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cirillas where fun and fantasy meet

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It wouldn't matter as much if CDPR strayed from the rules and relationship terms with Geralt from the books, as long as they showed consistency in how the player affects the relationship throughout the game.

cirillas where fun and fantasy meet

But let's get into it, step by step and see what is creating the problem, and what could be done to remedy it. This is the only "wrong" choice I've made in my first play through, and it comes down to simply misphrasing Geralt's intentions when he says "Relax, you don't have to be good at everything".

It's just not what I thought it would be, and it didn't lead where I thought it'd lead. Let's look at Ciri's emotional state at that time. She's shown by far the highest level of distress and turmoil during the entire game, due to Vesemir's death.

It looked absolutely soul crushing. If Ciri was a child, a simple distraction like snowball fight would be understandable. But Ciri is an adult, and adults perceive such sorrow on a much deeper level, due to being able to comprehend the gravity and consequences of the situation. I may be subjective here, and I can see how Geralt making up for lost time with Ciri and having a snowball fight could actually work, sort of removing Ciri from that time and place and temporarily placing her into another.

Although, to me it's more like offering to a crying woman at a funeral to play Super Mario. If CDPR would consider adjusting this major decision point, I'd suggest to leave the drinking part, but modify it so it at least represents a "neutral" choice, or a good one.

Кириллические ассоциации :): hojja_nusreddin

And there is some serious missed opportunity here, just think about it. When Geralt and Ciri sit down to get drunk, Eskel and Lambert could've joined in, true to their Kaer Morhen custom, and turn glum atmosphere into a bright one.

They could reminisce of good times with Vesemir and cheer Ciri up, while at the same time processing Vesemir's passing like adults. Everyone else toasts to the best idea of the evening and they all drag their drunken asses to the elemental stone shrine where Geralt went with Lambert beforeon the way fighting the trolls in their drunken state.

That scene ends with Ciri and Geralt sitting together, staring in to the mountains and both proclaiming they miss Vesemir.

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In the morning, Yennefer and Avallac'h find them passed out on the site, with Lambert sleeping on top of Eskel, and Ciri on top of Geralt. Yen's shaking her head and Avallac'h offering a snarky remark "It's amazing you humans survived at all, let alone rule this word You have to refuse payment from Emhyr I've never gotten this far, as an avid books fan, it never crossed my mind to encourage her go back to Emhyr.

cirillas where fun and fantasy meet

But I'd like to discuss the moment before that, where Ciri decides Imlerith must die. This, to me, is one of the most character defining decisions Ciri makes, and it bothered me to no end when Geralt decided to steal her thunder.

Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon discussion thread

Not only is he preventing her from being herself and making her own decisions, it's completely against the CDPR's "philosophy" that letting Ciri making her own decisions is good.

A major consistency breakdown. The way I see it, Ciri's world turned upside down when Vesemir died, and she obviously could not possibly begin to cope with anything else in her life until she's found some way to express her anger, and take control of her life back, in a manner of saying. It was absolutely crucial that she kills Imlerith and with Geralt taking that away from her, he did no better than step in front of her to protect her against the Lodge, in their later encounter.

Кириллические ассоциации :)

If CDPR would ever consider adjusting this for consistency sake, if nothing else, I'd suggest reversing the roles in that fight. Let Ciri fight Imlerith, after all, how can she be a strong, capable, self dependent person Geralt and Yen want her to be, if she's not allowed to fight her own fights. And it's not like Geralt fighting the crones is completely out of place. He's got some unfinished business, especially after getting obviously emotionally attached to the Bloody Baron, and possibly getting a really depressing ending there.

This surely gives Geralt enough to find satisfaction in dealing with them. You have to let Ciri ransack Avallac'h's laboratory There is a multiple consistency and lore breakdown here. Ciri is portrayed like a vulnerable teenager, susceptible to the venom mean girls in her class are spreading.

The character the Ciri is, "someone who's endured more than a 40 year old war veteran", someone who's been beaten down and abused since early age, someone who's found an incredible fire during her teen years with the "Rats", there is no way in her she'd just stand there and take it. She would've exploded in a storm of anger, venom and malice doubled to that of the elven woman.