How did david letterman and regina lasko meet

Regina Lasko, David Letterman’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts |

how did david letterman and regina lasko meet

Read David Letterman's wife Regina Lasko's bio/wiki. Find out her net Regina Lasko is famous for being the wife of retired late night host David Letterman. America became Lasko met Letterman in while she worked on his show. Way back in April , television legend David Letterman announced the seemingly impossible: Regina Lasko Is Very Supportive Behind The Scenes Lasko was a staff member on The Late Show when the couple met. Letterman’s wife, Regina Lasko, 57, and his son Harry, 13, were both in attendance to support him. Despite being the former Late Night talk show host’s wife, Lasko, hasn’t exactly had it easy. It was just six months prior to the scandal that Lasko — pictured above with her.

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how did david letterman and regina lasko meet

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how did david letterman and regina lasko meet