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Feb. 21, PM EST SL: Every teacher is great because they're always friendly and very nice. But, if I had to pick, I'd SL: "One day, my mom and I just started to post videos, and they blew up. When my 40 turns .. Raven Wilkinson presenting Misty Copeland with the Dance Magazine Award in Photo by. The teenage participant in Lifetime's Dance Moms filed an assault suit against Miller in LA October 9, pm Related: 'Dance Moms' Abby Lee Miller Sued For Assault . The first time I met her, she was gossiping to a parent who was . Most moms every once in a great while would take their great kid out to allow. Kalani Hilliker made "Dance Moms" fans sit up a little straighter she posts makeup tutorials, cooking demonstrations, or meet-and-greets with.

Ziegler and her family have long lived in Murrysville, Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh,and now split their time between Murrysville and Los Angeles. Ziegler stated that she enjoys dedicating her time to helping other children, and that it is a rewarding experience.

She has modeled for Capezio, Ralph Lauren and Target, among other brands. She does noy enjoy waking up early. Although, she usually wakes up around am. She has not seen an episode of Dance moms, season 4, because she says she does not need to, she lives in it. Maddie has stated that her life was easier before the show because she would have more fun and hang out with her friends instead of having a stressful program.

She never lets her mom do her makeup. She has learned to do it on her own from Youtube videos. She also posts her own makeup tutorials on Youtube.

All the money that her family collects on Meet-and-Greets goes to charity. Maddie dances every single day. Her strongest style of dance is tap. Christy heads out to the parking lot and insists that Tami says she's sorry first. Tami extends her hand and apologizes, and Christy doers the same. Both teams' moms gather in the studio to observe rehearsal, and it dawns on the Elite moms that it's not a level playing field because the Select Team has a few teenagers who have several years' experience on the Elite Team.

Jill points out, "Our kids will be good when they're 15 too," but for now, because Select Team also has two younger girls one 8, one 9they get to compete in the same age group as the Elite Team. Holly Nia's mom says, "Abby's doing everything in her power to set it up for the other team to win.

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Jill remarks, "I think we already had an incident, and they're still here. You couldn't compete against us.

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If Abby didn't need you guys right now you'd be gone. For Holly, it's clear that Abby wants the Select team to win. The girls get dressed for the competition. Sarah H wears a silver and black two-piece costume; Mackenzie wears an orange one-piece bird-like costume with a matching fascinator and elaborate makeup. When Christy points out the disparity, Abby tells her, "You are relentless.

Mackenzie dances first, and is adorable as always. Sarah H goes next, and Abby is correct: There is more costume drama when the Select Team changes into beautiful beige and rhinestone dresses.

Then, while the Elite girls are running their routine, Chloe takes a spill. She's not injured, but she's a little freaked out and starts to cry.

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Mom Christi gives her a pep talk, and soon Chloe is smiling again. The two teams compete with their group dances. The Select Team does seem to out-dance the Elite Team because of their age difference. The awards ceremony begins. Christi says she's sad for the girls because they don't realize they were set up to fail.