How did edith and otto frank meet

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how did edith and otto frank meet

The Frank family: (left to right): Margot, Otto, Anne, and Edith Frank, For some reason, Frank does not seem to have put his family's names back on the list. The two men had met more than 30 years earlier, while Frank was in college in. But she'd say, "Come and meet my father because he'll speak German with you." Which I did. And Otto Frank was extremely kind. He and his. Edith Frank (née Holländer; 16 January – 6 January ) was the mother of Holocaust She met Otto Frank in and they married on his 36th birthday, 12 May , at Aachen's synagogue She did not feel at home in Amsterdam.

Given that the book has since sold 20 million copies in 58 languages, the resistance he met is almost comic.

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At Doubleday, the marketing team was told to 'play down the grim aspects of the story', and the feeling was that the book's 'sales potential was small'. Otto, however, was cock-a-hoop to have a deal at all.

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For him, a secular but emotional man, Anne's Jewishness was less important than her universal appeal as a symbol of freedom and tolerance. He wanted her 'message' to reach as many people as possible; if that meant watering down her faith, or flinching from the horrors of the camps, so be it.

The final half of this biography, then, is not so much about Otto as it is about the book that gave his life fresh meaning. Lee takes you through the whole shebang, from his dealings with the saccharine, two-faced Frances and Albert Hackett, writers of the stage and screen adaptations of the diary their Pulitzer Prize-winning Broadway smash hit was so anodyne many people thought its characters fictionalto his endless legal row with the unhinged Meyer Levin, a Jewish writer they beat to the job.

Meanwhile, gentle Otto is lost along the way, his second, passionate marriage to another Holocaust survivor, Fritzi Markovitz, and, in particular, his nervous breakdown only a little more than nodded to in passing. As in life, he fades into the background as soon as his ghostly daughter takes centre stage.

how did edith and otto frank meet

But Lee does have a new theory about who betrayed the family to the authorities - and it is a good one, even if, at times, her dogged pursuit of it becomes a narrative red herring. Her suspect is Tonny Ahlers, a thug and anti-Semite whom she also believes blackmailed Otto until his death in Ahlers knew that at the start of the war Otto had continued to do business with the Wehrmacht the pectin his firm produced was essential for the preservation of the German army's rationsa fact he would undoubtedly have wanted to remain secret.

Perhaps this was the reason why Otto, to the immense frustration of Nazi hunters like Simon Wiesenthal, showed so little interest in tracking down those responsible for the murder of his family.

When Audrey Hepburn met Otto inafter she was asked to audition for the lead role in the Hollywood take on the diary, he struck her as somebody 'who'd been purged by fire Carol Ann Lee recreates this tortuous journey meticulously, with a kind of orderly, Prussian care that her subject would have adored.

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And yet, when I finished reading her book, Otto was as opaque as ever, his motives often troubling. The problem is, I suppose, that it is only thanks to his quicksilver daughter that we have heard of him at all. He was a father first, and a father last, and not even the most determined biographer can change that. Although he didn't express it, Miep sensed that he felt lonely without his family. Whereas personal matters were discussed little at the office, world affairs all the more.

Frank and I quickly established a rapport as well, discovering our common passion for politics.

how did edith and otto frank meet

We found ourselves on the same side of things. Although I had been brought up not to hate, I disapproved of the fanatic Adolf Hitler, who had recently seized power in Germany. Frank felt the same way, although much more personally, as he was Jewish. By November the Frank family had found a house, in the same Amsterdam neighborhood where Miep lived with her foster parents. Edith Frank had come from Aachen a few times to search for a house, and once they had succeeded, the eldest daughter Margot joined them in December.

By way of a birthday gift for Margot, Anne arrived in Februarythen aged four.

how did edith and otto frank meet

Shortly afterward Miep met Anne and her mother at the office. Otto Frank introduced his wife and daughter to her. Anne was wearing a white, fuzzy fur jacket and was shy and inquisitive at the same time. Miep brought coffee for the adults and a glass of milk for Anne.

She looked with fascination at my shiny black typewriter.

Anne Frank: her life after the diary ended

I held her little fingers to the keys and pressed. Her eyes flashed when the keys jumped up and printed black letters onto the invoice rolled into the machine. Then I directed her attention to the window — just the kind of lively scene I thought any child would like.

how did edith and otto frank meet

The view caught her interest: Quiet, obedient, curious about everything. Miep started dating Jan Gies. During their lunch break, he often picked up Miep to go for a stroll. In that way he got to know Otto Frank as well. When Otto Frank one day invited Miep to come for dinner at their home, he added: I accepted, honored to be invited home by my boss to share a meal with his family.

Otto Frank looked as well-groomed as at the office, but clearly a bit more laid-back. Frank was just as friendly and as reserved as when Miep first met her. Edith Frank had not yet mastered Dutch very well, and since Jan was proficient in German, they continued to converse in German.

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They heard from Edith how she was still rather homesick for Germany, admired the antique furniture, made the acquaintance of the family cat, and discussed world events. When sitting down for dinner the two daughters Anne and Margot were called to join them, now eight and ten years old, respectively.

After dinner, the girls disappeared into their room to do homework. Family[ edit ] She met Otto Frank in and they married on his 36th birthday, 12 Mayat Aachen's synagogue. They had two daughters born in FrankfurtMargotborn 16 Februaryfollowed by Anneborn 12 June Immigration[ edit ] The rise of Antisemitism and the introduction of discriminatory laws in Germany forced the family to emigrate to Amsterdam inwhere Otto established a branch of his spice and pectin distribution company.

Edith was German, and she missed Germany. She did not learn Dutch very well. She did not feel at home in Amsterdam. Edith's children were removed from their schools, and her husband had to turn over his business to his Dutch colleagues Johannes Kleiman and Victor Kuglerwho helped the family when they went into hiding at the company premises in The two-year period the Frank family spent in hiding with four other people their neighbours Hermann van Pelshis wife Auguste Van Pels and his son Peter Van Pels, and Miep Gies 's dentist Fritz Pfeffer was famously chronicled in Anne Frank's posthumously published diarywhich ended three days before they were anonymously betrayed and arrested on 4 August After detainment in the Gestapo headquarters on the Euterpestraat and three days in prison on the Amstelveenweg, Edith and those with whom she had been in hiding were transported to the Westerbork concentration camp.