Days of our lives will and sonny love story from first meet

Will & Sonny Gay Storyline - Part 3 - video dailymotion

days of our lives will and sonny love story from first meet

What could possibly get in the way of Will and Sonny finally reuniting for good? 'Days of Our Lives' Stars Robert Scott Wilson & Victoria Konefal Smith: For me, being able to share the love story of a love triangle with had after Will gets his memory back and then he and Sonny meet in Doug's place. Days of Our Lives will make soap opera history this week with the first “Thank you all for coming to this joyous celebration of love and Story continues below It's not the first same-sex marriage on a daytime drama. The love story of Will and Sonny has been groundbreaking for Days of for Days of Our Lives and daytime as the two characters were the first.

Will feels insecure because Sonny has had past relationships while he hasn't; they overcome this issue and make love for the first time on November 14, Gabi tells Will that she is pregnant with his child. He supports her initial plan to have an abortion and he takes her to a clinic.

Whilst waiting at the clinic for Gabi to have the procedure Will realizes that he really wants the baby, and asks to be allowed to see Gabi, but isn't allowed to. Happily, Gabi too, at the last minute, realizes she wants the child and decides not to have the procedure. Gabi is dating Will's cousin Nick Fallon. Nick is keen to start a family, and when he learns of the baby and its paternity, he offers to marry Gabi and claim to be the baby's father, to which Gabi and Will agree. At Nick and Gabi's wedding, Chad reveals that Nick is not the baby's father; Will then confesses that he is a fact unknown to Chadand Sonny breaks up with him over the deception.

Brian continues to pursue Sonny, but ultimately Sonny and Will reconcile after Will receives a Valentine's Day gift Sonny had arranged before the breakup, leading to a heartfelt talk. Nick discovers an incriminating secret about Will — that Will had shot and nearly killed EJ years earlier when EJ had forced Will's mother Sami into marrying him after raping her — and Will's dad Lucas had made a false confession to the crime to protect Will, who was 15 at the time.

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With this information, Nick blackmails Will into signing away his parental rights. Sonny stands by Will, as Will had already confided in him about this misdeed. Sonny confronts Nick, who admits that he is motivated by anti-gay bias, and they come to blows. It emerges that Nick's bigotry is a result of having been raped in prison by his cellmate Jensen, who abducts Nick and Gabi upon his release.

Will is shot while saving Nick, and Sonny delivers Will and Gabi's daughter, Arianna ; Jensen is shot and killed by the police. Nick admits to Gabi that he was blackmailing Will, and agrees to return Will's parental rights; Nick and Gabi end their relationship, and Gabi and Arianna move in with Will and Sonny, with Sonny being a parent to Arianna along with Gabi and Will.

Will and Sonny become embroiled in Sami's trial for the murder of Joe Bernardi, after they discover that Bernardi was the dirty cop who stole evidence of Will shooting EJ, and Sonny discovers that he possesses a video of an earlier fight between Sami and Bernardi.

Sonny Kiriakis

Sami is ultimately exonerated after unrelated evidence shows that Bernardi was corrupt. Nick tries to win back Gabi, working without her knowledge to secure her a modeling job in New York City, where he is also planning to move. Upon receiving the offer, she initially plans to take the job and Sonny and Will decide to move with her in order to continue raising Arianna together.

Gabi ultimately turns down the job, at which point Nick accidentally reveals his involvement; Gabi is outraged and, when Nick tries to rape her, strikes him in the head with a rock and seemingly kills him. Sami and Will's grandma Kate Roberts witness the fight and convince Gabi to dispose of the body in the river.

Will Horton and Sonny Kiriakis

Sonny and later Will become involved in the cover-upunaware that Nick has survived. Marlena officiates their wedding on April 3, at the Kiriakis mansion. Nick returns; using his knowledge of Gabi's crimes against Melanie and himself, he blackmails her into a relationship.

Unaware of the blackmail, Will and Sonny express their disapproval and Gabi nearly moves out with Arianna. Will suggests they formalize a custody arrangement; at Nick's direction, Aiden Jennings draws up an agreement that would severely limit Will's parental rights, and sets up an immediate hearing. But Nick is shot and killed, at which point Gabi cancels the hearing and instead hires EJ to write up a new agreement that is fair to everyone involved in raising Arianna.

Will confesses to killing Nick, because he believes Sonny committed the murder to prevent Arianna from being taken from him. This prompts the real murderer, Gabi, to turn herself in. She also confesses to her involvement in Melanie's kidnapping; Will learns Sonny knew of this, but understands his reasons for keeping the secret. Gabi is jailed, so Arianna remains in Will and Sonny's custody.

days of our lives will and sonny love story from first meet

Will completes his degree and is hired to work for TruVista magazine, unaware that Sonny's Uncle Victor owns it and that Sonny arranged the job for him. His first assignment is to cover Sami's takeover of DiMera Enterprises. He learns that she is methodically destroying EJ's and Abigail's lives after discovering their affair; outraged by his mother's behavior, he writes the article as a hit piece against her.

Sonny is troubled by Will's ruthlessness. Will's personal life is also rocked by the article, after his editor Zoe adds Abigail's name, obtained from Sami, to the published version.

Will is initially furious to learn of Sonny's interference in his career, but soon forgives him. Zoe goes to work for a different magazine, Sonix, and Will accepts a new job with her there, where he is guaranteed final editorial approval. His first assignment, an article about Chad, who has returned to town to oversee DiMera Enterprises, is a success.

Will and Sonny's relationship suffers a series of setbacks. When EJ is murdered, Will chooses to temporarily relocate to Los Angeles with Arianna, his mother Sami and his younger siblings, in order to be the screenwriter for a movie based on Sami's life, as well as to support Sami and his siblings during their grief for EJ the father of Will's half-siblings Johnny and Sydney.

While in LA, he fails to correspond regularly with Sonny. Meanwhile, Sonny loses most of his and Will's personal savings in a bad business deal without having discussed the investment with Will. Sonny's ex-boyfriend, closeted Major League Baseball player Paul Naritacomes to Salem the show's fictional town for surgery at the Salem hospital. He tries to pursue Sonny, and is disappointed to learn he is married.

Will and Arianna return home to Salem after six weeks in Los Angeles.

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Only later Will admits that he was fired as screenwriter rather than having actively chosen to return to Sonny. Will is assigned to write a story about Paul for Sonix, who he interviews in Paul's room at the Salem Inn. Due to confidentiality, Sonny doesn't know whom Will is interviewing, and because Sonny has never talked about his exes with Will, neither Will nor Paul knows about the other's relationship with Sonny.

days of our lives will and sonny love story from first meet

Will suspects Paul is gay, and realizes he could get a scoop with an article about the life of a professional gay athlete, as well as help another gay man come out. Attracted to each other, Will and Paul have a night of sex in the hotel.

Whilst Will is immediately remorseful, and is determined it won't happen again, he is still very keen to get the scoop, and he convinces Paul to come out in the article which initially was to be a feature about Paul and his career-ending injury. Paul tells Will about turning down a marriage proposal from the love of his life this is Sonny, but Paul doesn't tell Will the name because Paul felt he could not be an out gay athlete.

Will's article on Paul is published, and Sonny learns from Derrick a bellhop who has flirted with Paul, Will, and Sonny throughout Paul's hotel stay that Will and Paul have slept together. Sonny's life is saved by multiple transfusions of blood donated by Paul, who has responded to an emergency appeal for blood, and who only later learns that the patient is Sonny.

Sonny suffers short-term memory loss, but he remembers Will's infidelity when he sees Will's article on Paul. Sonny lashes out at Paul and Will, leaving all three men devastated. Will is shocked to learn that Paul is Sonny's ex, and also that Paul had rejected Sonny's marriage proposal just before Sonny had met Will.

When Sonny is released from the hospital, he leaves town to convalesce at his brother's house, and to get away from Will. When Sonny returns to Salem, Will tries to mend his marriage with Sonny. On top of his own infidelity, Will feels insecure because of the love between Sonny and Paul, and because Will thinks he is inferior to Paul because of Paul's success and athleticism.

Will's infidelity with Paul is not initially common knowledge; Adrienne slaps Will when she learns of it, and a tabloid later publicizes the affair. Paul's mother, Tori, comes to Salem. Will discovers that Tori once had a connection to Salem and the DiMera family — a connection that she keeps secret from Paul. Using this information, Will tries to blackmail Tori into getting Paul out of Salem and drafts an article identifying Paul as a DiMera.

But then the actual truth comes out: Paul is John Black's son. Sonny and Will share a tender moment after Paul punches Will in the face, but then Sonny learns that Will had called Tori a whore.

Will and Sonny enter marriage counselingbut Will tries to influence their therapist by secretly offering to publish a flattering profile of him. Will tries to set Paul up with Derrick; the plan succeeds until Paul realizes Will has given Derrick private information he learned in their interview. Just watch the actors who play them in this interview from the 'Day of Days' event. You're a smart man! I think they've done a really good job of building this up to "WilSon.

That's awesome, you know? I still think WilSon holds the overall umbrella of people rooting for them, but I love the triangle that we've been able to create. But we know Ted's coming back Gilles Marini also returned this weekwhich should complicate things, for you guys.

Yes [accent] Ted Laurent. We've gotta get Christopher back, we miss him. He's such a good guy. What were you most proud of this year?

days of our lives will and sonny love story from first meet

As far as your work on Days? For me, being able to share the love story of a love triangle with three gay characters has been incredible because soap operas are all about love triangles. And for Sonny having to be that selfless, to give his exes [Will and Paul] the ability to be together was very tough for him.

There was a lot of strength and growth that he had to go through. The love triangle is fun and the scenes that we had after Will gets his memory back and then he and Sonny meet in Doug's place… Smith: I really like how those [scenes] turned out.

You guys are both veterans of the show. Is it easy to cry? Especially when Will came back, you were both so emotional for what seemed like weeks! I have naturally watery eyes. I don't really go in thinking like, "Oh I want to cry in this scene.

days of our lives will and sonny love story from first meet

I think we're so invested in these storylines that it's sad or it's heartbreaking or it's happy, you know? Also, we're in a space where we're comfortable [so] we can take those moments if we start to feel something and follow it. A lot of people are coming back to Days.

Who would you love to see come back?