Cgs medical directors meet and greet

cgs medical directors meet and greet

CGS EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING CGS BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING . NEW MEMBER AND FIRST TIME ATTENDEE MEET AND GREET. Considered at Governors' Committee meeting: Health & Safety and safety policy but has appointed The Director of Premises and Health & Safety as the. RN Medical Affairs Coordinator R - TN expertise, research, and judgment to develop Local Coverage Determinations(LCDS) under the direction of medical director. Meet CGS Administrators, LLC.

Suppliers are reminded that the Blood Glucose Monitor local coverage determination LCD outlines the maximum amount that most beneficiaries will need based upon typical testing frequencies.

OAMTA - Ohio Ambulance and Medical Transport Association

Beneficiaries who fall into one of the following categories are considered high utilizers: Beneficiaries who are not insulin-treated KS modifier present and whose prescribed frequency of testing is more often than once per day; or, Beneficiaries who are insulin-treated KX modifier present and whose prescribed frequency of testing is more often than three times per day.

For beneficiaries who require additional glucose monitoring supplies because of a higher than usual testing frequency, the following additional documentation requirements apply: The treating physician must see the beneficiary, evaluate their diabetes control within 6 months prior to ordering quantities of strips and lancets that exceed the utilization guidelines, and document in the beneficiary's medical record the specific reason for the additional materials for that particular beneficiary; and, If refills of quantities of supplies that exceed the utilization guidelines are dispensed, there must be documentation in the physician's records e.

If the beneficiary is regularly using quantities of supplies that exceed the utilization guidelines, new documentation must be present at least every six months. Supplier-generated records do not meet this requirement.

cgs medical directors meet and greet

Suppliers are also reminded that they are obligated to monitor actual utilization and not just automatically dispense a set quantify on a set schedule. This responsibility includes staying attune to changes or atypical utilization patterns.

Meet Andrew Salner, MD, Oncologist; Medical Director, HHC Cancer Institute, Hartford Hospital

While the LCD does not require suppliers to obtain renewal orders at predetermined intervals, suppliers are encouraged to periodically verify that high utilization continues to be warranted. A new detailed written order is required when there is a change in the testing frequency, a change in the supplier, or a change in the treating physician.

cgs medical directors meet and greet

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cgs medical directors meet and greet

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cgs medical directors meet and greet

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cgs medical directors meet and greet

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