Ichigo and rukia meet again guilty

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ichigo and rukia meet again guilty

Ichigo knew Rukia wasn't taking everything as lightly as she made it seem. . " How did you come to meet Kuchiki Rukia? . This was all his fault but he refused to feel guilty for bringing Rukia back with the hogyoku. Ichigo had five years to decide his fate five long years without We Meet Again" , at the time of the separation between Ichigo and Rukia . He suddenly felt an enormous amount of guilt as he had not gotten anything for her. The Soul Society: The Sneak Entry arc is the second season of the Bleach anime series, Ichimaru uses his shikai and pushes Ichigo back through the gate. help, Ichigo meets Ganju Shiba, a man who claims to be the number one hater of Soul Meanwhile, Rukia's sentence has been moved to fourteen days, and she is.

But thanks for rubbing that in! Slight warning that has nothing to do with the story, but it's a pet-peeve of mine. The AN at the bottom of the page is a little longer because I wanted to respond to some anonymous reviewers and such. I just hate getting into a story and seeing it ending abruptly just because there's a long AN. So that's why I'm warning ya. Don't worry though, the chapter's still plenty long. I'll shut up now and let you enjoy the story Kaien Flashback "Rukia, who's Kaien?

Ichigo had never been expecting to defeat Aizen, he'd just wanted to get Orihime back safely, but he wasn't going to complain about the outcome of their trip.

Not when he and all of his friends were safe and more or less in one piece. Rukia sure did push it though… He wanted to wait until she was healed up more, but his curiosity overrode his patience. Not that that was some big accomplishment. Ichigo almost winced at the hoarse quality to her voice. She definitely wasn't totally recovered, but he got the feeling it wasn't just physical pain that was affecting her tone.

He settled his gaze on the floor next to Rukia's futon. There wasn't anything else in the expansive but empty room to distract his eyes. And he wasn't ready to look at her. She'd been so patient when asking about his mother after all.

She had lain back down on the mattress with her eyes closed. Now he was really hoping the rumors weren't true. Rukia caught his dopey look and slapped his forehead harder than he thought she had the strength to.

So Rukia probably had a crush on some older guy who showed her around. She was saying everything in the past tense anyway… "I killed him. Ichigo instantly started shaking his head to dispute what she was saying, but Rukia held up a hand and stopped him. He could barely breath with the information Rukia had revealed to him, but she continued. It was a lot to take in to learn that Rukia had a crush on a man who looked just like him, was taken over by a hollow just like he was…well not just like he was, and then, to top it off, she killed that man… Ichigo wondered if Rukia was going to be doing that next… "He looked like you except he had black hair.

And it was longer. His eyes were a bluish-green. If he and Rukia had anything in common, it was that they were both guilt-whores. If it were a serious matter, they'd both lay the blame on themselves so thick they could swim in it. But trivial things were a different matter, then it was entirely Rukia's fault. These events were more recent, and Ichigo could see it was hurting her to talk about it.

Especially from things that have already happened. He had Kaien's face, and his voice, and…" Ichigo's heart clenched as Rukia's lip trembled. He wanted to comfort her, but he didn't know how. He just had to…touch her in some way to let her know that he understood.

He was with her, he was listening, and he'd always be there. He'd always stand by Rukia. She was his to protect… Not in that way though…no…of course not… Ichigo sat and let Rukia tell him everything she'd held in for so long. He got the vaguest feeling that not even Renji got the insight he was getting. Rukia didn't cry, hell he'd probably freak out if he saw her cry, but she let down a wall and let Ichigo a little closer to a part of herself she'd closed off.

At the end of the night he let her fall asleep, exhausted from giving up such an emotional burden, and he sat next to her, keeping his hand on her forearm as if it were a lifeline. To him it was. He swore that he'd never let Rukia go through something like that again. He'd never let her carry that kind of guilt… as long as he was around to carry it for her. Ichigo felt a wave of relief when Rukia easily lifted herself from his body, showing that the fall didn't hurt her too badly.

But his concern returned when he stared up at her, only to see her eyes locked on something ahead.

ichigo and rukia meet again guilty

His anxiety grew exponentially when she uttered a familiar name. Renji, Byakuya, and Shuuhei stood stock still as they stared at what Ichigo and Rukia's gaze was already fixed upon. In place of the hollow they were just fighting was Shiba Kaien. The same Shiba Kaien Rukia had run through with a zanpakuto…twice.

And he was naked. The subject of everyone's gaze seemed just as stupefied. He was panting nervous breaths and his eyes darted around the surroundings. Ichigo watched dumbly as the naked, upside-down, double of himself strode solidly towards Rukia and grabbed her face to—kiss her?!

He would have taken some solace in the way Rukia's eyes bulged and her head immediately jerked away from the sudden kiss, but he was far too busy swinging his fist to knock his new rival's head off.

Ichigo swiftly found himself on his feet and pulling Rukia possessively…er…protectively behind him. What the fuck is going on Kuchiki? She pushed Ichigo aside to throw a fit of her own. What are you doing here?! Why the hell did you kiss me?! Sometimes he forgot Rukia could handle herself… Kaien moved the hand that was rubbing his bruised cheek to cover his ears. It made sense at the moment, but now I'm regretting it.

That was his job. If I knew what was going on I'd sucker punch you right back and then tell ya! That counts as a sucker punch! I think I owe you one right back. Just gimme a reason to knock your ass out again! Go get my zanpakuto and my clothes! I'll show ya how to put loud mouth punks in their place! And don't you tell her what to do! Byakuya, Renji, and Shuuhei smartly decided to stick silently to the sidelines… "Yelling at each other like a pair of drunken baboons isn't going to help anything!

She looked back at Ichigo and Kaien and flushed red. Ichigo crossed his arms in respect for the timeout as Kaien wrapped the cloth around his waist and gave a weak smile to Rukia. How do you know Kuchiki?

Actually, who the hell are all of you? Ichigo watched Kaien scratch his head in a disturbingly familiar manner. You related to Kuchiki or something?

Rukia Kuchiki

The fact that she had been struck in the back earlier hit everyone suddenly. Ichigo, Renji, and Kaien called out to her when she started falling forward. While Renji, Ichigo, and Kaien rubbed their bruised foreheads, Byakuya was somehow the one with Rukia in his arms.

He started back towards the house with his sister in his arms. Kaien faltered with what looked like hesitation at being commanded by a stranger, but then his eyes settled on Rukia and he followed willingly. Ichigo felt his nostrils flare at the soft look in Kaien's eyes. Uragirimono wa Dare da! He stabs Ichigo with his sword and says he will take Ichigo's Fullbring. The Gotei 13, Arrives! Ichigo is then impaled by a sword held by Rukia which causes him to become a Soul Reaper once again.

Tsukishima appears behind them and tries to break their minds by adding new memories to their past, but Urahara and Isshin knock them out. Ichigo attempts to take them down, but Yukio uses his new powers to protect them and separate the others. Kenpachi Zaraki quickly takes care of Kutsuzawa and cuts him in half, killing him instantly.

Byakuya Kuchiki prepares to start fighting Tsukishima while Riruka ambushes Rukia using stuffed animals. As Yukio then attempts to destroy the dimension where Renji and Jackie are situated, he is confronted by Hitsugaya. Hitsugaya manages to capture Yukio in ice and attempts to force him to free his comrades. Meanwhile, Ikkaku Madarame confronts Shishigawara, managing to find his Fullbring's weakness and overpower him. Byakuya's Troubled Memories" "Zettai Zetsumei!?

The air they both breathed was suffocating. Luckily for Orihime, Toshiro was next to her.

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Toshiro walked along side her, "Enjoyed your time princess? Now wouldn't that be amusing to watch. I don't want to remember.

Screams, shouts, and nosebleeds were all present.

ichigo and rukia meet again guilty

Your lovely-sweet girlfriend is asking you a question. Like, skipping out on shinigami work cause of you even though you're a shinigami yourself, And what more? Ichigo sighed and ruffled his head. I've been focusing on writing two chapters. I also have been thinking about how to continue my other fic, The Strong bond.

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