Cars meet and greet

The Car Meet and Greet brings together EC’s car enthusiasts – The Daily Q

cars meet and greet

The first step of selling cars is the car sales meet and greet. Meeting and greeting the car buyer is the buyers first impression of you. Are you ready to. Sunday, July 16, at PM – PM UTC+ More than a year ago. pin. Ikea Hengelo. heer, SR Hengelo, Overijssel, Netherlands. Show Map. The Car Meet and Greet was held on March 15 at the Green Spine Parking Lot in Education City. The event was organized by Omar Al Sharif.

cars meet and greet

Todd Perlmutter Share This! When we see construction walls at Walt Disney World we know that change is on the horizon.

cars meet and greet

Some changes are small, and sometimes unnoticeable, or simple refurbishments to bring renewed life into something that needed it — a fresh coat of paint can work magic. Others are larger than we might have ever dreamed. Winnie the Pooh and Phineas and Ferb. They also used to appear in the now departed Stars and Motor Cars Parade. There is a simple sign that marks the start of the wait queue. There were people currently in the queue and meeting with the characters so we got in line — we figured that either it meant 9 AM through 10 PM or someone forgot to change out that part of the sign.

cars meet and greet

The wait in the queue was not terribly long, about 15 minutes. During that time I wandered around and took some pictures and spent some time chatting with the castmembers. There were only two on duty, one to control the flow of guests and the other was a PhotoPass photographer. When it was our turn we walked up, and posed for our pictures, and the PhotoPass photographer was perfectly willing to use my iPhone to take them.

There was no rush or pressure to move through quickly and no sense of urgency to get in and get out.

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In fact, I asked if I could linger a bit and take some pictures before they moved to the next guests and was allowed to do so. Likely this is because the line itself was not very long as I indicated above. Are your shoes shined and your shirt or blouse tucked in?

cars meet and greet

Next will be your facial expression, are you smiling and looking like you are very happy to see the customer or are you tired of meeting and greeting customers? A genuine smile goes a long way as compared to a frown, phony smile or chewing on a big wad of bubble gum.

All of these things are important when we talk about the car sales meet and greet. However, do you have bad breath, do you smell like an ashtray or the garlic you had for lunch?

When was the last time you brushed you teeth? A little bit is great, but too much can cost you a sale.

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The items I have mentioned in the car sales meet and greet situations above about your appearance, first words and fragrance fragrances meaning breath, smell and odors are not fictional, they are things that I have seen, experienced and listened to customers complain about over the years.

Once again as I said earlier, you can overcome these obstacles, but it will take a lot more charm than most people possess. These may sound like minor details, but why take the chance. Practice smiling in the mirror if you have to, but thinking about the big juicy commission I am going to get from selling them a car always worked for me.

cars meet and greet