband for a place in Republic City.

Her father was devastated. I mean, Mako told me they were mugged and killed…" "That, I don't know. Maybe Mako and Bolin could find them.

bolin and mako meet zuko katara

And he's got something weird on his face! I have been walking on my own for eighty-four years, and I don't intend to stop any time soon. His white hair was pulled back in a loose half-bun and his white beard was pointed, accenting his chin; Korra couldn't see the rest of his face. It's good to see you again, old friend! She could then see the burn scar on his face. I am an ambassador for peace.

I've read all of the stories, and Katara has told me-" "Oh, I hope she hasn't told you everything! That would be embarrassing! Amber eyes… Where had she seen those eyes? Tenzin cleared his throat from behind the former Fire Lord. Your son," he added to Katara. He gets it from you, I think. Don't let the Phoenix King bite. That expression… A jolt shot through Korra's body. She suddenly knew where she'd seen those eyes before.

She waited until Zuko had left before turning to Katara with folded arms. I know Kisa was Zuko's daughter! And Zuko's daughter is the Fire Lord!

He doesn't know about Kisa's and Luon's deaths either. It would break his heart. He never knew she had children. I am looking out for my friend.

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We are not going to break his heart. The Stomping Camelephants had improved since their first match. By the end of the first round Mako, Bolin, and Korra had found themselves cornered in zone three desperately trying to bend while not tripping over each other.

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They won the second round after knocking the opposing waterbender and firebender out of the arena. Now Mako focused as they lined up for the third and final round. Everything else became a blur as the bell sounded to begin the round. He watched the firebender double over as Korra water whipped his stomach. Mako focused on the opposing earthbender, dodging the disks sent his way and blasting fire at the earthbender's feet. If he kept him distracted Bolin or Korra could-yes Bolin knocked the earthbender into zone three with a disk to the knees.

Korra held her ground against the firebender but completely ignored the waterbender. Keep your eyes open Mako wanted to shout at her. They'd been working with her on this since she joined but she still seemed to view the match as one-one sometimes. Bolin took care of the waterbender while Mako sent a wave of fire at the earthbender that blasted him out off the arena. One down, two to go he thought as he joined Korra. There was a buzz; Mako noted that both the water and earthbenders were in zone two so the Ferrets advanced into the Camelephants' zone one.

Mako split his attention between his two teammates, helping divert a water whip or stone disk when needed. While helping Korra he missed Bolin being knocked back to zone two. Mako turned his attention fully on the waterbender. He dodged the attacks and blasted his own fire whips. The waterbender began to shift his weight from foot to foot, not staying planted on two feet for long. Mako seized the opportunity and with a powerful fire kick and sent the waterbender sailing off the arena just as the bell sounded.

The announcer screamed the Ferret's victory. Finally Mako looks at the crowd and sees his grandfather on his feet cheering with the rest of the crowd. After the match the brother's told Korra they would take the last boat to the Temple, claiming they needed to shower before dinner.

Which was true but they also wanted to delay the inevitable. I like it better short anyway," Bolin called from under his bed. I could at least bring it with me if I can't wear it. You don't happen to know where it is, do you? Korra greeted them at the dock looking perfectly ordinary in her plain Water Tribe clothes. She's turned into a real pro-bending fan since she came to our practice session.

Tenzin and Pema are going to meet us inside because she doesn't want to stand on her feet for too long. On the way to the main part of the Temple Korra went on and on about how she was getting a better feel for the motions of airbending and had managed to produce some weak blasts of wind last week.

They'd heard this before but neither brother was willing to tell her so. When Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo fly around on them it looks like so much fun.

Katara, in her traditional blue Water Tribe dress, stood next to a simply dressed Zuko whose hair and goatee were now white with age the kids were, in fact, zooming around on air scooters. You're orphans who grew up living in the arena after Toza took you in.