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How they met: She began as an intern at Seattle Grace where he was a doctor. How long were they Burke walked back and talked to Cristina and basically left her at the altar. He packed up Cristina: You need a definition? You really. a/n: look! i'm back! i'm kinda in the middle of a big huge (yes, i know, synonyms, all the better to reinforce my point, my dear) writer's block, and so i don't know when i'll "Just that I can't wait for you to meet Pete." "Christina's coping," Alex continues, "Burke's kind of disappeared off the face of the earth. Since the title of this episode is “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” I'. calls a board meeting – minus Jackson – at which he encourages Cristina .. He used the word the way some men do as a synonym for “wimp”.

She puts on a T-shirt and starts to return to the living room. Before she opens the door, though, Alex's voice carries through it. I came down here to make sure you're okay, and that's it. Besides, she's probably happier. Now we'd better stop talking, she's probably standing outside the door.

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Open to the door to her bedroom and I bet she falls out of the room. She pretends to be contemplating what shirt to wear when there's a knock at the door. She hears the door open and turns around. If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were trying to," she teases him, a slight smile playing on her lips.

Total accident, I swear," he says quickly. It's called a joke.

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You know, ha, that's funny? I have been known to crack one every once in a while. Um, give me a second. They fall silent, each searching for something in the other's eyes. Originally it was just going to be Alex and Lila, but upon hearing that Addison had no plans for the evening, Lila persisted until Addison gave in and agreed to come. Lila is having the time of her life tormenting and embarrassing her brother.

Alex, remember Gracie what's-her-face? I'm not going to tell her that she broke up with you through her friend. Addison stops laughing immediately. Lila looks at him blankly. They all order a cup of coffee and that's when the talk starts to pick back up. He left and never came back and no one's seen or heard from him since.

All those pressuring messages coming from everywhere about what women should and shouldn't do. This pressure is harmful to women, as they add to the obstacles and the psychological barriers women have to overcome to achieve their full potential.

But those messages questioning the competency of working mothers and defining success by the narrow view of a job are a disaster. Those messages create an ecosystem -- a destructive one.

In that ecosystem; Women and society alike would only consider women successful if they have a job. A full-time job that consumes them entirely. Women with potential who choose to have a full-time job would calculate their steps and future endeavors a million times before thinking of making something useful with that potential of theirs, because future success and family don't seem to match in that ecosystem. Working mothers will continue to feel insecure about their achievements and keep playing them down because in that ecosystem, there's a trade-off between competency at work and competency at home.

If she is good at work, she must be bad at home, and who wants that? Employers would continue to see motherhood as a barrier to success and growth. The glass ceiling would never get cracked and we'd see more women leaving or being pressured to leave that ecosystem. The problem with that ecosystem is that it pressures women to think and behave in a certain way.

It's either family or work! Which one do you choose? It is not and it should never be a trade off. None of those are the "Black or White" of life. Of course, life is all about choices, and this is just a show that is telling a story and women shouldn't feel obliged to copy the life decisions of the characters in the show. They should make the best out of the messages directed at them and filter out what contradicts with their own beliefs.

This quote by Warren Ellis best describes this situation: Burke got shot in the finale of Season 2 Season 3 After being shot Burke developed a tremor in his surgical hand, and to cover up the fact, Cristina became his hand, she ran his board, she would assist on all his surgeries. Burke refused to speak to Cristina, after she ratted him out to the Chief. Burke had to have more surgery on his shoulder to repair the nerves, Derek woke Burke up to see if he could move his fingers.

In the Season finale, Cristina and Burke were at the church ready to be married. Burke walked back and talked to Cristina and basically left her at the altar. He packed up off-screen and moved out of their apartment, leaving Cristina behind. I specifically told you that I needed to tell Meredith first. I was talking to Shepard and it just It's no big deal. It's a big deal. Because she's not even going to care about the fact that I'm getting married, she's going to care about the fact that I didn't tell her first.

And why didn't you?

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There was a major disaster. That was 45 minutes after we discussed it. There is an arryhtmia when I pressed down on the tumor. That is a sign of what Yang? Uhm it's a sign of uhm It's a sign that the tumor has infiltrated the pericardium.