Dog rescue meet and greet in nh

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dog rescue meet and greet in nh

Want to keep up to date on Shelter News? Subscribe to the newsletter and get all the current Visit our Location. Dunbarton Road – Manchester, NH Toy Drive & Meet & Greet Adoptable Dogs from Long Journey Rescue. Public. · Hosted by White Mountain Hwy, North Conway, New Hampshire When a dog comes into rescue, it generally is in a shelter and then a Foster families are asked to attend one meet & greet (usually Concord, NH) per month.

Feline Fostering When mother cats with babies of any age arrive at NHHS, they are immediately checked by our staff veterinarian.

Save A Dog, Inc. - a holistic minded humane society located in Massachusetts

In most cases, these homeless families need a place to land until the kittens are old enough to be adopted per state law. Kittens cannot be sold or given away under the age of 8 weeks. We adhere to that statute.

In order to provide for these kittens and nursing feline mothers, we need a strong cadre of foster homes ready and able to take these creatures into their homes. The following are requirements for those considering fostering: Own your own home, or have written approval from your landlord that you may foster.

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You must be at least 21 years of age. In order to provide the rehabilitative care you need to be home enough hours of the day and evening to provide care and affection. Your home must be safe, warm or cool as appropriate to the season and escape proof. Foster family must not come into contact with your pets. Your pets must be current on their vaccinations.

dog rescue meet and greet in nh

Children MUST be supervised at all times when handling foster animals. Have on hand quality food necessary to feed the animals. Provide clean bedding and living space at all times, no romping in their own "by-products".

Knowledge of the health and wellness needs of kittens and possibly nursing mothers.

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Submit to a home inspection. Complete an orientation and safe handling class at the shelter held monthly. Canine Fostering Generally there are three reasons to place a dog or puppy in foster care: Many seniors are feeling the pinch of rising health care costs and most are reluctant to ask for help.

dog rescue meet and greet in nh

These seniors are also prone to feed their own meals-on-wheels to their pets so we want to offer them a high quality pet food that will ensure their pet is getting a nutritious meal. Many seniors live alone with only their pets to keep them company. They depend upon these animals for their mental and emotional well-being as do those who have suffered the loss of a job. Relieving these pet owners of the financial burden of pet food supports a happier, healthier environment for both the owner and their pet.

This program provides a service that is not currently available in this area. If you know of a pet owner in need, please email us at meals saveadog.

dog rescue meet and greet in nh

Save A Dog, Inc. We take in local dogs of all breeds, sizes, and shapes who have become homeless for one reason or another. We work with animal shelters in MA as well as out of state. Save A Dog incorporated as a c3 nonprofit in and we were the first dog rescue group in the Boston Metrowest area to bring in dogs from states that have an over-population problem.

dog rescue meet and greet in nh

We have used foster homes and now have a shelter in which to house and show our rescued dogs. We try to make the best match for applicant and dog. We developed a health protocol and quarantined our dogs long before it was state-mandated.

dog rescue meet and greet in nh

To date we have rescued and adopted over 4, dogs. We will not turn down special needs dogs and gone to great lengths to save the lives of those who are truly in need.