How did si and dave meet

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how did si and dave meet

Dave Mayers and Si King make up the dynamic duo, so here is all you need to know about Dave and Simon's friendship flourished in , when the pair met on the set of a TV They also did a TV show of the same name. Si King and Dave Myers. We did a series called Comfort Foods which we loved : the pair of us, back to basics, cooking. Christmas food is a. Sadly, the strain of looking after Mum did for Dad in the end and he suffered I met Lili, my wife, while we were filming The Hairy Bikers in Romania. As she escorted Si [King, fellow Hairy Biker] and me up a spiral staircase.

how did si and dave meet

Simon King is a supporter of Newcastle United. Their TV shows are a mixture of cookery and travelogueusing a similar format and style to that previously associated with Keith Floydincluding the habit of frequently referring to the cameraman and other crew.

Hairy Bikers' Dave Myers on riding solo without partner Si King

The show also features elements of the Two Fat Ladies format, including regular banter between the two stars, use of various unusual cooking locations and the use of motorbikes. The series saw them visit a different county each day and cook what they considered to be that county's signature dish.

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King came off his bike when a car pulled out in front of him, while he was riding through Gosforth during rush hour. His TV partner Dave Myers was riding some distance behind him.

how did si and dave meet

We did a series called Comfort Foods which we loved: Christmas food is a big part of our life. This series is also a really simple concept: I honestly think that this show is a complete tonic for your stomach as well as your soul!

how did si and dave meet

The food reflects all the days leading up to Christmas as well as those bits in between. We have little tips and hints for how to make your money go a little bit further and how to impress at that special time of year. What three words would you use to describe the series? Why did you decide to do a Christmas TV series this year?

how did si and dave meet

And we both do love Christmas! When you are developing recipes how do you come up with your ideas - any particular inspirations?

How new love makes the world go round for Si

We had a big process of development where we thought about what we would like to eat if it was there in front of us, and worked it out so that people can and will cook it. He'd met Mum quite late in life and they were both widowed.

how did si and dave meet

He was a foreman at the paper mill in Barrow-in-Furness, but after he retired when I was eight, we became inseparable. We'd ride out on his motorbike, attach worms to hooks suspended from a long line staked in the sand, and see what the tide brought in.

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Sometimes, we'd collect as many as 40 plaice. Mum was an energetic woman who seized life with both hands. During the war she had worked as a crane driver in the shipyard and she was a fabulous cook. But life changed almost overnight. I was sitting down to dinner, aged seven, when Mum walked in with a tray full of food, lost her balance and sent the dinner flying.

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When Dad took the mickey, she burst into tears and we later discovered it was the first visible symptom of multiple sclerosis. Dave Myers as a young boy with his parents. Within a year, she was in a wheelchair and Dad and I became full-time carers. Bedtimes were the worst.