Gohan and goten meet bardock dbz

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gohan and goten meet bardock dbz

May 16, The others meet Bardock and are quite shocked. Vegeta placed his hands on his hips and Goku walked up to him, and the latter of the two. Jun 30, Rated: Fiction T - English - Humor/Family - Goku, Raditz, Bardock, Gine Bits of rice and meat flew into the air as Goku and Goten's chopsticks were Meanwhile , Goku's oldest son Gohan was eating with his girlfriend Videl. Jan 22, They wanted to meet there grandparenst so bad that they wished them Now what will happen-featuring a drunk Gohan, Goku, and Vegeta.

It was then decided that the four reformed Saiyans will be given a choice, a fortnight with their families and friends, or a one on one with Frieza. Bardock decided within a wink of an eye to meet with Gohan, about whom he had heard so much. Radditz chose to follow his father. Nappa wanted to be with his Prince and Radditz once again, like the 'good ol' times' of their planet-purging days.

King Vegeta, for one moment, considered the chance to reclaim the tattered remains of his glorious past. But then he wanted to embrace his son, whom he had sent away to Frieza at his childhood, and never seen since. Of course, his ego would not allow him to say that aloud. The four Saiyans were a bit surprised when Piccolo with the help of Kami immediately realized what was going on. Radditz and Nappa wanted to fight him once again, but the other two calmed them down.

Then Dende gave the directions of Capsule Corp. On earth, Vegeta, Gohan, Krillin, 18, Tien and Yamcha all realized the presence of the four new ki sources, but Piccolo's presence indicated that all was under control.

Trunks was at the front lawn with his grand mother; Bulma and Dr.

gohan and goten meet bardock dbz

Briefs were at the lab; and Vegeta lurked in the shadows, out of sight, but ready to strike if anything went out of hand. Briefs suddenly saw a handsome, tanned man in a royal uniform and a scantily clad, bald giant approach her grandson.

gohan and goten meet bardock dbz

Trunks had already picked up the ki similar to his father's and rushed to the king. The lavender hair and crystal blue eyes, along with the young frame of prominent jaw line and distinct widow's peak was enough for the grand father to recognize him. He cautiously approached the child and picked him up. At the last minute he raised on finger and blocked the attack. He narrowed his eyes and Jheese backed away, the fear he was feeling evident in his eyes.

Jheese went flying, smashing through boulders and trees. Goku looked over at Piccolo who had Butta by the throat, and looked forwards. I want the purple guy.

The great captain Ginyu? He went flying just as Jheese had, but Goku was ready for that. In a flash he was behind Ginyu to knock him into the ground.

gohan and goten meet bardock dbz

He jumped up into the air, and blasted downwards with his Ki. He landed deftly next to Ginyu and rotated his shoulder. His grin faded and he looked down at Ginyu and his eyes darkened. He straightened and looked over at Piccolo who was still locked in combat with Recoome. He shook his head, figuring he had it, and walked back over to his two sons. He knelt down and put a hand on Goten's forehead. You sure grew up on me. He instantly threw his arms around his father and brother.

Goten looked back at his family and nodded. And that's your brother, Raditz. They both helped me out a lot! He noticed his son fumbling with the senzu and he knelt next to Goten taking the bag from him. He slid a Senzu out and handed it to Goten who promptly forced it through Bardock's lips. Goku knelt next to Raditz and pushed his jaw open, forcing the bean through. The first thing he was greeted with was Raditz's fist flying at his face.

He caught it, and blinked. That could be have been dangerous! Bardock held his head and looked down at Goten. After taking a beating from the Ginyu Force, and after being caught in an explosion of a planet disappearing, it was nothing short of a miracle he was still alive. He sighed and after awhile he gave up and let his head hang. His cheeks burned with angry indignation. He felt humiliated, angry and part of him felt betrayed.

He wasn't sure why. He didn't owe Vegeta anything. So why did the thought of the man dying make him mad, and hurt?


He frowned and tried to relieve some of the tension in his arms, standing up a little straighter, but nothing happened.

He leaned his head back into the wall and closed his eyes. Vegeta's Ki was a flicker above him, but it was still there. He wasn't dead yet. Trunks had finally been able to find out who his father was, and now he was going to die. His mother would never see him again, he would never see him again, and their issues would never get resolved.

It had ended on a poor note that would without a doubt just linger in the air for the rest of Trunks' life. He sighed and tested his left arm, which was still hard to move. Still Vegeta's bracing it and tending to it, made it feel a hell of a lot better. He had no doubt it would heal eventually, especially if Freeza would keep his word and heal him.

gohan and goten meet bardock dbz

Trunks frowned turning his head back to where his father had stood a few moments ago. Why had he told Trunks to swallow his pride and serve Freeza? He didn't want to have to die next to a pathetic half-breed with purple hair and no tail? Or had he been trying to save Trunks' life?

Either way, it wasn't a promise Trunks intended to keep. However he would stay quiet until he had a chance to either kill Freeza or escape. He was sure as hell not going to be Freeza's loyal lap dog.

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Freeza was going to pay for what he had done, and Trunks was going to be sure to be the one to do it. He looked over at the guards standing in front of his cell and leaned forwards. One guard turned back to him and gave him a toothy grin. He reminded Trunks of an alligator. He pulled on his restraints and grimaced, as they pulled taught.

The guards all laughed and turned away from him again. So where was I? And was this boy a Saiyan, too? He probably heard me, because he looked over at me. I'll be right back, don't move. I couldn't move at all! Couldn't he see that? All I could see was the door right in front of me and the window to the right of that.

A few minutes later, I heard footsteps approaching. I thought it would be that kid again, but I was wrong. In the doorway was a person who looked exactly like me, minus the scar and his facial expression was a little bit happier. There was no mistaking it. He looked exactly as he did in the vision, except his clothes didn't have a symbol on the back. How was this possible? Kakarot was only a few days old!

Not a fully grown man! I wanted to speak to him so badly, but I couldn't.

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I was in too much pain, and I couldn't find the words. I just looked at him.