House of anubis nina and fabian meet fanfiction twilight

The Fate of Fabina Chapter 1, a het huis anubis/house of anubis fanfic | FanFiction

house of anubis nina and fabian meet fanfiction twilight

Author has written 9 stories for Het Huis Anubis/House of Anubis. .. tv when they broke up or when someone interrupted their attempts to kiss -_-, put this in your profile. You can't think about prom without thinking about Fabian and Nina. .. What if James had wanted more from Bella than to simply kill her in Twilight?. Author has written 18 stories for Het Huis Anubis/House of Anubis. Nina and Fabian meet at a coffee shop one day and their love blossoms from there. I Truth You. "Hello and Welcome to House Of Anubis Truth or Dare " . I dare Nina to kiss a boy in the group other than Fabian for 10 minutes. (I like drama! Dare Jerome to watch Twilight with Amber doing comentary! Lol:).

Mick was recording all of it, but was still slightly stunned. It was hard to get over. This was the type of thing that happened in movies. Amber felt a disturbance in the nature, the wind moved around something that wasn't supposed to be there, so there was someone watching her. She looked over to see Mick hidden behind a tree. He ducked when she looked over and she became angry. She moved the tree to the side and revealed him.

It's amazing" Mick said "Don't change the subject Mick, that was beyond rude! That's an invasion of privacy. And you were recording me?

Unless something expensive and pink of hers got messed up or someone hurt Nina somehow. But this was a side of her Mick had never seen.

As he thought of every possible thing that could be hidden from him he got angry. Why were there so many damn secrets in the house? Why was he left out of the loop? He became determined to find out. And he's stronger than most humans. What else would explain it? They're always hanging out, and they're more annoying than usual" Jerome shrugged "Nina wasn't usually annoying" Fabian said. Ask them straight up if they're werewolves" Jerome said. They walked up the stairs to see them all together, as usual.

Fabian did note how that used to be him Nina and Amber that people would think that about. Just when they were about to approach them, Trudy called them for dinner and the trio was off. When everyone was downstairs for dinner, they were surprised to see Mr. Lewis at the table. If he had known he were coming he would have made himself 'presentable'.

house of anubis nina and fabian meet fanfiction twilight

Alfie said nothing and just sat down. Many chokes, silverware dropping, and spit takes were followed. Joy and Nina looked up, shocked. Lewis snapped, surprising everyone. He had always been fond of Jerome. Lewis, I'm afraid I'm not able to allow you to take the girls without written consent of their guardians" Trudy said cutting in. Lewis went through his stuff and pulled out two slips of paper. Did you do anything productive today?

Or did lounge around in your pj's all day? He opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out. Eddie, however, had never met Alfie's dad and never knew of their relationship. Lewis went to the bathroom. Alfie looked at his housemates. He smiled at them. They all smiled back, even Jerome and Fabian. Amber couldn't take it anymore. She got up and hugged him.

Everyone else followed after her and they just sat there embracing each other. Martin, if you would please follow me" "Coming" Alfie said and gave Jerome a look. They went into his room and closed the door.

We're not the best of friends right now, but it's good to know that you still have my back" "Always" Jerome said immediately. No mushy stuff in front of other people, if ever" "I remember" Jerome chuckled. Alfie put his shoes on and ran out in the hall to find Joy and Nina.

house of anubis nina and fabian meet fanfiction twilight

They put on their coats and headed out the door. Surprisingly he took a detour to the woods and into the warehouse. He turned on a light in there and brought out the chains. Lewis usually talks in a calm, assertive nature, but now he seemed forceful, so they did as they were told. He began to chain up Alfie. There are secrets you do not know about your family, and you must keep quiet. You are going to feel hunger you could never imagine, and you have to fight it" "Dad-" He was cut off by a light coming from the window.

The three teens looked out the window simultaneously. They tried to move closer. Lewis yelled startling them out of their small trance. They quickly walked back to the wall. When they began to change, it hit them like a ton of bricks. Screams, loud and twisted, erupted in the silent night. They screamed for hours, pleading for it to stop. Lewis's heart to see his son so defenseless. He wished he could help, could do something to stop the pain. That's when the internal change became physically apparent.

Nina felt the first change, her skin began to feel weird and her bones were distorted.

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Joy felt it next, her skin began to grow prickly, and her brain became fuzzy It hit Alfie hard and fast and he began to break out, same as Nina. Lewis quickly rushed to his son and secured him so he was unable to move. He did the same with Nina, and moved on to Joy.

The rest of the pack was outside. I smiled back than turned my attention back to Seth. He just smiled his dazzling smile I fell in love with and replied, "I missed you and so did the others so we thought we would come visit. I hugged each one of them super tight. For Emily I dialed it down a bit making sure not to hurt her. I seemed happy on the outside and I was on the inside, I was just hoping the Cullens wouldn't stop by for a visit.

house of anubis nina and fabian meet fanfiction twilight

I was the only other werewolf that they actually liked, the other one being Seth, so we all were pretty close. I guess I shouldn't have thought that because Alice Cullen danced in through the door. I knew she was the only one here and I was silently praying the others wouldn't come.

House Of Anubis: Fabian and Nina Kiss

I was walking by a cliff in England when I suddenly had the urge to visit Nina. I know what you are thinking, she is a werewolf and I am a vampire but she was one of the only ones that didn't stare us down when we walked past each other. Her and her boyfriend, Seth, would say sorry to us because of them. Than we found out they were werewolves and they found out we were vampires but they didn't have any problems with us so didn't mind them.

I got to Anubis house and I saw the door open.