How did miles kane and alex turner meet

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how did miles kane and alex turner meet

Miles Kane rocks up to the pub in Shoreditch, sporting a fresh haircut, Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner, where they would cover The Fall's “Totally Wired” . She'd been at that same Jamie T show, Kane says, and he'd only met her a few times, We probably did three or four takes of each tune, max. A Redditor has recalled the moment his young son Aero got to meet the rocker Miles Kane & Alex Turner in The Last Shadow Puppets. Miles Peter Kane (born 17 March ) is an English musician, best known as a solo artist and Entitled Out of Dreams it featured 4 tracks, but did not achieve chart success. Whilst touring with the Arctic Monkeys, Kane and front man Alex Turner began .. "How We Met: Leighton Baines & Miles Kane - Profiles - People ".

The two even moved to Los Angeles in tandem a few years ago. You both live in Los Angeles now. Who followed whom, or did In-N-Out compel you equally? That was me first. I moved out here about four years ago, having made an Arctic Monkeys record out here for the second time, with a chap called Joshua Homme, who produced that record. I first started to get to know that place, really, through him. Miles, what appealed to you about L. Eight years separate your first record together as Last Shadow Puppets and this new one.

Why was now the time to make a second album? Did you have any false starts before this? There were a couple of times in between when we thought we might try and do another one, but the circumstances dictated otherwise.

This is really the first actual break in the weather that we were able to make a dash for it, as it were.

how did miles kane and alex turner meet

Then it just so happened that everything lined up. The album was recorded at Shangri-La studios in Malibu. What about that environment aligned with the record you wanted to make together? Me and Miles, we wrote all the songs, and then the producer, James Ford, who also plays drums on the record, had always wanted to go to the Shangri-La.

When I first met James Ford about 14 years ago, he always said to me back then that he wanted to go to the Shangri-La, so it was a bit of a dream come true for us and him, as well.

I think it had all the knobs that he liked to twiddle.

7 times The Last Shadow Puppets’ Alex Turner and Miles Kane reached peak friendship goals

Did you have any Zen interactions with Rick Rubin there? Do any sunrise yoga together? No interactions with Rick Rubin. I think there is a button on the console where, if you get really stuck, you push it, and a hologram of Rick appears.

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How long have some of these songs been in the works? Were you eager to try anything different together this time around? The first one we wrote for it was a while ago, about two years ago. I think in the beginning, we were looking so hard for a different thing to try, but it felt stifling to the creativity rather than helpful. When we made the first record, it was a very specific set of reference material.

Musically, it was kind of like a soundtrack we were enacting or something. It was a very clear idea, the things we were chasing after. This time, in the beginning, I think we were looking for another list of references, or a new tree to bark up, if you will.

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That being said, there are different influences musically. Who were you listening to? And as they played to each other Scott Walker's versions of the songs of Jacques Brel, and the lustrous orchestral compositions of the American producer David Axelrod, the idea began to take root that they might try to make a record with that kind of scope themselves - 'do summat like that, and do it dead grand,' as Turner put it.

Wasn't Scott Walker's a strangely old-fashioned type of music for people in their early twenties to be trying to emulate? When you hear a song and you love the way the drums sound or the melody works, it's only natural to want to do a tune like that yourself.

Turner was happy to admit that parental influence may have played a part in his new musical direction: He'd play me things like the Beach Boys and try to explain the rules and stuff. The allure of the metropolis is personified in the form of a captivating female, the 'relentless marauder' of the title track, who sashays in and out of the lyrics in an intoxicating whirl of 'feather boas' and 'golden laced boots'.

Turner is famously resistant to any intrusion into his private life. The first song that they wrote together was The Chamber. It's an uncharacteristically claustrophobic number, with no seductive femme fatale figure in it, just a short but poignant lyric about feeling 'cornered by yourself'.

how did miles kane and alex turner meet

When they wrote these songs on their acoustic guitars, they could 'barely imagine' what they might sound like once the elaborate string arrangements of Arcade Fire helpmeet Owen Pallett had been factored in.

The opening night of the Last Shadow Puppets' first short tour - in Portsmouth in August - found band and orchestra taking a little while to gel. But by their Reading Festival performance five days later, a packed tent struggled to contain levels of teenage hysteria Billy Fury might have envied.

Miles Kane

Turner and Kane - looking somewhat more hungover than at our previous meeting seven months before - are sitting in the library of the Grosvenor House Hotel, on the morning of the Mercury Music Awards. They are nominated for the prize - in Turner's case for the third time - but both claim convincingly that they would be 'more than happy' for their good friends Elbow to win, which is ultimately what happens.

On BBC2's live coverage there's a cute cutaway shot of Alex and Alexa sitting demurely at their table together - looking every inch the new model celebrity couple the style supplements have described them as. Disregarding the increasingly fashion-conscious Turner's polo-neck theory, Kane prefers to illustrate the dramatic improvement in the Last Shadow Puppets' live shows with a sexual analogy: When Turner originally gate-crashed the big time inArctic Monkeys' commendable determination not to lose their bearings amid the giddy whirl of overnight success sometimes left them looking a little surly.

Almost pathologically reticent about revealing anything in interviews, and prone to blowing out award ceremonies but then being seen at the parties afterwards, Turner's embrace of his own celebrity status was so wary as to be in danger of seeming graceless.