Disney fox and the hound ending relationship

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disney fox and the hound ending relationship

It's rather apt that Disney's The Fox and the Hound and Daniel P. status, by the end of the film Copper and Chief are content in each other's company. is no mentor-pupil relationship at all, just good old wholesome hatred. The Fox and the Hound is a American animated drama film produced by Walt Disney .. However, he praised the film's climax and animation, as well as the ending. He argued that the film shows that biased attitudes can poison even the deepest relationships, and the film's bittersweet ending delivers a powerful and. That was simply my relationship with Disney movies. The Fox and the Hound told the story of Tod, an adopted baby Fox, and Copper, until finally, my mother explained that the movie ending didn't mean their story ended.

Raised on human cuddles, food and a warm basket by the fire, Tod is utterly clueless at what to do and not only faces the wrath of a badger when he tries to take shelter, but gets woken the next day by an arse full of spines from a porcupine who took pity on him and let him stay his burrow.

As an adult, in addition to teasing and outwitting the dogs, he both works out how to and becomes addicted to springing gin traps, regardless of whether they are set upright or upside down, which must have caused many a WTF moment among the hunters. Throughout his life of leading his pursuers into cow stampedes and cow catchers, he also survives an epidemic of rabies that annihilates the other foxes, including a violent encounter with a rabid fox, and survives the subsequent wave of poisonings used to wipe them out.

Foxy Lady Disney version While Big Mama flaps through the forest looking for Tod she bumps into Vixy, who professes an obvious interest in any new and handsome fox in the area. In comparison to Friend Owl, Big Mama encourages the pair to meet, and Tod is utterly star stuck by this alluring female, telling her her name is beautiful rather than asking if her parents had any imagination.

Anyone who lives near wild foxes will sympathise with the animals in their neighbourhood that night. After the deed he wants to go off on his own, but eventually decides to stay with her and help raise their cubs.

5 unanswered questions everyone who loves Disney’s “The Fox and the Hound” still has

The parents escape, but the vixen later comes a cropper in a gin trap. He finds her cowering, dirty and uninterested in anything, but manages to convince her of his awesomeness and they also have a family together. This time, she is happy for him to choose a den for them and he picks one with plenty of escape routes lest they enjoy the same fate as his last set of cubs. This defeats the point of Tod hanging around his mate and offspring, so he eventually tires of family life too.

In the film and book Tod needs some help with his first romantic encounter, and luckily the vixen is already on board to make things easier. The Disney version only includes the possibility of cubs, which is probably a good thing considering the Mannix version has a terrible track record, even with his survival skills, and of course we only see Tod have one girlfriend. Another difference is that the issue of progress rears its head again in the novel — that of the countryside becoming developed and the negative change in the foxes as a result.

disney fox and the hound ending relationship

Any change that Disney Tod sees is good, as he begins to enjoy his life in the woods and starts to adapt by dating a local. A Hunt to End All Hunts Disney version Copper and Amos sneak into the game preserve armed with gin traps, most of which Amos places along a very specific route through the forest.

Just to reinforce how bad his luck is, Tod chooses this one route when he and Vixy go for a drink of water, and they narrowly escape both metal and canine jaws as Copper lunges after them. Trapped, the foxes appear doomed as Amos tries to smoke them out, but Tod and Vixy brave the flames and charge up the mountainside to safety. As Copper and Amos scramble up after them, a huge grizzly bear wakes up and has a huge and satisfying stretch.

Instinctively Amos fires a shot into its shoulder, so the understandably irked bear goes for him and Copper. The bear slaps him about until Tod has a crisis of conscience and tears down the mountainside, hurling himself into the fray to save them. Cornered precariously over a waterfall on a log bridge, Tod believes this is it, until the bear is accommodating and basically kills itself by swiping said bridge in half with its own paw.

Fox and bear then tumble down into the misty spray. Over the years, the other dogs die off, the other hunters move away and more and more housing estates crop up, leaving Copper and his master all alone.

He eventually collapses and lies waiting for the inevitable as the master and Copper gain ground. Disney also introduce the bear as an even bigger enemy for the characters, one which also unites them, and unlike the book Copper is brave and tries to defend Amos from its claws. The hunt is also over fairly quickly in comparison to the novel, where it spans many years and becomes a lifelong vendetta rather than what is arguably an impulse kill.

With the foxes now cornered or possibly dead, will the dog and his master do the deed? The Fox and the Hound Disney version A dishevelled and broken Tod crawls out from the waterfall and collapses in the water, with no sign of the bear anywhere. Copper, with both a confused and blown mind, stands on the shore not knowing what to do, at least until Amos wearily approaches with his trusty shotgun and aims at the fox.

The fox and the hound then exchange an exhausted but knowing smile before going their separate ways. Later, back at the ranch, Widow Tweedy dutifully checks the bandage of the man who swore to kill her pet, and Copper lies in his kennel, reminiscing about his friendship with Tod. Tod himself sits on a hillside overlooking the houses, disconcertingly within the range of a gun, and appears to reminisce just as deeply before being distracted by his lady friend.

When the bloodhound finally catches up with his quarry, he can barely walk and has just about enough energy to finish the job before collapsing on top of him.

The fox is skinned and then nailed to the wall, and for a time, Copper and his master enjoy heroic status for killing the last one in the area.

Unfortunately, this is not an option. The one thing linking the film to the original here is the hound standing over the fox. This is in contrast to the film where the humans both relent when shown the error of their ways and also put any grievances to rest, i.

Tweedy helping Amos with his bandages in spite of their previous arguments. Copper and Tod also acknowledge their friendship and part ways peacefully, as opposed to being united in death. Namely how societal rules can force people and friendships apart, and how doing the right thing for your friends and family can be painful, both emotionally and physically, especially if a grizzly bear is involved.

It also hammers home the importance of loyalty and tolerance, as long as those societal rules are adhered to. In fact, progress is the evil monster in the book as it can take away the warmth of relationships Todyour personal liberties the masteror your way of life, although your actual life may be taking it a bit far Copper.

The bloodhounds are also obedient and fiercely loyal to those closest to them, even if this is at odds with others they have met in their lives. The moral of the story? You can typecast a dog and a fox all you want, but humans can be as different as a Disney adaptation. Sources 1 The Fox and the Hound Big Mama and Vixey arrive and see Tod, who is very sad.

As Vixey remarks that he looks downhearted, Big Mama tells her that "he was dropped out here all alone without a friend in the world". As Vixey decides to cheer him up, Big Mama thinks the idea is perfect. Big Mama sets Vixey into the sunlight, just so that she will look as beautiful as possible, and introduces Tod to her.

disney fox and the hound ending relationship

Tod first tries to impress Vixey by catching a fish, only to fail, causing Vixey and the other animals of the game preserve to laugh at him.

Angry and hurt, Tod insults Vixey, telling her that she's "a silly, empty-headed female! They get along very well once Tod admits his lack of survival skills. Vixey is now aware of his inability to survive in the wild and helps him adapt. She allows Tod to be her friend and stay with her in the forest. The two clearly begin to develop a romantic connection.

The best of friends are now the worst of enemies. The next morning, the vengeful Amos Slade and Copper trespass into the preserve to hunt Tod without anyone knowing. Amos finds a shadowy path on the way to a pond, sets up the leg-hold traps along the path, and hides them with leaves. Meanwhile, Tod and Vixey emerge from Vixey's burrow, having spent the night there. They both remark about how happy they are with one another and chase each other into the forest playfully. As they come to the trap-laden path, Vixey becomes worried, and refuses to go on, but watches as Tod just shrugs it off.

Vixey begs him to be careful as he goes down alone. As he walks, he becomes unsettled. Tod's foot uncovers one of Amos' traps, and as the hunter cocks his shotgun, Tod's ears perk up the noise as he steps backward. Luckily, Tod narrowly escapes the steel traps, turning and running as fast as he can whilst Amos' gunshots ring out, while Copper takes off after Tod and Vixey.

Tod buys Vixey more time to escape, then waits for Copper to come closer. As Copper approaches, Tod distracts him, snarling at his former friend. After a brief fight, Tod sprints back to the burrow with Copper behind his tail. Tod safely enters the foxhole, but Copper was too big to fit in it, and begins thrashing and clawing his way into the hole.

Tod and Vixey attempt to exit out the other end. They then hurry back inside when they see Amos waiting with his gun. Amos takes a match and some straw and creates a fire at the back way, blocking their escape. He then joins Copper at the front, ready to shoot the two foxes. Vixey coughs and tells Tod that they're trapped and that she's scared. Tod tells Vixey that this is their only chance as he and Vixey sprint as fast as they can out the back, narrowly avoiding the flames to Amos' astonishment, putting the hunter into pure shock.

disney fox and the hound ending relationship

Tod and Vixey scale a mountain with a waterfall nearby as Copper and Amos chase them up the top. As Copper and Amos close in on the two foxes while trying to get them, they inadvertently provoke an attack from a large disturbed sleeping grizzly bearwho they accidentally antagonize.

Amos fires one single shot only before he trips and gets his foot stuck in one of his own bear traps and loses his gun, while Copper bravely tries to protect his master, and attacks the bear, but is nearly killed in a very vicious fight. Amos frantically tries to free himself, but is not strong enough for the grip of the trap, which still holds his foot as tight as possible, whilst Copper battles the bear as this very vicious battle continues to go on for a while, and while Copper manages to hold his own for a while until the bear knocks him out when the battles ends, the dog is soon overwhelmed.

Tod, hearing Copper's yelping echo, looks back and sees the horror of his childhood friend being nearly killed in a very vicious fight. In the moment in which the bear closes in and is going to kill Copper, Tod appears out of nowhere, rescues Copper, and jumps on the bear's back, but continues to battle with the bear, and ends up leading him to an old fallen trunk above the reserve's waterfall. Just as the bear comes close to Tod, he raises his paw and hits the sprinters of the old log, which breaks and sends the two animals both falling down the waterfall with the fallen trunk plummeting down the waterfall with them.

The bear is gone, while Tod struggles to shore. Copper protects his former adversary and childhood friend. Copper approaches Tod as he lies in the lake below, amazed at his bravery, in spite of past events, when Amos appears, having freed his foot from his own trap, and just becoming ready to fire at the fox. Copper interposes his body in front of Tod and refuses to move away. Amos finally lowers his gun and leaves with Copper, but not before the two former adversaries share one last smile before parting.

At home, Widow nurses Amos' ankle back to health while the dogs rest. Copper, before resting, smiles as he remembers the day when he became friends with Tod. On a hill, Vixey joins Tod as he looks down on the homes of Copper and Widow. As the movie fades out, a voice-over of young Tod and young Copper affirming their everlasting friendship is heard in the breeze.

Luckily for him, a loving widow who lived nearby took him in and raised him to adulthood. When they grow older, they find their friendship divided.

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Kurt Russell as Copper young by Corey Feldmanthe cute young hound puppy whom looks a beagle or a basset hound belonging to Amos Slade. Copper is Tod's best friend when young; he befriends Tod during his childhood. However, he is the first to break this friendship and becomes Tod's bitter enemy but is also the first to protect him. He is a fast learner through growing up. In his first year of hunting, he tops Chief.

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Pearl Bailey as Big Mamaa kindly old owl similar to Friend Owl from Bambi who literally takes Tod under her wing on several occasions.

It is she who recruits the help of Dinky and Boomer in getting Widow Tweed to take care of Tod, and later she warns him of the dangers of hanging around with a hound dog. Her last really important job in the film is establishing the romance between Tod and Vixey.

Jack Albertson as Amos Sladea mean-spirited old hunter and the film's antagonist who will kill just about anything that is wild, but for some unknown reason he has a special hatred for foxes as it may have something to do with the fact that he keeps chickens. He is the owner of Copper and Chief, and throughout most of the film tries to kill Tod. Unlike most of Disney's villains, however, he doesn't come across as being evil.

The Fox and the Hound

Instead, he hunts for a living, is very professional at it and is motivated by revenge, rather than the "just because" brand of evil that one sees in so many villains.

Unfortunately, as for him, he lets off one shot only, before becoming caught in one of his own bear traps, but thanks to Tod and Copper's joint effort, he is saved.

disney fox and the hound ending relationship

Sandy Duncan as Vixeya vixen whom Tod falls in love with after being released into the wild. She is much more used to the forest, so it makes sense that she is a step ahead of Tod. When she says, "I think six would be just right," it seems to imply that she is talking about the number of kits she would like to have, but Tod is confused and has no idea what she is talking about. Jeanette Nolan as Widow Tweeda kindly old lady who took Tod in and raised him as a pet.

Pat Buttram as Chiefa nasty, aging senior first hunting dog of Amos Slade. He shares his master's philosophy that the only good fox is a dead fox.

He tries to teach Copper everything there is about hunting but is ultimately beaten by the younger dog. In the novel, Chief is the new dog and Copper is the old one, and it is Copper who gets jealous of Chief. This is an example of the differences between the book and the film. He is struck by a fast-moving train and wounded. And Copper and Amos take it upon themselves to get vengeance on Tod. John McIntire as Mr. Diggera badger in the same reserve.

He is first seen when Tod comes into his home, as Tod was new to the reserve, and didn't know anyone lived there.

The morning after this, Tod falls from the porcupine's tree directly onto the entrance to the badger's home, making the badger angry.

disney fox and the hound ending relationship

After the porcupine tells the badger about Tod and what he's been through, the badger, instead of taking Tod under his wing and imparting little words of wisdom when it comes to survival in the reserve, snaps at Tod to go back to where he came from, not realizing that Tod was unable to because of Amos Slade hunting him.

He is last seen watching in anger as Tod and Vixie confirm their love to each other. John Fiedler as a porcupine in the reserve that Tod is dropped off in.

He tries to explain to the badger exactly what happened to Tod, but it doesn't really work for Tod.