How did jp and ashley meet

​J.P. and Ashley Rosenbaum on life after "The Bachelorette" - CBS News

how did jp and ashley meet

"BACHELORETTE" FINALE: Ashley Hebert Says Yes To JP roasted by Hebert's sister during the meet-the-family portion of the program.) A British sniper once took out 6 terrorists with a single shot — here's how he did it. Ashley Hebert and her husband, JP Rosenbaum, let the world in on their own struggles with intimacy after having their second baby. Ashley Hebert has become engaged to JP Rosenbaum in the season taking both him and fellow finalist Ben Flajnik to meet her family in Fiji.

Ashley Hebert and J. The special will also cover all the events leading up to the ceremony -- including the dress fittings for Ashley's custom-made gown, the couple's meetings with their wedding planner, and their bachelor and bachelorette parties. Ashley, a year-old dentist, and J.

how did jp and ashley meet

They are only the second couple in The Bachelorette history to wed, following in the footsteps of first-season The Bachelorette couple Trista Rehn and Ryan Sutter. During a conference call with reporters on Tuesday, Ashley and J.

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Below is what the couple had to tell Reality TV World. Are you guys still living in New Jersey? I just wanted to make sure because I kind of lost track.

And also, where do you see yourselves settling down long-term? For instance, do you see yourselves staying in New York or Ashley, do you ever see yourself moving closer to home?

how did jp and ashley meet

Okay, so we live in Princeton, New Jersey right now. We've been living here for probably six months now, and we live here as kind of like a compromise because J. And then terms of long-term in the future, we're not really sure and we haven't really -- we still have a couple years left in Princeton. We'll probably stay in the Northeast, maybe New York, maybe north Jersey, maybe Connecticut, who knows!

Do you two plan on having kids? If so, how many and how soon?

J.P. And Ashley Married: 10 Things You Don't Know About Their Relationship

We never really planned for that. We just got married, so we're just going to chill out for a little while and enjoy each other's company.

We don't really have a plan yet. I mean, they're definitely in the future -- in the somewhat near future -- but there's no specific timeline, right babe? Yes, you got it! We go back and forth. We do go back and forth on how many though. I agree with that. We always go back and forth. I want another dog; J. What do you think was the toughest obstacle you two had to overcome in your relationship to making things work post- The Bachelorette since you began dating in the real world and living together?

See whom each Bachelorette and their final bachelor ultimately ended up married or engaged to! Luckily, we've had nothing super, super major come up.

how did jp and ashley meet

We have had to move half a dozen times. Ashley got into her residency program, so we moved out of New York, which was really a first for me in 12 years.

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But aside from that, you know, we have really just meshed so well. Our families get along. We haven't had any serious, serious obstacles to overcome in the last almost two years.

how did jp and ashley meet

Babe, do you disagree? No, I mean, I don't think we've had anything major. The only thing that people probably know about us is that we are very different. I'm from a very small town in Maine. Our personalities are very, very different. So I think that, at first, that took like a second for us to adjust. I know that kind of sounds like a [lame] answer, but I think that's really the only thing that we've had to kind of adjust to -- all the moves. It really weighed heavy on me.

I never realized the time commitment involved with having a son. Life now revolves around him. There's no, 'Oh, I'm going to sit down and watch a hockey game. And obviously I'm very happy to do it, but it is a total change in priority. And then I saw Fordham University.

And I was like 'I love that! We can call him Ford for short. It's a strong name. It's a power name. He has to be successful with a name like Ford, right? You gotta not be made fun of in junior high and high school and then you gotta be taken seriously as an adult. It's more difficult than it sounds.

We live in Miami but J. I'm always scared that he's going to bring something down here, especially during this crazy cold and flu season. I'm a little bit of a germaphobe, so I'm crazy about keeping things stocked in the house.

So we got this fully stocked this season. We want to keep them close in age, too. So a year, two years. It's being talked about. It's kind of like in life. You meet some people, and sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't. For us, it just happened to work out in a crazy crazy scenario.

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