How did draculaura and clawd meet

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how did draculaura and clawd meet

Read Clawd x Draculaura from the story Monster High One-Shots by DeNilePhile (DeNilePhile It wasn't that she didn't love her father, she did, but he was cold and unaffectionate monster high meets ever after high by MY-QUEER-KING. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Drama - Draculaura, Clawd Wolf - Words: "It really did look good on you," He was raging with desire. Draculaura, seeming shy at first, started meet his thrusts with urgency. monster high couples, how they met Clawd and Draculaura Lala looked up and yelped, her crush Clawd wolf was standing right by her.

He said" wow Lala you have bad luck with rain storms. Lala tried to laugh but she couldn't, she said" no duh Jacob Black". He laughed and looked at Rockseena, he said" I was just out with Rockseena in the park when it started pouring, so I walked home with Rockseena and we walked into you". Lala just shook her head, there was a awkward silence for a few minutes before Clawd broke it. He said " ssoo um do you want me to walk you home then".

Lala said " uumm I guess". So those two walked down the street together. When they got to Lala's house they walked up to the porch.

Draculaura und Clawd Wolf

Lala looked at her fathers window to see it dark. She muttered" ugh he is still asleep". Clawd asked" who's asleep". Lala said" its my father, he sleeps during the day while im awake, and I sleep during the night while im asleep". Clawd said" so you rarely get to see him". Lala said" ya I barley get to see him, and when I do he is always silent". Clawd just shook his head, they was a minute of awkward silence before Lala broke it.

She stammered" um I um better get inside". She turned towards the door, but Clawd grabbed her wrist. She turns towards him but before she could do anything, he kisses her on the lips. The part of the routine that confused the all vampire school they were playing, one of the few all anything schools left, was the part the Monster High students understood best. Whenever Draculaura was being lifted into the air, it was Clawd who made sure she didn't fall.

All of the Monster High students were smart enough to know you don't mess with Clawd Wolf's "Little Lala",especially when he was actually there. When the time came for the final flip, one look between Duce and Clawd showed their mutual agreement to be careful with each other's girlfriends.

The swing was flawless, as was the twist the two fearleaders did in mid-air. Clawd and Duce caught their girlfriends and they, along with Frankie and Jackson, finished the routine.

how did draculaura and clawd meet

The music stopped and each of the three fearleaders dropped into the arms of the boy holding her up. Clawd just laughed at his giggling, smiling girlfriend. As Draculaura began to walk away, Clawd called out to her. Once she was sitting back on the bleachers, Draculaura found something in her fearleading bag that wasn't hers. It was Clawd's turquoise hat that he always wore. Smiling to herself, the young vampire put the hat on her head and turned back to the court where Clawd was looking her way.

He winked and smiled, his attention going back to the game when the ball was tossed in the air. Giggling to herself, Draculaura saw one of the vampires on the other team smile and wave at her. She rolled her eyes and went back to watching Clawd.

The boy seemed shocked when Clawd let out a low growl. The Count's daughter held her tongue and tried to tune the other vampire out. One wrong move and Jade would tell Draculaura's brother, Dragomir, all about Clawd.

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Jade had the ability to, as there was an arranged marriage between the blue-black haired vampire and the son of the Count. It had taken nearly two years for Dracula himself to approve of Clawd, and her brother was, if anything, worse than her father. After the game, which Monster High won, Draculaura went home with Clawdeen and Clawd, whom she was spending the night with.

She was trying to make me get angry today. She wants an excuse to tell my brother about us. If he finds out, Dragomir will kill you, no joke! No, it can't be! He wasn't supposed to be back yet. Dragomir told me he'd be home next week, and I asked him two days ago!

Clawd Wolf

If I have to put up with that bit- I mean, Jade, then he can put up with you. I love you, and there is no changing that. When they broke apart, Clawd set Draculaura down, but held onto her hand. I had to see it. You were amazing out there, but why did that wolf always have a hold of you?

You remember Clawdeen, right? It took two years, but he could see I truly am happy. He left well enough alone and he has grown to accept the fact that I love Clawd and that Clawd loves me.

how did draculaura and clawd meet

If not for your own health, than for me. I can tell you're already sad. I don't like seeing my little Lala sad. Clawd listened to Draculaura, and he began to walk towards his car, Clawdeen on his heels. Dragomir was fast though, and ran in front of Clawd.

The girls quickly make a pyramid with Draculaura on top and do well until Mr. Hackington begins selling blood sausages which causes her to faint.

She lands right into Clawds hands, knocking the ball out of his hands, and causing the team to lose the game. While the crowd boos, Draculaura cries as Heath then begins to mock her. She wonders why she agreed to go to the dance with a jerk like him until Clawd comes in offering to take her to the dance.

She replies that she was already going with Heath and Clawd asks him if he could take her instead which he nervously accepts and proceeds to run away. When Clawdeen asks Draculaura about going to the dance with Clawd, she nervously smiles. Clawdeen confronts them both about going to the dance in " Beast Friends ". She approaches Clawd first and begins to tell him that if he did anything to hurt Draculaura's feelings she would "be in [his] grill like a hamburger.

how did draculaura and clawd meet

Draculaura, who is having a daydream of herself and Clawd, gets interrupted by Frankie telling her to change into her fearleading outfit. As Draculaura grabs her outfit she turns around and sees Clawdeen. Clawdeen asks her if shes going to the dance with Clawd to get back at her for something she might have done, and Draculaura says that they are just going as friends.

As Clawdeen walks away, Draculaura decides that she must tell Clawd how she feels.

how did draculaura and clawd meet

In " Varsity Boos ", they are seen dancing together. Clawd says that they've become good friends since she joined the fearleading team.