How did dappy and fazer meet

Where did Dappy and Fazer meet out of N Dubz

Tula “Tulisa” Contostavlos is his cousin, Richard “Fazer” Rawson their We flew to Los Angeles and had a meeting with LA Reid himself, and. Less than two weeks ago, hip hop artist Nicki Minaj was kicked out of The Last night D-Dubz stars Tulisa, Fazer and Dappy were spotted larking about . Goo Goo Dolls lead singer Johnny Rzeznik recalls meeting with. Tulisa Contostavlos and Fazer (real name Richard Rawson) at The X Factor Wrap Party Fazer (with Tulisa from N-Dubz) has revealed his.

Their music has tipped them into ubiquity through the course of If you think you don't know N-Dubz's songs, you're completely wrong. It's as buoyant, irrepressible and infectious as Dappy — and it is playing out on any radio station remotely interested in snaring a teenage demographic. You'll know it by Dappy's recurring "Na na, na-ay" and by Tulisa's cod-operatic warblings. So, I say, you lot are famous! We've just come back from America, from LA, and stuff, where we're not really known yet, so…" Yet?

You expect that to change? We'll be big over there. In November, the band will release their first single on Def Jam. They're vague on their precise strategy for breaking the US, but as far as I can work out, it revolves around elocution lessons and not using "innit" as a lyric any more. Other people around the world, if we say, 'Get dahn! Dappy and Tulisa's fights are epic, the main narrative strand in the Being N-Dubz documentaries. It's been a month, now. I'm disappointed; I'd hoped to witness one in the flesh.

She leans forward and sweeps her super-long hair extensions off her shoulders. The base of her neck reads "Dappy". Tulisa smiles a satisfied smile. I am intrigued by Tula Constostavlos.

Dappy is preposterously charismatic, and Fazer is a competent sidekick, but Tulisa is a truly interesting proposition, rare by anyone's standards.

I'd initially assumed she was window dressing, but later I'd begun to understand the extent of the power she wields over her bandmates and how central and defining a part of the proceedings she was. And then I watched Tulisa: My Mum and Mea BBC3 documentary which revealed that, aged 11, Tulisa had become the primary carer for her mother, Anne, who suffers from an extreme mood disorder, an intense combination of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

In the film, Tulisa talked dispassionately about watching her mother being sectioned for the first time when Tulisa was five; about how the stress of the situation had pushed her to self-harm, to eating disorders, to depression. She explained that she had attempted suicide twice before she was Tulisa began writing songs as therapy at 11; Uncle B and N-Dubz became a refuge for her.

When I ask her where she'd be without N-Dubz, she says, steadily: I don't want to go on and bring it all back to the depression, but… I would not be here. Dappy's undisciplined ramblings power us into bizarre territory. We address N-Dubz's experience of celebrity. There are the girls: I've got a wife! I got one kid, one on the way. He hasn't got any. And those that can't, it's a higher price! It should be the other way round," says Fazer.

On someone's arm," says Dappy. And we address the haters, the people who post videos on YouTube: Does that bother you? It's like, where we were bought up, if there's a drug dealer that's doing very successful for himself, people are going to hate on him, too.

So it didn't happen? It's a family hotel! But the paparazzi were outside, took the pictures, effed off in the car. We wanted to chase them! It would have been very sensible! I meet N-Dubz again one week later, at a private airfield in Toulon, where they are filming the video for their new single, "Best Behaviour". This is a lament on the twisted nature of fame, on the flawed logic of embracing the adoration of vast quantities of fans while forsaking a truer relationship with one person.

The video mainly involves a lot of mournful disembarking from a private jet, some lonely clattering around a beautiful house high in the hills of Provence and the wielding of a great deal of Louis Vuitton luggage. What's the story behind the video? I ask Ben Peters, the director. The hold-ups are myriad and unexplained; N-Dubz endure it with wearied resignation and occasional blow-ups. Dappy's pregnant girlfriend, Kaye, is on set, along with Gino, his son. Dappy plays with Gino; he is uncharacteristically calm in his family's company.

But he also appears to have developed a new catchphrase — "We beat the system! Tulisa wears a coral kaftan and sleeps between takes; she requires considerable quantities of pizza to be shipped in she won't eat anything else.

Fazer amuses himself quietly in corners and is delighted to discover that Tulisa's buff, video love interest extra can't swim that well. I talk sartorial reinvention with Dappy and Fazer's stylist, who aches to get both of them into trousers that aren't two sizes too wide and long. I witness Dappy erupting when he discovers there is to be no more food on set that day. David and Ed Miliband? He shakes his head. I don't know them.

I could have done with more Gordon. We talk about the future of N-Dubz. Dappy expects that, eventually, he and Tulisa will work independently of each other on solo efforts and that Fazer will write and produce for other artists.

He says he has plans for his own fashion line: You're going to get trousers and everything. The Independent wrote, "His lyrics combine jealousy with anger: The silent boy falls instantly to the pavement Despite vowing he would not return to the show, he appeared for a second time on the guest team on 4 December and for a third time, on Phill's team, which was broadcast on 18 November On 6 Augustit was announced that the group had left Polydor Records and had signed to All Around the World records.

The label predominantly specialises in dance music; however, they have occasionally released hip hop records such as Ice Cube 's " You Can Do It ". The press release stated that the label would be releasing "Ouch" as the group's first single on the label in September The song charted for five weeks in the UK Singles Chartpeaking highest at number The tour was originally planned for 16 dates but due to high demand 5 extra dates were added. The tour sold out within days. During one performance, Tulisa fainted on stage.

Multiple news sources reported that it was due to suspected swine flu. Dubplate Drama finished with Laurissa kicking her addictions and leaving in a taxi for a new life with her child.

And you know, even until I found out about this event, I didn't really know that much about it, and that's saying something you know.

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And the fact that I'm only finding out now is not really good enough. So that was every reason for me to get involved. The lead single from the group's second album titled "I Need You" was released on 9 November and charted at No. The album went platinum within approximately 2 months of release. The song reached No. It was announced that the single will be released on 25 April, it reached No. In lateN-Dubz announced that they will tour their current album, Against All Odds in springmaking it their third tour in two years, starting on 31 March and finishing on 20 April.

It included 17 shows with supporting acts SkeptaTalay Riley and Ultra. From Street Life to Chart Life, which they described as "the answer to the critics, there is a lot of bad press about N-Dubz at the moment and this is going to put the record straight about who we really are and what we're about!

Life The group filmed a 6-part documentary, Being N-Dubzwhich premiered on 21 June on 4Music[32] and was later renewed for a second series in The first release was the album Love.