Fiona and finn meet fanfiction twilight

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fiona and finn meet fanfiction twilight

Adventure Time with Finn and Jake and Tangled crossover fanfiction archive with over 6 stories. This is the story of a hero named Fionna. Twisted by Princess Twilight Sentry reviews Finn and Jake tell the tale of when they met a certain princess with long blond hair, and ended up getting "tangled" into an adventure. Featuring: The Sorcerer; King Finn; Monster Hunter; The Bodyguard; . that one where Finn travels to Aaa and meets Fionna, that doesn't count. fanfic, the Fio/ Lee Twilight rip-off fanfic, the Finn/Marceline slavery fanfic, the. When boredom brings happiness; When two worlds colide. Fionna finally meets someone just like her, Finn. Is Fionna the thing that Finn's been.

There were so many trees and shrubs I couldn't see its size at first.

Where was the feel of the institution? Where were the chain-link fences, the metal detectors? I parked in front of the first building, which had a small sign over the door reading front office. No one else was parked there, so I was sure it was off limits, but I decided I would get directions inside instead of circling around in the rain like an idiot. I stepped unwillingly out of the toasty truck cab and walked down a little stone path lined with dark hedges.

I took a deep breath before opening the door. Inside, it was brightly lit, and warmer than I'd hoped. The office was small; a little waiting area with padded folding chairs, orange-flecked commercial carpet, notices and awards cluttering the walls, a big clock ticking loudly.

Plants grew everywhere in large plastic pots, as if there wasn't enough greenery outside. The room was cut in half by a long counter, cluttered with wire baskets full of papers and brightly colored flyers taped to its front.

There were three desks behind the counter, one of which was manned by a large, red-haired woman wearing glasses. She was wearing a purple t-shirt, which immediately made me feel overdressed. The red-haired woman looked up. I was expected, a topic of gossip no doubt. Daughter of the Chief's flighty ex-wife, come home at last.

She dug through a precariously stacked pile of documents on her desk till she found the ones she was looking for. She went through my classes for me, highlighting the best route to each on the map, and gave me a slip to have each teacher sign, which I was to bring back at the end of the day.

She smiled at me and hoped, like Gummy, that I would like it here in Forks. I smiled back as convincingly as I could. When I went back out to my truck, other students were starting to arrive.

I drove around the school, following the line of traffic. I was glad to see that most of the cars were older like mine, nothing flashy. At home I'd lived in one of the few lower-income neighborhoods that were included in the Paradise Valley District. It was a common thing to see a new Mercedes or Porsche in the student lot. The nicest car here was a shiny Volvo, and it stood out. Still, I cut the engine as soon as I was in a spot, so that the thunderous volume wouldn't draw attention to me. I looked at the map in the truck, trying to memorize it now; hopefully I wouldn't have to walk around with it stuck in front of my nose all day.

I stuffed everything in my bag, slung the strap over my shoulder, and sucked in a huge breath. I can do this, I lied to myself feebly. No one was going to bite me. I finally exhaled and stepped out of the truck. I kept my face pulled back into my hood as I walked to the sidewalk, crowded with teenagers. My plain black jacket didn't stand out, I noticed with relief. Once I got around the cafeteria, building three was easy to spot. A large black "3" was painted on a white square on the east corner.

fiona and finn meet fanfiction twilight

I felt my breathing gradually creeping toward hyperventilation as I approached the door. I tried holding my breath as I followed two unisex raincoats through the door. The classroom was small. The people in front of me stopped just inside the door to hang up their coats on a long row of hooks.

They were two girls, one a porcelain-colored blonde, the other also pale, with light brown hair. At least my skin wouldn't be a standout here. I took the slip up to the teacher, a tall, balding man whose desk had a nameplate identifying him as Mr. He gawked at me when he saw my name — not an encouraging response — and of course I flushed tomato red. But at least he sent me to an empty desk at the back without introducing me to the class.

It was harder for my new classmates to stare at me in the back, but somehow, they managed. I kept my eyes down on the reading list the teacher had given me. It was fairly basic: Bronte, Shakespeare, Chaucer, Faulkner. I'd already read everything. That was comforting… and boring.

I wondered if my mom would send me my folder of old essays, or if she would think that was cheating. I went through different arguments with her in my head while the teacher droned on. When the bell rang, a nasal buzzing sound, a gangly boy with skin problems and hair black as an oil slick leaned across the aisle to talk to me.

Everyone within a three-seat radius turned to look at me. I had to check in my bag. I could have sworn several people behind us were walking close enough to eavesdrop. I hoped I wasn't getting paranoid. It looked like clouds and a sense of humor didn't mix. A few months of this and I'd forget how to use sarcasm. We walked back around the cafeteria, to the south buildings by the gym.

Neptr walked me right to the door, though it was clearly marked. I smiled at him vaguely and went inside. The rest of the morning passed in about the same fashion. My Trigonometry teacher, Mr. Varner, who I would have hated anyway just because of the subject he taught, was the only one who made me stand in front of the class and introduce myself.

I stammered, blushed, and tripped over my own boots on the way to my seat. After two classes, I started to recognize several of the faces in each class. There was always someone braver than the others who would introduce themselves and ask me questions about how I was liking Forks. I tried to be diplomatic, but mostly I just lied a lot.

At least I never needed the map. One girl sat next to me in both Trig and Spanish, and she walked with me to the cafeteria for lunch. She was tiny, several inches shorter than my five feet four inches, but her wildly curly dark hair made up a lot of the difference between our heights. I couldn't remember her name, so I smiled and nodded as she prattled about teachers and classes. I didn't try to keep up. We sat at the end of a full table with several of her friends, who she introduced to me.

I forgot all their names as soon as she spoke them. They seemed impressed by her bravery in speaking to me. The boy from English, Neptr, waved at me from across the room. It was there, sitting in the lunchroom, trying to make conversation with seven curious strangers, that I first saw them.

They were sitting in the corner of the cafeteria, as far away from where I sat as possible in the long room. There were five of them. They weren't talking, and they weren't eating, though they each had a tray of untouched food in front of them. They weren't gawking at me, unlike most of the other students, so it was safe to stare at them without fear of meeting an excessively interested pair of eyes. But it was none of these things that caught, and held, my attention. They didn't look anything alike.

Of the five, one boy was big — muscled like a serious weight lifter, with dark, curly hair. Another was taller, leaner, but still muscular, and honey blond. The girls were opposites. The tall one was statuesque. She had a beautiful figure, the kind you saw on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, the kind that made every girl around her take a hit on her self-esteem just by being in the same room.

Her hair was sparky golden, gently waving to the middle of her back and letting different shades of colors like a rainbow in its way. The short girl was pixie-like, thin in the extreme, with small features. Her hair was a strong red, cropped short and pointing in every direction. The last was lanky, less bulky, tomboyish girl with untidy, ebony-colored hair. She was more girlish than the others, who looked like they could be in college, or even teachers here rather than students.

And yet, they were all exactly alike.

fiona and finn meet fanfiction twilight

Every one of them was chalky pale, the palest of all the students living in this sunless town. Paler than me, the albino. They all had very dark eyes despite the range in hair tones. They also had dark shadows under those eyes — purplish, bruise like shadows. As if they were all suffering from a sleepless night, or almost done recovering from a broken nose.

Though their noses, all their features, were straight, perfect, angular.

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But all this is not why I couldn't look away. I stared because their faces, so different, so similar, were all devastatingly, inhumanly beautiful. They were faces you never expected to see except perhaps on the airbrushed pages of a fashion magazine.

fiona and finn meet fanfiction twilight

Or painted by an old master as the face of an angel. It was hard to decide who was the most beautiful. Maybe the perfect blondie, or the ebony-haired girl.

They were all looking away — away from each other, away from the other students, away from anything in particular as far as I could tell. As I watched, the small girl rose with her tray — unopened soda, unbitten apple — and walked away with a quick, graceful lope that belonged on a runway.

I watched, amazed at her lithe dancer's step, till she dumped her tray and glided through the back door, faster than I would have thought possible. My eyes darted back to the others, who sat unchanging. As she looked up to see who I meant — though already knowing, probably, from my tone — suddenly she looked at her, the thinner one, the girlish one, the youngest, perhaps.

She looked at my neighbor for just a fraction of a second, and then her dark eyes flickered to mine. She looked away quickly, more quickly than I could, though in a flush of embarrassment I dropped my eyes at once.

In that brief flash of a glance, her face held nothing of interest — it was as if she had called her name, and she'd looked up in involuntary response, already having decided not to answer. My neighbor giggled in embarrassment, looking at the table like I did.

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The one who left was Flame Abadeer; they all live together with Dr. Abadeer and his wife. I glanced sideways at the beautiful girl, who was looking at her tray now, picking a bagel to pieces with long, pale fingers. Her mouth was moving very quickly, her perfect lips barely opening. The other three still looked away, and yet I felt she was speaking quietly to them.

Strange, unpopular names, I thought. The kinds of names grandparents had. But maybe that was in vogue here — small town names? I finally remembered that my neighbor was called Fiona, a perfectly common name. There were two girls named like that in my History class back home. And they live together.

But, if I was being honest, I had to admit that even in Phoenix, it would cause gossip. Abadeer is really young, in his twenties or early thirties. The Humane are brother and sister, twins — the blondes — and they're foster children. Abadeer since they were eight. She's their aunt or something like that. With the glances she was throwing at their adopted children, I would presume the reason was jealousy. Abadeer can't have any kids, though," she added, as if that lessened their kindness.

Throughout all this conversation, my eyes flickered again and again to the table where the strange family sat. They continued to look at the walls and not eat. Surely I would have noticed them on one of my summers here.

Pity because, as beautiful as they were, they were outsiders, clearly not accepted. Relief that I wasn't the only newcomer here, and certainly not the most interesting by any standard. As I examined them, the youngest, one of the Abadeers, looked up and met my gaze, this time with evident curiosity in her expression.

As I looked swiftly away, it seemed to me that her glance held some kind of unmet expectation. I peeked at her from the corner of my eye, and she was still staring at me, but not gawking like the other students had today — she had a slightly frustrated expression. I looked down again. She's gorgeous, of course, but don't waste your time. Apparently none of the boys or girls here are good-looking enough for her.

I wondered when she'd turned her down. I bit my lip to hide my smile. Then I glanced at her again. Her face was turned away, but I thought her cheek appeared lifted, as if she were smiling, too. After a few more minutes, the four of them left the table together. They all were noticeably graceful — even the big, brawny one.

It was unsettling to watch. The one named Edward didn't look at me again. I sat at the table with Fiona and her friends longer than I would have if I'd been sitting alone. I was anxious not to be late for class on my first day.

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One of my new acquaintances, who considerately reminded me that her name was HDP, had Biology II with me the next hour. We walked to class together in silence.

She was shy, too. When we entered the classroom, HDP went to sit at a black-topped lab table exactly like the ones I was used to. She already had a neighbor. In fact, all the tables were filled but one. Next to the center aisle, I recognized Marceline Abadeer by her unusual skin, sitting next to that single open seat. As I walked down the aisle to introduce myself to the teacher and get my slip signed, I was watching her surreptitiously.

Just as I passed, she suddenly went rigid in her seat. She stared at me again, meeting my eyes with the strangest expression on her face — it was hostile, furious. I looked away quickly, shocked, going red again. I stumbled over a book in the walkway and had to catch myself on the edge of a table.

The girl sitting there giggled. I'd noticed that her eyes were black — coal black. Banner signed my slip and handed me a book with no nonsense about introductions. I could tell we were going to get along. Of course, he had no choice but to send me to the one open seat in the middle of the room.

I kept my eyes down as I went to sit by her, bewildered by the antagonistic stare she'd given me. I didn't look up as I set my book on the table and took my seat, but I saw her posture change from the corner of my eye.

HShe was leaning away from me, sitting on the extreme edge of her chair and averting her face like she smelled something bad.

Inconspicuously, I sniffed my hair. It smelled like strawberries, the scent of my favorite shampoo. It seemed an innocent enough odor.

I let my hair fall over my right shoulder, making a dark curtain between us, and tried to pay attention to the teacher.

fiona and finn meet fanfiction twilight

Unfortunately the lecture was on cellular anatomy, something I'd already studied. I took notes carefully anyway, always looking down. I couldn't stop myself from peeking occasionally through the screen of my hair at the strange girl next to me.

During the whole class, she never relaxed her stiff position on the edge of her chair, sitting as far from me as possible. I could see her hand on her left leg was clenched into a fist, tendons standing out under her pale skin.

This, too, she never relaxed. She had the long sleeves of her white shirt pushed up to her elbows, and her forearm was surprisingly hard and muscular beneath her light skin. She wasn't nearly as slight as she'd looked next to her burly brother. The class seemed to drag on longer than the others.

Was it because the day was finally coming to a close, or because I was waiting for her tight fist to loosen? It never did; she continued to sit so still it looked like she wasn't breathing. What was wrong with her? Was this her normal behavior? I questioned my judgment on Fiona's bitterness at lunch today.

Maybe she was not as resentful as I'd thought. It couldn't have anything to do with me. She didn't know me from Eve. I peeked up at her one more time, and regretted it. She was glaring down at me again, her black eyes full of revulsion. As I flinched away from her, shrinking against my chair, the phrase if looks could kill suddenly ran through my mind. At that moment, the bell rang loudly, making me jump, and Marceline Abadeer was out of her seat.

Fluidly she rose — she was much taller than I'd thought — her back to me, and she was out the door before anyone else was out of their seat. I sat frozen in my seat, staring blankly after her.

Fionna and Cake cheered and ran home as fast as they could. She tore the wrapper off of a piece of gum and split it in half. She handed one half to Cake and stuck the other in her mouth. The girls both blew a bubble at the same exact time. A white light flashed around Fionna's face. She stumbled backwards and fell to the ground. She rubbed her eyes then opened them. She was in the same exact place she was before. This was a rip-off! She spit the gum out on the ground.

Fionna rolled her eyes, still chewing the gum. Cake is so predictable. Whenever she gets upset she goes and plays Beemo, she thought to herself.

She was disappointed though. She pulled her bunny hat off and laid back, letting the summer sun warm her. She closed her eyes and crossed her arms under her head. She heard two screams, spit her gum out, and jumped into action. Fionna said in her head.

She peaked around at the front door to see Cake and a strange dog holding a viola. I've lived in this house with Cake since I was 9. The dog's eyes widened. Fionna raised her eyebrow and started to ask what he meant, but was cut off. A boy, who looked about Fionna's age, walked into view. He looked just like her, but had a bear hat instead of a bunny one. And he was a boy. The dog, whose name was Jake, apparently, stepped to the side and the boy walked out to face her.

We don't have anything to do! He was lying upside down on his couch. Jake, who was tuning his viola, looked over at his brother. Jake huffed and said, "Your instincts are usually right. Like that time with Ricardo or the time you told me not to eat that giant mushroom.

Maybe we should…" Finn trailed off.