Goku and chichi meet fanfiction twilight

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goku and chichi meet fanfiction twilight

Dec 4, Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance - [Goku, Chi-Chi] - Words: 1, Twilight was when Mount Paozu was cast with a brilliant pinkish color that but he kept her blind with a sweet kiss that proved his words to be true. Dec 20, Chichi lean her head on Goku's shoulder and said, "Ain't this pretty?" Goku gave a kiss in responds. The twilight ended and faded into the dark. Aug 21, As the day of the Androids arrive, Goku and Gohan realize that they have a greater . ChiChi came in and gave Gohan a kiss and then left.

Just like I was when I was his age. Why didn't I see it before? It's the same with Raditz when he was beating me up and Gohan broke out of Raditz's ship to attack him. Gohan was angry with him. If I get Gohan mad enough, then maybe I can see Gohan's true power. Halfway through the day, Goku decided to test his theory about Gohan. Your anger brings out your strength.

I want you to create that anger by thinking of Cell killing everyone just as I taught you with Frieza when we first started training. That way, I can see your true power. I think I understand now, Dad. He thought about Cell hurting his father, mother, Piccolo and he scream louder in intense anger.

The ground started shaking, the tiles split apart and rose in the air. The higher Gohan yelled, the higher his power went. He never knew Gohan held such intense power inside him and it was growing.

Goku gasped amazed as he felt what he was looking for from Gohan. Gohan's power had surpassed his own! He never felt such a high ki before. It was still going higher as Gohan screamed. Goku wonder if Gohan's power would ever stop. He hope so before the whole Time Chamber collapsed. The gold dome was starting to crack. Through all this, Goku couldn't help but feel a sense of strong pride as he witnessed this historic moment.

When Gohan was a baby, Goku thought he would never get to train his son like he wanted too, but now at only nine years old, his son had surpassed him. Goku knew there was no way he could catch up to Gohan now.

He was so much farther than him. Goku smiled, beaming with pride. He did his job. He accomplished his mission, the goal he strived for when he and Gohan entered the Time Chamber. Gohan slowly powered himself down but only enough that he was a Super Saiyan. I'm very proud of you. Let's clean up and go home. His eyes nearly bugged out. But Dad, we haven't been in here for a year yet. We're already strong enough and we reached our limits. There's no point in going higher.

We can't," Goku said. We'll take a bath first before we go. I don't think Chi-Chi would want to greet us all dirty and sweaty. Gohan wondered if his father forgot his goal to make Gohan stronger than him. Gohan still didn't understand why his father wanted him stronger than him. The idea was crazy. Gohan never felt he could be stronger than his own father.

He was just too strong. As he waited for his wife, Goku took in the quiet peace around him. It was another warm, sunny day.

goku and chichi meet fanfiction twilight

A few birds chirped as they flew by towards the large tree in their yard where the family rested. The river flowing in front of his house was pure and sparkling in the sunlight.

Goku remembered when he and Chi-Chi were building this house and how he created that manmade river for her so they wouldn't have to travel so far to get water and for the indoor plumbing of their home. Goku took in a deep breath of air enjoying the country area he lived in. Everything was so much peaceful here and cleaner. The air was fresher, the water purer and it was quiet, which he enjoyed. As he saw the various shapes of clouds passing by, he thought to when he was sick, where he nearly died.

Goku thought he was going to die. He wasn't sure he'll see a lot of things again--his wife, his son, no one.

He was in severe pain. The pain in his heart hurt so badly, worst than he ever thought possible. He clutched a hand over his heart as the pain rushed through him violently. He was like an infant and couldn't do anything to get attention other than crying out in pain. Someone stop the pain! He felt her lifting up his head and putting something in his mouth.

Goku knew what this was. As the cool liquid rush through his body, Goku could feel it working through him and his heart feeling better. He could hear himself easing his screaming and Chi-Chi lowering his head back on the futon. Now he was just breathing heavily as the medicine slowly took affect. Goku could hear footsteps coming his way and the presence of someone else.

Goku could hear the door slamming open. I got him his medicine and he's resting now. Dad's always been so invincible. He could do anything and everything, Mom and seeing him like this when it's a struggle for him to even breath is surreal. What if Daddy doesn't wake up? Goku couldn't see it but he knew Chi-Chi was hugging their son.

Your father's going to be just fine. This medicine is going to work…and your father's a fighter. He doesn't give up anything without a fight. He needed water, something to cool himself down but he couldn't move. I'm so weak and I'm burning up. Chi-Chi…Chi-Chi, are you near?

I need some water. Goku never thought he would be so crippled from a virus. I need to tell Chi-Chi I'm hot. He could feel her hand on his forehead.

That was a great relief to Goku, but he was still hot. Chi-Chi removed the light shirt on his body and his pants. Goku could hear a fan being turned on and in his direction. He was starting to feel a little better.

He heard footsteps and Chi-Chi leaving the room. Goku's body was feeling less hot now. He heard Chi-Chi returning to the room. Goku inwardly sighed feeling a cool towel on his forehead.

One morning, Goku could hear Chi-Chi at his side, lifting his head once more. It's not your medicine but it's some juice I made by mixing some fruits Master Roshi had in his refrigerator in his blender.

DBZ: Goku and Chi Chi's first date

I know you can't eat solids but I'm sure you can swallow something other than your medicine. Ah, it's nice and cool too! A minute later, Goku felt Gohan's and Krillin's presence.

goku and chichi meet fanfiction twilight

He could feel Chi-Chi nearby. Krillin lifted Goku's upper body while Gohan picked up his father's legs. He could hear Chi-Chi leaving the room first. Goku felt himself being carried out of the room and down the stairs. He felt Yamcha's and Master Roshi's presence but no one said anything. He heard the sound of the TV. A news reporter talked about people clothes lying on the ground in an empty city.

Goku didn't have time to think about that as he felt his body being transported into another room. He smelled disinfectants and soap. He was in the bathroom. I'll take it from here," Chi-Chi said and Goku could feel his body in a chair and Krillin and Gohan leaving. Chi-Chi locked the door after them. He could hear her footsteps in front of him. He felt his body being lifted and pressing against Chi-Chi's.

He then felt his body being slipped into the water. It was just right, not too warm and not too cold. Goku always wondered how Chi-Chi made the best baths. He felt Chi-Chi dipping her sponge into the water and cleaning Goku's body. That's all that matters. He's going to be just fine. When she was done cleaning him, she lifted him out of the tub and wrapped a large towel around him. He felt Chi-Chi picking him up and placing him in the chair.

Chi-Chi dried him off and put on a fresh set of clothes. There was a knock on the door and Gohan and Krillin entered. Take Goku upstairs but be careful with him. I never thought I would be this weak. I can't even defend myself if the Androids come for me here. What if they do come and I can't defend Chi-Chi or Gohan? It'll be like my nightmare again. I wouldn't even be alive right now if Chi-Chi wasn't here taking care of me.

Oh, man, what if I really died? Then Chi-Chi and Gohan…Trunks' future would happen in my world. No, Gohan and Chi-Chi suffered in Trunks' world. I can't let it happen in this one, but I can't fight anymore. We're so vulnerable now. Everyone's waiting for me to come back. The Androids could come here and kill us all. There has to be someone else to defend the others. It took them years to get him. Gohan is the only one to follow in my steps now. If I survived this virus, I must train him to be stronger than me.

He's the only one who can protect the world now. He has it in him, but there's not enough time to train him to surpass me unless… unless I take him to the Time Chamber on Kami's Lookout. Yeah, that could work. Or is he Kamicollo?

goku and chichi meet fanfiction twilight

I feel Piccolo and Kami have merged bodies. I wonder what his new name is. Nah, Kamicollo sounds best. I wouldn't mind sparing with him to see how I stand against him. That would be fun! Goku could hear Chi-Chi calling for the others to come up in the room. Master Roshi asked what the problem was and Gohan asked if it was his father. Chi-Chi just told them they have to come see. What are they looking at? I wouldn't mind fighting Pikami or Kamicollo to see how strong he is. His power is higher than I was when I became a Super Saiyan.

I wonder who this new guy is that Kamicollo has trouble fighting. He must be strong to take Kamicollo's arm. Master Roshi spoke how Goku was smiling as if he was preparing to fight someone strong and he heard Yamcha agreeing and going on how great it is that Goku's already thinking about fighting and would be ready to save them.

Goku heard Yamcha talking to Chi-Chi saying he didn't mean for it to sound as if Goku was going to fight so soon. Goku would laugh if he could at Chi-Chi arguing with them for only thinking about Goku saving them while he is still sick from the virus, but all he could do was smile.

Goku saw Chi-Chi looking down on him. Goku wasn't aware of it. One moment he was looking at the clouds and the other, he was thinking about being sick. I really thought I was a goner with that virus. I was really worried there. I could even hear Vegeta's defeat to the Androids. She didn't know how to respond to that.

goku and chichi meet fanfiction twilight

I told him once and I'm sure Nimbus never forgotten that. This sounds like fun. It's been a while! He helped Chi-Chi on Nimbus and the two flew into the sky!

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This is what Goku liked to see--Chi-Chi laughing and smiling happily without a care in the world. He felt bad for putting her through this--making Chi-Chi worry about him and Gohan as they fight, spending time away from her while he trained.

He knew Chi-Chi wasn't fond of that, but he had no other choice. He had to do it to ensure her, their son as well as the planet's safety. But for now, he wanted to see Chi-Chi happy and be with her as a husband and wife should. That was his goal right now. To Be Continued AN: Yes, I know I mention Gohan as nine and he really was nine when he killed Cell. I know all about the 11th birthday thing in the anime but it was only in the anime not the manga and if you do the math, Gohan is nine and seven years later he's sixteen where he starts high school.

I believe high school in Japan starts at sixteen. If anyone watches Inuyasha, they would know about Kagome 15 studying for entrance exams into high school the next year. The other thing I wanted to comment on was the end of the last flashback where everyone is looking over Goku.

That's a scene from an episode in the Cell Saga "Piccolo's Folly" where everyone is wondering why Goku is smiling and Yamcha comments on Goku thinking about a fight and ChiChi gets upset that he's thinking about Goku getting ready to fight so soon when he's not ready. I really appreciate the meaningful reviews you've sent me and I hope it continues.

I think I made people go mad with my insane cliffhangers, especially from 'UL'. That was a lot of fun, despite those annoying reviews. Yeah, I think it's time I go. I'm gonna miss it, but I know this is what I have to do. You haven't seen the shows?

It's okay for not reviewing earlier. I'm glad you were able to now. I was wondering what you were going to say. Yes, I'll still be here to review, but I won't be writing any more stories. Oh, I hate "A Broken Promise. I really think people took it the wrong way when I post it. I have to stop. I think those who portray ChiChi OOC, not just a little but a LOT OOC aren't showing any respect to the show or to the creator himself by making the characters looking so bad and those who do that are often immature.

I know very little Japanese so I'm not going to embarrass myself by getting it wrong. About that line, I was referring to an episode in the show where ChiChi, Gohan and Krillin were at Roshi's house where Goku arrived suddenly and took Gohan and Krillin away to the Lookout to meet Dende. They both were surprized.

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Goku grabbed him and turned super saiyan and knocked him to the ground the wolf was unconsious and changed into a man. Goku was surprized as a matter of fact everyone was suprized that how can a man change into a wolf even vegeat was surprized as hell!. Goku changed to base. The man suddenly awoke attaking Goku with full of his strength but it had no effect on goku Goku was just playing with him while jacob was on full power trying to grab him but goku was just toying with then jacob transfromed into his man state and told him that he is not a foe to him Goku was amazed by his power and vegeta,everyone was too.

Goku said they came from the planet earth. Jacob told him that this is planet earth. Goku got confused, Then Bulma told him that it can be a dimensional interchange but she does't know how did that happen. Goku said that it is very cold here do you have a thing called house here in this dimension.

Jacob said smiling "yeah we have many more things here. Suddenly when Goku entered the Cullen's house everyone of the vampires in the house sensed a power that would cripple them and the volturi without breaking a sweat. Cullen's welcomed them greatly Goku and Vegeta said that they are hungery and when they were given the human food they ate pizza's cola's and 56 chickens90 fishes and 6 large fishes when they stomach was full they told their whole story to the cullen's that how they got here and how it can be a interdimensional interchange.

Then in the morning when bellaedward and reseme cme back from England,London they found a astonishing power sleeping on the uuper floor rosaile told that they are power from the other dimesion got transported here jacob brought them here. They when they got up to the the first floor GokU and Vegeat were not their suddenly they heard shouting from outside gokua dn vegeta were training outside.