Frozen elsa and jack frost meet

Elsa and Jack Frost Meet In Real Life and Become Jelsa. DisneyToysFan - Vidéo dailymotion

frozen elsa and jack frost meet

In this romance comedy Elsa meets Jack Frost, a very very cute but mysterious boy. Frozen Love: Elsa and Jack Frost by PurpleDragon Frozen Love: Elsa . Its summer in Arendelle. Elsa goes to her ice castle to escape the heat. Jack frost found a giant ice castle in the mountains and decided to move. Read Jack Frost Meet Elsa the queen of arrendelle from the story How Jack Frost Fell in LOVE by kindaxnerdy (lafina) with reads. -cheska, jangad, jelsa.

Together, the two of us run down to the court, where snow is filling up in the fountain, and snow still continues to fall around us.

The Big Four meet Elsa Part.3

The snow crunches under my bare feet as I run out, closely followed by Anna who is covered in warm clothes. I stomp my feet down on the ground, and immediately the snow beneath my feet begins to thin, eventually forming ice.

Elsa and Jack Frost Meet In Real Life and Become Jelsa. DisneyToysFan

The ice travels through the court, even up through the fountain causing it to become a huge ice feature in the middle of the court. Anna giggles as she tries to regain her balance on the ice beneath her feet. I aim my hands at her feet, and ice skates formed. I laughed, as only seconds after announcing this, she stumbled.

She looks up, cheeks pink. I look up at the steps of the castle to where one of the servants is standing. My smile fades, and I stand a little straighter. It is the winter solstice, after all.

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It's tradition to host the ball" "Eugene," Anna interrupts him. I look to the ground, feeling like a ton of weight has just been dropped onto my shoulders.

frozen elsa and jack frost meet

I think of Anna laughing and smiling, and immediately get that warm feeling inside of my stomach. The ice melts, and is replaced with snow which is now falling heavier to the ground.

He doesn't exactly have much patience for my sister. He turns on his heel and marches back into the castle. Anna looks somewhat mad. I force a smile. She pouts, crossing her arms over her thin frame.

I smile and walk over to her. I'm sure he's around somewhere. I'll try be quick" "Don't," she grumbles. I barely ever see you. And when I usually do, you're too stressed to talk to me. I can handle the castle and the duties too. Go back to your ice castle for a week and enjoy yourself!

frozen elsa and jack frost meet

I knew it when I accepted the role as queen. And tell Kristoff to wear something nice for the ball. She's so in love with him it's cute. I wonder will I ever find something like she has with him I shake my head, and walk up to the castle. I know deep down I won't. I'm too private and reserved. I will never be able to share my life with anyone other than Anna.

frozen elsa and jack frost meet

I can barely handle Kristoff, although I do approve of him for Anna. I'm going to change out of my nightgown first. Two years on the throne has really worn me out. I rub my eyes, feeling as though I could sleep for another hour or two.

But of course, I have duties that need to be attended to. I walk into my room, and change into my blue dress. Blue has become a symbol for me.

I feel lighter whilst wearing my dress, as odd as it sounds. It also reminds me of when I finally allowed to let myself go and be free. It's highly important to me, or as important as colours can be in this world. Humming, I open the doors to the balcony and I'm greeted by the fresh air. I look down upon Arendelle; the city glistens and sparkles from the blanket of snow on it.

You can thank me when you decide to believe in me," a male voice says from beside me. I whip around and scream in surprise. The boy too, turns his face to me in surprise and yells.

He jumps back off of the railing he's sitting on, and out into the open air. The boy seems at a loss for words until an uncomfortable silence falls between us. My hands are stretched out in front of me and are shaking uncontrollably. He holds a staff tightly in his hands, which is frosted in the middle and curves at the top. He's wearing a blue jumper and has crystal blue eyes.

He doesn't wear any shoes and has on tattered brown pants that comes only down to his shins. The oddest part is his white hair. I've never met anyone else with white hair. I've never met anyone who looks like him, to be honest.

You can see me? His blue eyes sparkle as he stares at me. My mouth's slightly parted, part of me still wanting to point out that he's flying. He's floating in thin air! I nod my head slowly, feeling confused. No one has ever believed in me yet! Maybe I can even get Kristoff to come. They had been married for 5 months now. Elsa was glad to see her Sister so happy. It had also been a lot of fun tormenting Kristoff while he was asking for her blessing.

Elsa smiled at the memory.

frozen elsa and jack frost meet

Suddenly the window blew open and a hot summer breeze blew into the room. She froze an extra layer of ice on the window. Just to be sure that damn thing never opened again. Anna observed this with a worried look. Then she had an idea. Elsa raised an eyebrow. I don't get a break. Elsa thought for a moment. It's not so warm then. Is there still time?

You know that thing we were talking about, like, 4 second ago? The reason I found you lying half dead on your bed and the reason you almost broke the window? But maybe you should sit down? She noticed that her sister was getting paler by the second. She caught her just in time. Her eyelids fluttered and she mumbled something.

Anna picked her up and carried her to the bed. She piled some snow onto of her. I'm going to pack your things.