Dog whisperer opie and flirt

Dog Whisperer - Season 1, Episode 2: Flirt and Opie (Psycho Flirt: Part 1) -

dog whisperer opie and flirt

"Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan" Opie and Flirt subtitles - 1x02 - Flirt and Opie - Portuguese-BR. The Wrath of Opie Suzanne Ohanesian lives with Opie, a Lab mix who is very dog aggressive. When Suzanne tries to restrain him, he will turn. Episode Guide for The Dog Whisperer 1x Flirt and Opie. Episode summary, trailer and screencaps; guest stars and main cast list; and more.

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Alas, there is nothing calming about either of these items for the two dogs in this episode. In the case of Harry, circles-specifically the wheels of any vehicle—drive him crazy. Unless owners Beverly Keely and Janet Parker keep a firm grip on the leash, Harry will charge after any passing cyclist, rollerblader or skateboarder, often nipping at their ankles. For Brooks, light is an obsession. At an early age, some played with Brooks with a light pen, and he has never gotten over the experience.

Any shadow, and change in light, will set him off. If a butterfly passes by, he ignores the bug and chases its shadow. He is never calm, never relaxed. And he will get results quickly with some basic, but essential techniques with the dogs. The most important aspect is Cesar shows how these dogs can be walked in such a manner that the leash becomes a tool for keeping them focused on the task at hand—walking, and not on bikes, or shadows or other distractions.

Unfortunately, Coach was nothing like Moca. Coach is destructive from the start and to make matters worse, he becomes aggressive, biting and attacking people. When a man claims that Coach attacked him, he reports the incident to the pound, who in turn cite the Alberts.

John and Stella fear for their children and in a desperate moment, decide to put Coach down. With the clock ticking, Coach gets a stay of execution when Cesar Millan comes to the rescue. Sueki also has the annoying habit of waking up Eula in the middle of the night by scratching on the door.

Flirt and Opie

Coach and Sueki have very different problems, however both dogs are disrupting their households. Season 1 Episode 7 Slick and Pepper Michael Seligman produces the Academy Awards but his dog needs acting lessons to make him socially adept.

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Michael and his girlfriend Teresa, rescued Slick from a life of living in a crate for fifteen hours a day. Pepper is a cute dog with a sour disposition. He thinks he owns the entire studio where Christopher has his business. If anyone comes in, they need to bow to the master or they will get their heels nipped.

Ironically, despite his territorial disposition, Pepper is also very skittish.

dog whisperer opie and flirt

Cesar Millan will have to show Christopher how to a get the dog to relax and b regain control of his studio. Both Pepper and Slick are rescue dogs dealing with different issues — aggression and fear. Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan will show us how to help Pepper and Slick recover from a past filled with abuse and cruelty. Ava swiftly rotates counter clockwise for all occasions: She often finds herself underfoot, worrying her owner. Cesar is concerned with this case, as it may be a neurological, rather than behavioral, problem.

He can easily topple a smaller person not prepared for his overpowering expression of love. Also, given a herding instinct at birth, Gus never allows his owners to walk too far away from one another.

Only a unique experiment will show if Cesar is, yet again, correct. Ava and Gus, both overly excited dogs.

dog whisperer opie and flirt

Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan will point both cases towards a docile family life, using very different tactics. Season 1 Episode 9 Churchill and Maya When it comes to pets, sometimes you can have too much of a good thing.

Stephanie Caspian had a dream about puppies and when she woke up, she decided that she and her husband, Amir, would go look at dogs at the shelter.

dog whisperer opie and flirt

Whether playful to the verge of annoyance or feisty to the point of posing a danger to others, Maya and Churchill both crave effective discipline in their lives. Now Bubba is a very possessive dog. If someone gets up to simply leave the room to Bubba will nip at them, in an attempt to make them stay. Bubba also guards his objects with ferocity. In addition, he has quirky neuroses, such as jumping up on the dashboard of the car when Heidi runs the windshield wipers. The challenge for Cesar will be to get this anxious dog calm and focused.

The breeder told Sheila and Joel that Garrett did chase his tail, but other than that he was a healthy, normal puppy. From the first day home, Garrett chased his tail, constantly. Walking Garrett was out of the question. Sheila and Joel tried everything to stop the tail chasing — from pinch collars to an East coast dog psychologist to expensive vets — nothing worked.

Sheila has accepted the fact that her dog will always be spinning. She is beyond hope and is concerned for the health and sanity of her dog.

Bubba and Garrett have very different problems but one common symptom — anxiety. In addition to being overly protective and aggressive, Holly goes ballistic when she sees any man wearing rubber boots and a hat. The stories in this episode are about the importance of taking control of your dog.

Whether playful to the verge of annoyance or feisty to the point of posing a danger to others, Shep and Holly both crave effective discipline in their lives. Her newest project, Hank, a rescued Mastiff, had previously been seriously abused and neglected.

A determined animal lover, Marsha has been slowly able to work with him, and there is no doubt he has come a long way. Unfortunately, window panes, door frames, walls, and anything else Hank can get his teeth on have been ruined. The furniture has been chewed to the point of it being worthless. In addition to all of this, Hank has no tolerance for people walking by his gate. The barking is incessant, intimidating and seemingly impossible for Marsha to control. She is worried that Hank will soon hurt someone and that she will have to have him put to sleep.

The clothes give him a magnetic quality, drawing admirers who come over to pick him up or pet him. However, Paris has been known to bark and even snap at these strangers. Also, the temperamental Paris often refuses to listen to Nelson, darting out into the street and refusing to come back.

The behavior both worries and embarrasses his owner. Nelson hopes Cesar can help Paris handle the affection he receives from all of his fans on the street. Paris and Hank both have the good fortune to be with people who love them. However, during a trip to the SPCA, the couple was expecting to simply drop off some cat toys, not leave with Jake, a mixed breed dog who caught their eyes.

Now Jake is a member of the Weide family. Unfortunately, while on walks, Jake tends to mind Bob, but when Linda has the reigns, he goes crazy at the sight of any other animal.

Chantel Valdivieso, a ten year old child actress, loves palling around with her big brother, a four year old, pound Rottweiler, King. Her mother, Teresa, has recently become concerned about Chantel and King on walks.

Dog Whisperer S01E02 Flirt and Opie - Dailymotion Video

He is now becoming aggressive as well, lunging at other dogs in the neighborhood, with Chantel in tow. They love their Yorkies so much that they let all 9 Yorkies sleep on their bed with them. Scrawny will attack anyone or any dog that comes between her and her beloved Allen. Lola lives in a beautiful Italian decorated house that matches her spots. She has even posed with her owners in an oil painting. No more pulling on walks, no more barking at everything.

Lola is about to go on a diet and get in shape on her own treadmill. Scrawny and Lola have different problems but both are disrupting their happy homes.

dog whisperer opie and flirt

Janet had no clue this adorable Beagle would have so much baggage! J, now years old, continues her unpredictable, strange aggression. For no reason, J may start barking or growling viciously. Alice had mange, worms and was in very bad shape, not to mention mean! When they finally found a home for Alice, she bit her new owner and was promptly returned. Alice has almost bitten off the ear of one of their dogs. Season 1 Episode 17 Caper and Julius Daniela and Chad adopted Caper, a miniature Doberman Pinscher, from a rescue organization, only to find that she had never been trained, doing whatever she wants to do, whenever she wants to do it.

Her weird behaviors include running away to chase balls, sitting in her safety bed for only a few seconds at a time, running like mad around the backyard in a game with the cat, and barking at you to get a ball. Julius is a four-year-old Pit Bull mix that was abandoned in a field when he was about five weeks old. He was discovered about a week later covered with mange, cold and wet.

Julius is frightened of everything, even a leaf flying across the yard. He hates to go outside. He is terrified of strangers and excessively protective of the house and the car.

Caper and Julius are two dogs with unacceptable social skills.

'The Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan' season 1 episode guide

Can his calm assertive approach work for these misfit mutts? Bella is a 2-year old Border Terrier that bites anyone that comes near the house or near the family. All entertaining at the Francescon home has stopped, because friends and family are afraid of Bella.