Disney meet and greet 2014

disney meet and greet 2014

Maybe you're ready for photos from perfect Disney character meet and greets, but your child isn't. Help shy children warm up to Mickey with. We all love meet and greets and seeing our favorite Disney characters, but what are the BEST meet and greets in the Magic Kingdom? Well, here's your Theme Park Awards (AKA “The Burgies) · Disney Dining: 'Ohana. 's Limited Time Magic promotion across the Parks division was practically built around limited-time meet-and-greets with long-lost, rare.

Walking into the area guests will receive the same wow factor they got when seeing the elaborate queue of Under the Sea or the impressive Ursula figure during the ride.

disney meet and greet 2014

This is a setting befit of a Disney princess. This is your only opportunity to meet Ariel outside of a dining package, and be sure to ask how her friends Flounder and Sebastian are doing! Most will remember their heavily publicized move over the Magic Kingdom and the immediate minute waits that followed.

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Now that it has been over a year, we learned a couple things. First of all, no one has found a cure for Frozen Fever, as the pair are still huge draws to the park. And secondly, while Elsa may be the star of the movie, Anna is the star of this meet and greet.

Disney Character Meet and Greets: Strategies for Shy Children

With campy stories and a fun loving attitude, Anna gets to have fun with guests compared to the more demure Elsa. Anna will tell stories involving Olaf, Sven, and Kristoff along with showing guests the best way to throw a snowball. Elsa may be the Main Event, but turns out Anna is the star of this show.

disney meet and greet 2014

With theming elements like tapestries and rock work seemingly straight out of the movie Bravethis area is terrific. The queue is hands down the best made for any meet and greet, just beautiful. A perfectly rational explanation, right?

Top Six Meet and Greets in the Magic Kingdom

Plan important meet-and-greets for late in the trip: That must-have Mickey Mouse-and-family portrait can wait until the end of your trip, giving you plenty of time to ease your child into getting cozy with characters — or at least to figure out how close you can convince your child to stand for the photo-op.

Let kids observe characters at their own pace: Before diving into character dining or meet and greets, give your child some time to observe characters in the wild. Both fur and face characters are usually in abundance in Town Square, which gives kids the opportunity to see what this character thing is all about, without joining in a queue. After spending time watching Winnie-the-Pooh talk to other children in the restaurant, my son was ready to meet but not hug the Bear himself.

Character dining is one of the best ways to introduce characters to wary kids. Children have plenty of time to observe the characters interacting with other restaurant guests, and they can always duck under the table if things get a little too real. Pick a restaurant that includes characters your child loves, such as the Crystal Palace for little Winnie-the-Pooh fanatics, then let them watch the action unfold around them.

Get up there for a few hugs yourself, hang on to the table for a second round of characters, and you never know — even a nervous child just might give in to a photo with Pooh Bear by the end of the meal. Make interactions part of a game: Turn your character meet and greets into an autograph hunt, explaining that each character has different artwork in their signatures. Or bring along stickers and turn your autograph book into a sticker book — put in a new sticker for each character found.

The character becomes secondary to the game — now you just need them to look up and smile for that photo! Well-meaning parents might give in and tell frightened children that characters are just people in costume.

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If this seems like the only answer to getting a character interaction, it might be better to avoid characters altogether and try again next time you visit. Children love to have all the answers, and they really love to share their superior knowledge with other children.

Magic is a delicate thing, as any character attendant can tell you. One reassuring whisper might turn into shattered illusions for dozens of other children.