Goseiger meet akared and crew

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goseiger meet akared and crew

Tensou Sentai Goseiger: Last Epic - The Gosei Angels are National Icons!? while flying over the Earth, AkaRed noticed the powers flying all over the universe. Meanwhile, aboard the Gigant Horse, Warz Gill and his crew are paid a visit by .. Shinkenger along with Gosei Pink, although they never meet up in the movie. AkaRed waits personally for his squad, and now wants to meet him in private? . At least compared to the Goseiger page; Don hadn't bothered looking at the others yet. . Medical logs, crew manifest, and other trivialities. Also, Marvelous and Joe's first meeting, showing Marvelous' softer side. Joe warns Marvelous that he may not want him on the crew due to the days of the Red Pirates, and an adventure between Marvelous and Aka Red. . In Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai Hero Great Battle, there's several of these moments.

At least it looked that way. But the way AkaRed was describing it meant looks were deceiving. The operation was a success. There was no need for his armor anymore. As such, Hiromu turns a dial on his Morphing device, as his armor leaves him. Hiromu begins moving from screen to screen.

Medical logs, crew manifest, and other trivialities. What Red Buster was interested in was their flight plans.

goseiger meet akared and crew

They assumed that the enemy would be headed back somewhere. Now, most current-model ships were built in with A. If Hiromu was dealing with such a ship, it would be as easy as bringing the charts up, as the Busters had the element of surprise, and thus no time for the rebels to add cyber-security.

This ship however, wasn't such a model. It was an older model. It wouldn't be as simple as accessing navigational history.

goseiger meet akared and crew

He'd have to hack it. Hiromu pulls a USB Cable out from his uniform's utility belt.

goseiger meet akared and crew

After locating the console's USB Port, he plugs in. Long story short, it unlocked hidden files on basic systems. This included system files. The virus does it's work as the console screen reacts as in glitches out accordingly. After a minute, Hiromu managed to isolate the flight patterns.

The destination was the one thing that stood out.

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Marvelous was out for blood. Shame he wouldn't get any, then. With a rise of his massive gun, Basco manages to block an especially hefty strike from Marvelous' sabre.

Marv's rage was easy to use against him. He could be a tactical fighter when he wanted to be, but it was clear that there wouldn't be any grand logical out-smarting this time around.

Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle

Basco wasn't feeling manipulative, either. If anything, all Basco wanted to do at this moment was take Marvelous down. To put an end to this madness they called a rivalry.

Marvelous parries another slash from Basco as he fires a blast from his Gokai Gun. Today was the day the past was dead and buried. Basco continued to fire from his gun, as sparks shower upon the ground. Luka and Joe scoured the Free Joker, searching for any signs of the spy. It was sort of odd comparing Basco's ship to the Galleon.

goseiger meet akared and crew

It looked smaller on the outside, but inside? It was practically a labyrinth. It was definitely much more regal, too. Decorations and the like peppered the hallways like a bitter Hall of Fame. Basco was obviously well-traveled. For better or worse. We've scoured this whole ship! And then an impact. Within seconds, Gokai Yellow finds herself knocked into one of the corridor walls, while Gokai Blue is pushed to the ground.

Unlike most monkeys, she could fight and think She bangs her weapon-cymbals together, running toward the two Gokaigers. Joe and Luka look at each other, before summoning two Ranger Keys. Yellow jumps into the air, slamming her new-found Bucket Scooper claws downward, whilst Blue slashes in front of him with his Change's Mega Tomahawk axe. Sally jumps to her left side, as she slams her cymbals together with force. This creates a shock-wave that again knocks the Gokaigers back.

What gave that away? As expected, Sally again goes for the shock-wave tactic. Just before the shock-wave hits Yellow, she manages to toss her D-Stick into the gap between Sally's cymbals. Similar to a game of Pong, Gokais Yellow and Blue take two turns using this pincer arrangement to throttle their enemy into submission using both the Nunchaku and the other D-Stick to knock her back and forth.

Upon the third exchange, Sally uses the momentum from her enemies' attacks to slam into Blue, knocking him over. Pinning him down, Sally raises one of her Cymbals and switches it to the side, hoping to use it as a make-shift blade.

Just before it reaches Gokai Blue's neck however, Gokai Yellow kicks her from behind. After crashing into a wall, the monkey's body grows limp. As Basco continued to fire upon his adversary, Gokai Red slashes his Sabre in very careful arcs.

The arcs are spot-on, allowing him to practically cut the bullets out of the air. As the bullets fall to the ground, any trace of a smile falls from Basco's face. He relents for but a moment, allowing Gokai Red to advance. After firing another gun-shot, which Red expectedly dodges he adds with a sword slash. Red jumps into the air, slashing downward. Bracing both of his arms together, Basco pushes Gokai Red further upwards, jumping into the air along with him.

The two exchange aerial slashes for a time, until Basco casts a kick onto Gokai Red's stomach. After a mid-air flip, he fires his gun upwards to send himself back to the ground. The two then again advance upon one another, as blows continued to be traded methodically.

Captain Marvelous

Gun barrel met sword. Grunts and shouts of anger coalesced into what could only be called 'focused chaos. It looks like he had to bring That ship alone has been active for quite a time. This has obviously happened before. You and your team-mates shall be our scouts. He seemed to have all but inside knowledge as to the Zangyack Empire's inner workings.

Some fledgling rebels kitbashing Gormin seemed of little value compared to one with such dangerous knowledge. Meanwhile, aboard the Gigant Horse, Warz Gill and his crew are notified of a void approaching their ship. The entity, revealed to be the Black Cross King, the resurrected Black Cross Furher, manifests and proposes an alliance with the Zangyack so he can have his revenge on the Super Sentai and their supporters.

Although Warz is initially unwilling, he accepts Black Cross King's offer when he promises to leave the Earth to him as all he wants is to kill the Gokaigers. Afterwards, Navi investigates the scene and finds the Gosei Knight key which Alata dropped. As this all happened, after selling off some of his anpan at an elementary school and meeting a child with a well preserved DaiDenzin toy, Daigoro Oume makes his way to the next school before meeting Ryo of the Heavenly Fire Star as he saves a salaryman from being unintentionally run over by S.

Officer Koume "Umeko" Kodou. The three soon learn that the salaryman lost his job and his inability to sell off a toy replica of the Variblune made him consider suicide on the street. The three Sentai warriors, along with their various allies, witness the Black Cross King appearing in the sky as he announces that he has their powers and will soon acquire the powers of the Gokaigers and Goseigers before enacting his revenge.

Finding themselves in an office building, Marvelous and Alata find themselves needing to defeat Brajira while dealing with his Bibi Soldiers in order to return to their space. Despite their differences, the Gokaigers and Goseigers find common ground with each other and manage to defeat the three resurrected villains and return to their space where are welcomed back by Navi and a restored Gosei Knight.

After their battle, they saw Gajah and Chronos, with Chronos sending the Boukengers to a different dimension. Eiji was alerted of the situation, but before he could set out to rescue the other Boukengers, AkaRed, who described himself as the embodiment of the fighting spirit of all Red Rangers, met him and gave him the Super Sentai Address Bookwhich listed information on every Super Sentai member.

He opened it to find Tsubasa Ozua. MagiYellow from Mahou Sentai Magiranger. Eiji tried to talk to Tsubasa during his boxing match, but ended up getting ejected from the side of the ring since he was interfering with his match.

Next, Tekkan Airaa. Eiji tried to acknowledge Tetsu's background as Deka Break, but Tetsu beaten him up and sent him out the window to maintain his cover. Elsewhere, at the Duel Bond site, Chronos shown a time device, a reverse flowing hourglass, to Gajah, which when augmented to a Godom Engine enable him to revive one of the Three Sorcerers, past Super Sentai villains whose magic caused the greatest harm to the Earth.

Chronos would set another up at the Matrix ruins with Gajah remaining to welcome the second Sorcerer while Chronos installed the final device at the countryside. In Chronos' time prison, the Boukengers found out they were blocked of their technology and they met up with Hikarua. MagiShine, also from Mahou Sentai Magiranger. Eiji then received a call through his GoGo Changer from Asukaa. He told Eiji that AkaRed contacted him, but the connection to Earth is weak since the power of the dimension door is weak as well.

Even contacting him was hard through the GoGo Changer.