Crawley and horsham hunt opening meet 2012 honda

Crawley and Horsham Hunt – Enjoying the Sussex Countryside with Hounds

crawley and horsham hunt opening meet 2012 honda

, Home-Start Crawley, Horsham And Mid-Sussex, N , Meet & Greet Pubs & Bars Ltd, N, The Windmill, Gossops Parade, Hunter Road, Southgate, Crawley, RH10 8SY, £13,, Hotel, 01/11/, £ 6, N, Gatwick Honda , London Road, Northgate, Crawley, West. 41 Springfield Road, Horsham RH12 2PG Also delivering to Southwater. .. He was driving a silver Honda that collided head on with the red Nissan of He appeared at Crawley Magistrates Court on Monday, June leg of a long distance walk challenge that he began in September 15 Bargain Hunt 1. AAH ALL ABOUT HORSHAM MAGAZINE July .. Bensons Funfair will be open from 25th - 28th July. He has delivered parcels to over a thousand homes , meeting some lovely people, and . outliving your savings? y moods t t will lighten man ny om 14, in to , in ise fr ojected.

To join in, you can call to book a table - if the shop is busy they will be limiting the length of time guests can stay to one hour, in a bid to raise as much money as possible.

Contact to book a table or with any enquiries or if you wish to donate a raffle prize. The evening was a great success, on offer were a range of treatments, including reiki, nail art, reflexology, massage and Indian head massage. Not only have they raised an outstanding sum of money but they have also managed to raise awareness and help break the incredible silence that sadly still surrounds stillbirth and neonatal death.

Millais students organise fundraising pamper evening Business get the news online and on the go at thedistrictpost. Mr Aslin told The District Post: He then worked as a national business development manager for one of the largest developers in Cape Verde and was also their top seller. After taking a job selling franking machines that gave him more time with his family, he could not get passionate about the job, Gavin quit and fell into a depression.

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All that you need to do is complete a Letter of Authority LOA that will allow us to request your pension information from existing providers. For your convenience we have printed our Pension Information Release Form on the reverse of this flyer, which you can complete and then return to us at the address below. Alternatively, you can call Gavin Aslin on the number below and he will collect the form directly from you.

The UK pensions market is currently suffering in line with the global economic downturn, with millions of people in the UK facing the prospect of working for longer and having less money during their retirement years.

Free This can be due to a variety of factors, such as not being able to make payments to a pension, pension schemes that are simply underperforming or because of dormant pensions from previous employment that have simply been forgotten about. Tuesday July 2nd from Do you know how much your pension is worth? Do you know how much tax free cash you will be able to take?

Do you know what income your pension will give you in retirement? Do you know what would happen to your pension for your dependents on your death? How many years have you been paying into a pension? Does your current pension company keep you up to date with how your pension is performing?

Do you know what your pension is likely to provide you with when you retire? Station Garage announced it will be relocating from Ewhurst, Cranleigh to Broadbridge Heath later this summer, taking over the site that was until recently the Vauxhall dealership Stevens. Started by Tony Thorpe and run with his son James, it has gone from strength to strength. The move will allow Station Garage to double the size of its operation.

Anyone interested in applying for a position should email sales stationgarage. It is as important to us that we keep in touch with our loyal customers as it is to meet new ones. I want to reassure all our customers that even though we will be operating from a smart new showroom at a new site, we will still be the same family business focused on excellent service and friendly, expert advice.

Trying to balance the demands of daily tasks that have to be done and the long-term projects that really drive your business forward, is a constant battle. You can sleep less, spend less time with your family and friends, you can even work 24hours a day for a short time. Over the course of a few days, or preferably a week, keep a diary and make a note of where your time goes.

Sure in an ideal world we would all get everything done. The phone ringing and a constant stream of emails are common distractions for most of us. Planning your day gives it structure, breaks bigger and more daunting projects down into more manageable chunks and means you set yourself a good number of short-term goals.

It makes more sense to consistently aim high than to try and achieve perfection every time. It will be time better spent. Please note that places are limited so book early to avoid disappointment. Is your child aged years old? Market Towns get the news online and on the go at thedistrictpost. Our main project at the moment is the Enhancement of the Horsham Riverside Walk and this is progressing very well. We are also working with the Horsham Neighbourhood Watch to help them to progress in getting more Neighbourhood Watch Schemes up and running.

Other than health, personal security is probably the most important concern which contributes to the quality of life and is often taken for granted until misfortune occurs. If you are a good neighbour and interested in your community, its safety from crime, its well-being, tranquillity and cohesion, then you might like to become a Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator!

Before Sir Robert Peel founded the police inpolicing was a community responsibility. Simply put, the public were the police. Indeed, perceptive members of the public frequently alert police to suspicious activity, leading to the arrest of criminals. It is a non-profit, voluntary partnership between the police, the local authority and civic groups on the one hand and local residents and their families on the other.

The aims of NHW include the prevention and detection of crime, helping people to protect themselves and their properties, reducing the fear of crime by means of improved home security, greater vigilance, prompt and accurate reporting of suspicious incidents and criminality to the police together with fostering of improved community cohesion. NHW also advise members of criminal activity in their localities and help them protect their homes from conmen.

NHW operates independently but in close partnership with the police. Generally, NHW area communities are better and friendlier places with safer streets and less anti-social behaviour. The efficacy of NHW may be appreciated when it is considered that many insurance companies recognise its attributes and award scheme members with discounts on their annual property insurance.

Simply put, NHW does reduce crime and it acts as a deterrent in those areas where schemes exist. Potential criminals do not want to be noticed by alert residents! NHW is much valued by the police. Members receive regular updates via the NHW messaging system. Local Co-ordinators are vetted by the police and become an important contact point for the local policing team. Being a NHW coordinator is not onerous and provides much by way of personal reward.

Local co-ordinators quickly become popular figures in the community. They are provided with crime reports and alerts directly from the police, which they then communicate to local residents, usually by email but some also arrange letterbox drops. Explore Waitrose in Horsham. Larger communities usually appoint Area Co-ordinators, whose role is to assist new Coordinators, hold occasional meetings, liaise with the local civic community and ensure the area scheme maintains and extends its coverage.

Horsham may be one of the safest districts in the country but we want to keep it this way and assist the police in their task so our community remains peaceful, tranquil and enjoyable to visitors and residents alike.

NHW is free to join. If you would like to join a NHW scheme or set one up, do please visit www. The Horsham NHW website address is: If you are not on email, please call and ask to speak to your local PCSO. To report information about crimes anonymously, you can call Crime Stoppers on or visit www.

The group meet once a month for an hour in a Horsham town centre meeting venue. Membership of the group is open to young people aged between 13 to 18, living in and around Horsham and gives young people an opportunity to put forward their views and take action on issues that affect them. These views are very much taken into the equation when public consultations take place.

The group also hold fund raising events for local organisations. They completed an exercise to determine the qualities they would like to see in an ideal Youth Worker. Luggage, sundries, batteries and watch straps. To find out more about HTCP visit our website: Ann Muteham, who attends Horsham Art Academy is looking forward to running the exhibition with her colleague Debbie Walkey.

People saw my work and they asked if they could have one. Creative Director Kaytie Harding said: Kaytie is well known in Horsham for her passion for creating singing opportunities for everyone. Her choirs are unlike most others - there are no auditions or music to read, the emphasis is on enjoying a shared experience.

All enquiries about Voice from The Coal Shed choirs and events can be made to Louise Shaw or email lshaw01 sky. The show takes place at 7pm and tickets are available from the box office on Handel Rocks The Capitol Entertainment follow us on twitter thedistrictpost find us on facebook horsham. Please speak to a Sales Advisor for further details. Prices correct at time of going to press.

Train times taken from National Rail Enquiries. Come and experience luxury living at Harrington Mews. Contact us on for further details today. Harrington Mews offers more than just a beautiful setting, commuters are well served by regular trains into London from nearby Horsham Train Station and are just a short drive from the M25 at junction 9.

That is what makes reconnaissance so important. You needed every man to be capable of taking charge if anything goes wrong, because no one else is within easy reach of you.

Our trip through France was really a jolly thing as we didn't actually come across any Germans until we reached Belgium. At every village, pretty girls would give you a kiss and the father would hand out wine. They went in a rack with the ammunition. I swear that when we came across Germans, I might have picked up wine instead of a shell!

Some strange things happened. We went to check if Germans were in a town called Roubaix. There were Belgium and French flags flying but I spotted a suspicious looking chap and followed him to a windmill in the nearby forest. I was beckoned inside and told the crews in two cars to park outside with guns pointing. We couldn't believe it, but inside the windmill was a nightclub!

The following day, we were given the square in Lille to parade ourselves, to let the French know we were there. She was so glad to see us. This woman, in a pinafore dress, made us tea and heated up our food packs. Those packs were the bane of my life as it was all we had to eat!

We went back to Roubaix but the flags were gone, suggesting the Germans had come back. I was busy telling the squadron leader about it when my leading car took a wrong turn and we found ourselves trapped down a cul-de-sac.

That was when the fight started. The Germans were in an upstairs room firing at anything that moved. I got out of the car and felt a bullet whistle past my ear, so I jumped back in. Fortunately for us, our assault troops moved quickly and cleared them, but they lost their sergeant.

We moved through Belgium, one canal at a time, as the Germans were pulling back. The paratroopers were being dropped in to retake bridges and had taken all except the one at Arnhem. We were tasked with finding out why, and it was quite simple. The road leading up to it was too narrow, so the order came to widen it. On my 21st birthday, I looked at these photos and saw there was a trap. We had to make sure that the Germans didn't cross over, as there were boats at almost every house along the canal.

With a quick burst of gunfire, every one of those boats was pierced. A Welsh Regiment was sent into the forest and there was indeed a trap, I had predicted. His men had to follow him, and they cleared the Germans. That sergeant was awarded the Victoria Cross.

By that time, five of our nine cars had been put out of action, but always within a day we had replacements.

Crawley and Horsham hunt, Boxing Day

If it had you in its sights, you could forget about it. On Christmas Daywe found an empty house where there was a cooker that we used to roast a turkey. We were about to sit down and eat when we received orders to cross into The Ardennes immediately.

Committee nge of funds nalted exter do notPlace management. Then we prepared for battle in the Reichswald Forest. The Army had started to give leave back home for a week and I was first in my regiment to go.

In London, people asked me: They would report that we had taken a strategic location before it had happened! But on this occasion they had actually missed details about Reichswald. I went back there and was present when we met the Americans. We were pulled back to Brussels and crossed the Rhine and were ordered to recce a road ahead of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers. There were mines all over the road, but I found a gate that took us through a woodland route instead. The sun was shining and it was just beautiful.

Then there was an explosion behind the leading car. Two Germans appeared with hands in the air and we assumed they had caused the blast with a bazooka. That explosion had caused a hole in the petrol tank and the leading car stopped. I was about to give instructions to push the car into the ditch Back Row: Jim Merrigold, Joe Day, Cpl. Bert Heaviside Middle Row: It wasn't a voice I recognised, but I gave the order. At that moment, an 88mm gun from a tank, hidden where we could not see it, was fired.

I was halfway between the top of my car and the ditch when our car was hit, so it was tight! That was as close as I came to losing my life in the war. The 88mm put all of the cars out of action but we jumped to safety. New cars arrived and we were soon back on the road to Hamburg. We were near Luneberg when we received orders not to fire at anything, which was strange. Then I saw Bernard Montgomery arriving to meet the German generals!

It was 6 May when we discovered our war was over, not 8 May which became the celebrated day. I was glad that the battle in Hamburg we had anticipated never happened. We spent six weeks in Hamburg, using the Atlantic Hotel as our headquarters. My regiment provided the guard of honour. We had to repaint our vehicles, and appeared with trousers pressed and everything looked beautiful! I worked out that it was something to keep a man in the Army long enough for him to get a full pension.

So I took a job with a firm of East India merchants, who supplied the kiosks at Indian railway stations. I was learning a lot, but our trade was impacted by the separation of India and Pakistan. They had to let me go.

My job was really credit control. Batchelors came to see me as they were launching a powdered soup and I thought they needed something that would draw housewives to the products. I asked our designers to draw up a three circle revolving stand on which you can hang packets, which hit them as a good idea immediately.

Stihl is a leading manufacturer of home and professional garden and forestry machinery. We stock a wide range of chain saws,strimmers,blowers, vacuum collectors and hand tools. For the perfect lawn then look no further than our huge range of Honda mowers for every garden size.

Momentum built up and that helped double the turnover of the company. I became a manager at Granada, owned by Sidney Bernstein, producing publicity for the theatres and cinemas. I worked for Sidney for many years, really as a troubleshooter, moving between the 12 companies in the group when they had problems.

The company then bought Novello, the music publishing company, so I moved there and looked after the money side of the operation until I retired in I married in and we moved to West Chiltington from Richmond 16 years ago.

My wife is still with me but has lived in a care home for nine years. It is the usual business of dementia and a touch of Parkinson's. She can't talk, can't read and do anything by herself, yet she will fight and fight to stay. She's the only woman I have ever loved. It is difficult to see somebody you love in that way. I always had a passion for classical music. Since retirement, I've given talks on music and for 12 years was a tutor in music appreciation with the Workers Education Association.

I had 50 students and three classes a week for a time. I did try to get classes going around Horsham and it went very well to begin with, but tailed off.

I'm not afraid to listen to today's composers, but usually they have a short shelf life. Too often, the music tries to break all the rules and not be something that has grown out of the past. It is something planted on the present. The likes of Mozart and Beethoven would read the music that they liked and find a way to advance on it. That, I'm afraid, is true of many things since the Second World War.

This is Jack Lane, a year-old from Horsham who will soon be be starring in his one-man production, Wisdom of a Fool. He was the little fellow with the tweed suit, who fell over a lot? He could do physical comedy and could act too. His talents were endless. Jack has been involved in theatre, onstage and backstage, since he was a teenager. He spent 10 years at The Capitol as a steward, projectionist and even a backstage flyman.

All the while, he was gaining experience in the spotlight too. Oh yeah, the lead in Lassie was he? Then inhe formed his own production company. His productions, under the name Engine Shed, were actually well received. It is entertaining rather than acting. I like pathos, developing a character, and you can't really do that as Buttons in Cinderella.

Why choose Norman Wisdom? Much to his surprise, Norman wrote a letter back. As a performer, he had an ability to produce the right look at the right time. He could look pathetic but not in a smarmy way. You would pity his character.

That is so difficult, and it is down to timing and the great physicality of his performances. It also covers his years in the Army. He would muck around during drills by tripping people up or marching out of rhythm! He was a nightmare but would get away with it! His life as Jack Lane: It's like the fashion of acting has changed, but I love those wonderfully drawn characters born out of real life experiences.

Also, The Capitol have been very supportive. It is, and this presents difficulties when there are about 30 characters that come and go!

That is where I am having sleepless nights! He has the help of two directors, whilst the play has been co-written by Martyn Bell. Kenny has produced an orchestral piece of music to accompany a three minute scene without dialogue. How did he get that? It was an emotional moment for me. Jack contacted the family about his idea and asked for their blessing.

One to Watch Tel: Choose from a delicious range of seasonal dishes or an enticing selection of specials. Enjoy breakfast, lunch, cream teas and cakes or an evening meal in beautiful surroundings beside the lake. Our fully licenced bar offers a wide range of wines, beers and spirits. Open for evening meals and drinks from the bar until Enjoy regular live acoustic music in a gorgeous setting, plus extra special events including our monthly quiz!

Please check the website and Facebook for all upcoming events. At the age of just 14, Norman had no home, no stability, no love and support and yet through it all he had the drive to turn that personal experience on its head and make people laugh.

It's a remarkable story. Jacqueline had tears in her eyes at one point so it was a very emotional few hours and nerve wracking for me! I'm plagued by self-doubt as an actor but they have been very supportive and encouraging.

We forgot to ask. One night, I was having a beer and a lovely blonde forensic scientist from Yorkshire came up to me and said: Go and write us a book! You write articles for magazines, so just make them a bit longer! He was supposed to visit Nairobi but was diverted to Tanzania and Uganda. Six suspected terrorists were detained and they found a box with a nuclear bomb inside. I am still very close to all my siblings, who are all still with me.

My eldest brother had his 80th birthday recently. We hired a train on the Bluebell Railway, which was great fun! I also write for two aviation magazines.

Calaméo - AAA (All About Horsham) September

One of the more interesting occupations which I have enjoyed since my retirement has been doing washing up duties every Tuesday, at 'The Centre', the little Christian Bookshop in Horsham town centre.

Sadly, it closed at the end of February, leaving all us volunteers and their rather eccentric customers in limbo! People have wildly di erent opinions on what an Eternity Ring is, and when it should be given as a gift.

Some consider it to be a ring given by a husband to his wife on their 10th wedding anniversary. Others see it is a modern alternative to an engagement ring. Some jewellers try and romanticise the Eternity Ring by claiming they originated 4, years ago in Ur, an ancient coastal city on the Persian Gulf. Whether you are 18 or 80, the ring is a promise of endless love and simply a wonderful way to express it.

The style and price of Eternity Rings vary, as do settings and stones. Elvis Presley was buried wearing a diamond ring set with jagged lightning bolts and bearing the letters TCB, an in-phrase with Presley's troupe reported to mean Take Care of Business.

Presley once had similar rings made up and distributed to his friends. Many women prefer this style because all of the stones can easily be seen.

One of the di culties for men buying an Eternity Ring is that there is no set criteria. However, an Eternity Ring must be a ring that the lady will love! It is normally made up with rubies or diamonds, but there are no hard rules.

So you can nd out your own way as to what your loved one likes and dislikes, or you can take a shortcut! The lady comes in to the store and picks three rings that she likes and puts them on her wish list. The husband, or partner, then comes in with the list or his partner sends him down!

crawley and horsham hunt opening meet 2012 honda

To be lled in by Her, for the bene t of Him! The objective of this was to demonstrate the ludicrous impact the American media can have on criminal cases, to the extent where it borders on trial by media. We may pass judgment on a sentence after a trial has ended, but we have faith in our British judicial system and so we abide by the laws that restrict us from interfering to the degree shown in this programme.

Sure, our media pushes the boundaries sometimes, but on the whole it abides by certain rules from the moment anyone has been charged with an o ence. Otherwise it could be in contempt of court.

crawley and horsham hunt opening meet 2012 honda

A photo of the four yearold son of someone I occasionally sat next to in Geography class when I was 14, dressed up in his new Iron Man out t! In fact, far worse, as at least they went to the e ort of using a panel of experts. They might have been talking nonsense but it was not necessarily ill-informed nonsense.

It was a news story about a year-old who had been charged in relation to a re at Millais School. The re had been the talk of the town for the best part of a week. The District Post must have been awfully pleased with themselves, being the rst to break the story to a large, news-thirsty audience. Had they relied on close relationships with the police? Or perhaps they had inside information from the school itself?

No, these bastions of investigative journalism had copied a press release sent out by Sussex Police, and posted it on Facebook, word for word. So yes, they could cheer about winning the race, like a child who had triumphed in the egg and spoon race.

But in truth, they had let a much faster child run with the egg until the last few yards, in which they stepped in, dropped the eggs a few times, and stumbled victoriously over the line. Anyway, towards the end of the string, one Facebook user demonstrated a ne understanding of how things would work in a perfect world. Thank God the Facebook community is there to tell the rest of us how things should be done. The Ensemble have performed internationally and have just returned from a tour to the USA where they performed at a private reception given by the British Ambassador for Bill and Hillary Clinton, and Barbara Streisand.

He discusses his favourite movie moments and talks about the many stars of the silver screen he has met, interviewed or admired, with great stories about lms including Casablanca, Gone With The Wind, The Adventures of Robin Hood and Dirty Harry.

Jazz Legend Chris Barber celebrates his 65th anniversary as band-leader with a European concert tour, coming to Horsham on 1st May. Inspired by the 'King Oliver Creole Jazz Band', Chris formed his rst band in and has gone on to become a bona de jazz legend. A heralded angel sings too We have fantastic support from the Sussex Ferrari Owners Club.

On Good Friday, they will be bringing Ferraris into town. Usually they all come in at once, shortly after lunch, but this year, ten classic Ferraris, including an F40 and a Dino, will arrive at about Also on Good Friday, we have the Italian motorbike parade.

Again, some classic bikes will be coming in early, and we will have an expert talking about them from the bandstand. We know that the cars are the stars for most people, no matter how good the market or the entertainment is, so we are trying to utilise them to ensure that visitors to the town have something to enjoy throughout the day.

The Ferrari parade is only held on Good Friday. But Saturday and Easter Monday have a great deal to o er too. We hope to see the Pagani Zonda again, as well as several Lamborghinis, a Delorean, and hopefully a few surprises, including a McLaren.

Every year we try and improve the event. Also new this year is the Italian lm week at the Capitol. It seems strange to say this when the event is so popular, but Piazza Italia is really driven by key individuals working in partnership with the council. But it has never happened. That is what Piazza Italia is really all about - creating opportunities, and encouraging businesses to use the event to generate more trade. With each passing year, more people and more businesses discover Piazza Italia.

I think Piazza Italia helps Horsham punch above its weight. Aboutpeople come through the town over the weekend, which is double what you would normally expect over Easter. It also does a lot of good for charity. Each year we support various local good causes. Piazza Italia is a great day out.

Our success is attributable to the high quality of our ingredients, the traditional methods we employ, and the long experience that results in the perfect pint. In fact, a lot of pints. Currently over two million, mostly currently consumed in the South East, but some exported for appreciation in Europe. Conqueror is our award-winning, showstopping stout; a triumphant blend of avours; sweet and malty, smooth and rich.

Blonde is an organic lager with a crisp, fresh avour which makes it a perfect accompaniment to all food. We are very proud of our new beer Aurelio, currently on sale in branches of Tesco.

As well as receiving recognition for our ne draught beers, Hepworths continues to expand its renowned bottling operations. Our meticulous ltration system means you can enjoy a bottle of real ale at home at any time. Visit our website to nd out more about our products, and where to sample our acclaimed craft beers. Charlie Brackpool So who do we have here? This is Charlie Brackpool, a yearold student from Horsham.

He hopes to pursue a career in architecture, but he is also making waves in an unusual but increasingly common form of kayaking.

AAA (All About Horsham) September 2014

Is he being attacked by a crocodile? Charlie is in fact practicing his freestyle kayaking skills. A sort of kayaking gymnastics is it? Yes, it is, as it involves doing ips and cartwheels in all manner of di erent ways. Competitors have 45 seconds in which to score points through their freestyle manoeuvres. Like gymnastics or diving, the harder the move the more points are potentially up for grabs. How many moves can they seriously do? A front ip might score you between 60 and 90 points, but if you perform a pirouette and then launch into the ip, you could score double that amount.

Is that the low fat burger with seaweed in it? The McNasty is a degree spin in which you start backwards, and twist into a front ip. Then you have the Phonics Monkey, where you face forward, lean the boat at a 45 degree angle, then go through a complete rotation before launching into a front spin. Charlie is one of the up-and-comers in freestyle kayaking. So how does one become a freestyle kayaker? He went to the World Championships about a decade ago, and I thought I could try it too.

After that course, I was hooked! The sport is growing ridiculously fast and people are coming up with new moves all of the time. Is it hard work then? It requires a lot of upper body and core strength to ip the boat and perform moves as the water circulates. But competitors also need strong legs as the best kayakers can alter the angle of the boat quickly to get the right movement in the water. We are fully insured and offer FREE quotations and advice.

Charlie Brackpool light frame, and there are di erent models for di erent skills. Charlie currently uses a Jackson Rockstar, which is speci cally designed to get as much air as possible. Even if you learn all the moves on the score sheet, you can practise for more points by making moves bigger and cleaner or nding new combinations. The best centre is in Nottingham, which was designed for slalom but is still the most freestyle-friendly course in England.

Is slalom the one where striped poles hang magically in mid-air? At least in competitive events. But I know what you mean. Yes, slalom is the primary form of kayaking and is an Olympic sport. Could it ever be an Olympic event? Charlie certainly hopes so. Young people are turning more to what used to be called extreme sports. The freestyle sports in the Winter Olympics have been hugely popular, but when you look at the Summer Olympics there are not many new sports.

The sport has proved popular, so maybe more freestyle sports will follow. Great Gym Equipment The gym already has four treadmill machines, Concept II rowing machines, four Cybex Arc Cross Trainers, three Cybex upright bikes, two recumbent bikes and a range of Cybex resistance equipment for the upper and lower body. At the Holbrook Club, members love the great social scene as well as sports facilities including badminton and squash courts, two full-sized snooker tables and a superb gym.

Another standout aspect of the club are our fantastic LTA-standard tennis courts. We run a successful junior programme with LTA-quali ed coach Mike Costa, but there are opportunities for players of all ages, with rusty rackets sessions and a three-day summer course for adults with video analysis.

Club Manager Paul Felgate said: They are not aware of the high standard of the tennis courts here. We spent heavily in bringing them up to a very high standard and want them to be used. We also run monthly tournaments and a number of box leagues, and the junior tennis programme has been a bit hit. Now that the sun is shining, what better way is there to keep t and enjoy yourself? Once a member, it costs just a small amount to hire the facilities.

Our court hire rates o er the best value for money in the local area. All members can enjoy the fantastic social nights too. Events coming up include a Madness tribute act and World Cup football on the big screen.

So for the best social and sports package in town, contact us today! Roundstone Caravans Some nd it funny that people can be so nostalgic for their childhood caravanning holidays. Then there are those awkward moments when you step out to empty your waste holding tank, and a fellow camper corners you for a chat about the weather.

Yet there must have been good times too, for so many look back with a degree of fondness for these closeknit, character-building vacations. We even try to recreate them for our own children. I had been looking for a suitable caravan for a makeover project, and this model was perfect. Hopefully it gave people a few ideas! A new range of camping accessories featuring the vintage caravan logo are available in the Southwater shop 31 may have attracted attention, it was really just a sideshow to the serious business of promoting the latest range at Roundstone, which is an o cial dealership for Swift and Adria.

In addition to its own range of caravans including the Challenger, Conqueror and Elegance, Swift also owns the popular Sterling brand, with models including Continental, Eccles and Elite. With such a portfolio, Swift is one of the most popular caravan manufacturers in Europe. Adria, however, has a small but devoted number of customers. Roundstone, the only Adria dealership in the region, believes the brand is right up there with the very best.

General Manager Rosie Kent said: Roundstone Caravans and that was con rmed at the recent Practical Caravan Awards. Both are available at Roundstone, which has its own reasons to celebrate, scooping a Silver Award from Practical Caravan as a new caravan dealership. People are not seeing much interest on savings so they are spending it and enjoying themselves instead.

Ina builder, a carpenter, a gardener and a wheelwright came together to start a band.