Jenny and vastra meet joe

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jenny and vastra meet joe

Aug 30, Kiss features lizard character Madame Vastra (played by Neve McIntosh) between lizard woman Madame Vastra and her human wife Jenny Flint since .. they visit Joe in prison on Christmas day as he serves out three year term .. and a bold blazer as she arrives for a business meeting in Los Angeles. Jul 16, Meet the 13th Doctor, Jodie Whittaker | Read at Joe's 16/07/ at Vastra, Jenny, and Strax should they have the opportunity to return. Madame Vastra, Jenny Flint, and Strax are a trio of recurring fictional characters in the British The Doctor was present at their initial meeting, during which Vastra recounts in "The Name of the Doctor" () that he saved Jenny's life.

They then appear in " The Snowmen "trying to convince the Eleventh Doctor to come out of retirement into which he has retreated after losing Amy and Rory in " The Angels Take Manhattan ". They help the Doctor's future new companion Clara Oswald to find him and support them in their fight against the Great Intelligence.

Jenny Flint

A high fall kills Clara, whose death indirectly lets the Doctor defeat the Great Intelligence. They travel to Yorkshirewhere Jenny infiltrates a suspect community called Sweetville, led by Mrs Gillyflower. She finds the Eleventh Doctor, kept prisoner in Sweetville, and the trio reunites to help him defeat Mrs Gillyflower, by sabotaging the rocket she was planning to use to poison the skies.

They discover that Clara appears to be alive the Doctor's companion being another version of the one seen in "The Snowmen", coming from another erabut the Doctor does not explain why to Jenny, as he himself does not know the answer at this time. During the "conference call", the three are captured by the Whisper Men, minions of the Great Intelligence, who uses them as bait to bring the Eleventh Doctor to his tomb on the planet Trenzalore.

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The Doctor unhesitatingly goes to rescue them, recalling their caring and concern for him in "The Snowmen" and feeling a duty towards them. After the Doctor arrives on Trenzalore with Clara, the Great Intelligence scatters itself across the Doctor's timeline to destroy him.

As history changes, Jenny disappears and Strax forgets his friendship with Vastra and attacks her, forcing her to defend herself. The Doctor refused, claiming he had " retired.

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She and Vastra confronted Simeon. She later found Clara Oswald looking for the Doctor and took her to see Vastra. Clara explained the situation with one word for each question Vastra asked due to the fact that Vastra and Jenny had made her do the "One Word Test. Jenny was also present for Clara's funeral after the Ice Governess killed her by pulling her off a cloud.

Realising Edmund's eyes showed an optogram of the Doctor, the trio headed north, where Jenny infiltrated Sweetville to find the Doctor.

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Picking locks inside the match factory, Jenny found the Doctor stiffened, his skin bright red from the red leech 's "crimson horror". Jenny freed the Doctor from his imprisonment and he guided Jenny to a machine where he was cured of the affliction.

After finding and reviving a version of Clara from the 21st century who was travelling with the Doctor, the three of them were saved from Mrs Gillyflower 's pilgrims by Vastra and Strax.

Madame Vastra, Jenny Flint, and Strax

Before Mrs Gillyflower could launch a rocket containing red leech poison, Vastra and Jenny prevented the venom from being put in the rocket. Angered by being unable to poison the world, Mrs Gillyflower attempted to shoot the Doctor and his friends. Strax shot at Mrs Gillyflower, causing her to fall to her death. The Crimson Horror Trenzalore "So sorry I think I've been murdered! He has one he will take to the grave. And it is discovered.

jenny and vastra meet joe

The call was interrupted by Jenny's murder at the hands of the Whisper Men. River woke up Vastra and Strax, keeping the link with Clara. Jenny was revived and River, unheard to the Intelligence, spoke the password to enter the tomb, the Doctor's name.

Inside the tomb, the Intelligence entered the Doctor's timeline, the time winds shattering him into a million pieces, each echo of the Intelligence undoing every one of the Doctor's victories.

Jenny died in the new timeline without the Doctor, while Strax had forgotten his friendship with Vastra and became aggressive, forcing her to kill him. Clara reversed these effects by entering the timeline after the Intelligence, saving the Doctor wherever he went. The Doctor then decided to save Clara by entering his timeline himself, telling the Paternoster gang that the TARDIS could return them home with the fast return protocol if he didn't return. She managed to calm the beast and contain it within a small area within the Thames using several sonic devices, before, much to her and Vastra's amazement, the dinosaur spat out the TARDIS.

jenny and vastra meet joe

There she was reunited with Clara as well as the Doctor, who had newly regenerated into his twelfth incarnationand was going through post-regenerative madness. Taking him back to the house she and Vastra shared, the trio did their best to get the Doctor to sleep off his trauma.