How did ton jones and allen haff meet

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how did ton jones and allen haff meet

Auction Hunters is an American reality television series that premiered on November 9, , The show follows Allen Haff, and Clinton Jones (aka 'Ton'), who have experience in a variety of fields including guns and mystery safes, as they. Allen Haff and Ton Jones fire a gun at a graveyard. I love Boy Meets World! . josh duhamel what a cutie did u know he beat ashton kutcher at a. a reality about two action hunters named Allen Haff and Ton Jones who there were many other things that Allen did without consulting Ton.

how did ton jones and allen haff meet

Competing against other infamous auction hunters, high rollers and persistent bidders, Allen and Ton must spend money to make money. So will their latest discoveries be worth the expense? Find out on the following episodes of Auction Hunters 3: They discover a s embalming pump and one of the first electric bone saws. Later, the guys find a custom-built shark cage, but can this item keep the auction sharks at bay? The guys discover a basket and burners for a hot air balloon and a 19th century German single-shot rifle!

Auction hunter shuffler Ton and Allen spot a s shuffleboard table and uncover an early hot rod made from the fuel tank of a World War II fighter plane! Also, they guys teach a cocky new auction hunter a lesson. Ton's driller instinct Ton and Allen encounter aggressive outdoorsmen in the Alaskan wilderness.

'Auction Hunters': Ton Jones Fires The Most Powerful Handgun In The World (VIDEO)

The guys discover an 8-wheeled all-terrain vehicle ATV that travels on both land and water, and an air percussion hammer that can drill through solid rock! Cold hard cash The guys head to North to Alaska and get receive a cold reception from the local auctioneer. They find two enormous seaplane pontoons and a pair of Smith and Wesson revolvers, including the most powerful production handgun in the world! Choo-choo cha-ching The guys get a surprise second chance after nearly getting shut out in the small town of Palmer.

They uncover a s motorised railroad maintenance car and a pre-World War I Japanese semi-automatic pistol.

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Drumming up cash Ton and Allen face some silent but deadly competition at an auction in nearby Glendale. They discover a Zildjian brand percussion cymbal from the s and a pyrotechnics control board designed for large-scale fireworks displays. Big easy money Allen and Ton head to New Orleans in search of easy money, but instead encounter some bayou bidders with big bucks!

how did ton jones and allen haff meet

Allen Huff has appeared on other TV shows, at least one involving his knowledge of antiques and collectables. He comes from a background of antiques and grew up around them. Ton Jones did not have any acting or TV background. I think the key here is something the TV show may not have shown, at least no specifically. There was plenty of reference to the pawn shop costing money to operate and we did see the shop expanding staff. Before they could just buy stuff and sell it directly, without having to cover rent or other expenses.

I expect that both Allen and Ton invested their own money heavily in getting the business going. We did see that Allen had ordered T-shirts without consulting Ton. Ton could easily have put tens of thousands into the business with no return.

INTERVIEW: Auction Hunters, Allen Haff & Clinton ‘Ton’ Jones

And if the business failed Ton would never seen any of that money back. Not everyone is good a running a business and business do have a high failure rate. Although Allen has had at least one business in the past. Other storage locker shows have the advantage of following multiple buyers. Auction Hunters has only focused on Allen and Ton.

how did ton jones and allen haff meet

Some wonder if the show is fake. No, but the editing can be very misleading. So things did happen, but not always in the way or order they were shown on TV.

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This appears most evident in the last episode. I think we may need to wait until January to know for sure. I also think the pawn shop may currently be closed and that Allen and Ton are still separate.

how did ton jones and allen haff meet

Legal issues are one of the best reasons why nobody would be talking.